Advantages and Disadvantages of Washer/Dryer Combos & Stackable Sets

Learn more about which type of washer dryer is right for you.

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When shopping for appliances, it can be difficult to find what works best for your home. This is often true with washers and dryers. The following information is designed to help you choose between a washer/dryer combo and a washer/dryer set. First, it is important to distinguish between the two. A washer/dryer combo is an all-in-one unit that both washes and dries your clothes, while a washer/dryer set is two separate units, one for washing and one for drying. There are benefits and disadvantages to both setups. Determining which is better for you depends on a variety of factors including how much space you have and the amount of laundry you do.

Washer/Dryer Combo

The all-in-one unit is a great choice for people with limited space. Improvements in technology continue to make these units more efficient and they are easy to install and operate.


• Combo units let you place dirty clothes in the unit and remove clothe that are both clean and dry; no moving wet clothes from the washer to the dryer.
• The compact build of all-in-one units make them ideal for small spaces.
• Washer/dryer combos utilize a ventless drying system, so they do not need a vent to the outside and can be installed just about anywhere.
• You can still wash or dry separately.


• The dryer component can only handle about half of the capacity of the wash cycle.
• The washer/dryer combo takes longer to complete a load of laundry, usually 3 to 6 hours.
• All-in-one units have a smaller capacity than separate washer/dryer units.
• Combo units are only available as an electric unit.

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Washer/Dryer Sets

Separate washer/dryer sets also referred to as a laundry pair, work well for people who do a lot of laundry; the two-unit setup is designed to efficiently handle large amounts of dirty clothes.


• Move through multiple loads of laundry quickly by using both the washer and dryer at once.
• The dryer dries clothes more quickly than the combo unit.
• Washer/dryer sets can handle large loads of laundry.
• You can replace them separately if necessary.


• Washer/dryer sets take up more space in your home because there are two units.
• Traditional dryers must have a vent to the outside.
• Laundry needs to be moved to the dryer after the wash cycle has finished.

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Choosing Your Washer/Dryer

As you can see, both washer/dryer combos and sets have pros and cons. All-in-one units are ideal for people with limited space who do not need to wash large amounts of laundry. They are a great choice for apartments, vacation homes, RVs, or even boats. Washer/dryer sets work better for people who do a lot of laundry and want to get through it quickly. They have a larger capacity and dry clothes more quickly than combo units. Both styles work well and provide clean, dry clothes. Your specific needs and situation will help you determine which option is best for you.