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Explore AjMadison’s wide selection of washers, dryers, and tons of other laundry room essentials! We carry one of the largest and most affordable assortments of brands from budget to luxury, including GE, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Miele, Maytag, and Speed Queen. Choose from a wide assortment of washer and dryer sets in stackable or side-by-side arrangements to match your space! For the most compact laundry areas, we also carry plenty of laundry centers and all-in-one washer/dryer combos that let you get loads done in a much smaller footprint! We even carry commercial laundry units for laundromats, apartment complexes, hotels, and other businesses requiring appliances that can handle frequent usage.

Our washer listings include a wide variety of configurations to accommodate your varied space and accessibility needs. Top load washers efficiently drain from the bottom to prevent mold formation, while front load washers tumble laundry to thoroughly saturate every article of clothing with water and detergent. Portable washers can be wheeled out of a closet to take care of a load and returned to storage as soon as you’re done. Our available dryers also demonstrate versatility that adapts to your space. Ventless dryers release heat from the front, negating the need for ductwork that can limit your installation options.

Modern laundry innovations are making usage of your washer or dryer easier, safer, and more efficient than ever before! Smart washers and dryers let you control and monitor cycles from your phone so you can attend to other chores! An increasing number of ADA-compliant models are catering to accessibility needs, helping consumers to maintain their independence with the addition of accessories like laundry pedestals. Pedestals not only raise the height of the drum, but also serve as a convenient storage drawer for laundry detergent and other supplies to save space in your laundry room cabinets. Dirty laundry can be made clean, but not always germ-free. The inclusion of sanitization cycles has tackled this issue, while anti-microbial drum designs prevent mold and bacteria growth from forming in your appliance. Finally, a greater number of brands are gaining ENERGY STAR certification, ensuring each unit is abiding by strict energy efficiency standards. AjMadison even has plenty of laundry care items for after your drying cycle is complete. Our assortment of ironing boards, garment steamers, rotary irons, ironing centers and more can work out every crease and wrinkle, ensuring your Sunday best always looks its best!

Browse AjMadison’s listings and shop deals on laundry appliances now!

Is a front or top load washer better?

This depends on your washing needs, intended usage, budget, maintenance preferences, and other factors. Top loaders generally have shorter wash cycles, fewer issues with mold and mildew, and easier loading and unloading. However, they use more water, can be rougher on delicate clothes, and cannot be stacked. Font loaders are generally better for energy efficiency, cleaning performance due to tumbling action, and gentleness on clothes. They can also be stacked for space efficiency and reduce drying times thanks to greater spin speeds. However, they can be more expensive and require more maintenance.

Why are top loaders cheaper than front loaders?

Front loaders typically have more energy-efficient designs, more advanced washing technology, more complex drum mechanisms for stability, and high-end features like smart connectivity.

Which is better, an agitator or an impeller washer?

Agitator washers effectively and quickly remove heavy soils from sturdy fabrics thanks to more intense washing action and detergent mixing. However, this can make them too rough for delicate clothing, which would benefit more from an impeller washer. Impeller washers not only wash by rubbing clothes together, but also have greater capacities due to the absence of an agitator.