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Top 5 Best Viking Refrigerators

If you’re in the process of creating the ultimate kitchen package in your home, consider adding a Viking refrigerator to your suite of home appliances. Viking has long been known as the ultimate professional-grade option for those who demand the absolute finest in quality, performance, durability and value, and a refrigerator with the Viking name signifies a truly incredible piece of machinery. Artfully blending total functionality with a subtle, yet elegant pro-grade design, Viking refrigerators make the ideal centerpiece appliance for any custom kitchen. We’re huge fans of the Viking name, and the following five models represent today’s Top 5 best Viking refrigerators.

1. Viking RVRF3361SS

Rendered in beautiful and timeless stainless steel and configured in popular counter-depth format, this particular model from Viking offers a full 22.1 cubic-feet of interior space, yet sits flush with cabinetry for a customized, built-in look. Industrial-style handles are attractive and durable, and provide easy access to the upper side-by-side refrigerator and lower pull-out freezer sections. Spill-proof shelves keep cleanup chores to a minimum, while Auto Close Doors and theatre-style LED lighting conserve energy and enhance the professional look and feel of this fridge. Total interior adjustability is another key plus, as the adjustable shelves and drawers help you make the most of the interior space. For about the price of a less luxurious model, you can outfit your kitchen with a refrigerator that imparts a sense of restrained elegance and professional durability.

2. Viking Professional 5 Series VCSB5483SS

If you really are building out a custom kitchen, why settle for a standard 36” fridge when you can opt for a 48” model instead? This popular model from Viking offers unrivaled storage flexibility in its class - boasting a full 19.5 cubic-feet of interior space in the fridge section alone, and almost 10 cubic-feet in the freezer! Perfect for aspiring culinary masters, large families and those who simply love to entertain - lucky owners will find every excuse to fill up their 48” wide Viking fridge and let the good times roll! Advanced technological features include Plasmacluster Air Purification, ProChill temperature management, advanced Spill Proof shelves, robust DuraHinge door technology and metal door bins to securely store even the heaviest food or beverage items. LED lighting is efficient, bright and attractive, while the traditional stainless steel exterior beautifully hides the powerful yet silent DC Overdrive compressor. Professional-grade is the name of the game with the 5 Series.

3. Viking Professional 5 Series VCSB5423SS

Straddling the line between standard 36” models and the plus-sized 48” refrigerators, this unique model from Viking features a 42” wide footprint that works wonderfully in medium-to-large-sized kitchens. Offering a full 25.3 cubic-foot capacity, yet wonderfully proportioned with a counter-depth design and low-profile handles, this model has professional-grade performance and luxurious good looks written all over it. The bottom freezer offers nearly 10 cubic-feet of storage space, while the refrigerator delivers plenty of flexible interior real estate to make food storage a breeze. From the adjustable aluminum door bins to the robust, spill proof glass shelves, this particular Viking strikes the ideal balance between overall exterior size and interior capacity.

4. Viking Professional 5 Series VCBB5363ELSS

Delivering more than 20 cubic-feet of interior space, yet occupying a standard 36”-wide footprint, this popular refrigerator from Viking is equipped with the brand’s latest innovations and convenience features that make life easier and help food last longer. The ProChill Temperature Management System utilizes a variable speed DC Overdrive Compressor that delivers pro-grade performance and virtually silent operation. Interior freshness is enhanced by the Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier that uses no filters whatsoever - saving you money in the long run and creating a clean, pure interior at all times. Even the glass shelves are built to professional standards. They measure a class-leading 3/8”-thick and are seamless and totally spill proof. Finally, soft LED lighting and ramp-on theatre-style illumination programming enhances interior visibility and minimizes dark corners. This incredible model from Viking is professional-grade, absolutely stunning, and designed to meet the needs of the style conscious individual who demands the utmost in reliability and performance.

5. Viking Professional 5 Series VCBB5363ERSS

Built on a 36”-wide base and fully customizable with your choice of front panel configuration, this popular model from Viking lends itself to custom kitchens, professional prep spaces and even commercial installations. The ProChill Temperature Management System is built around a pro-grade DC Overdrive Compressor that offers variable speed technology for the ultimate in efficient performance. Rugged 3/8”-thick glass shelves are spill proof and fully adjustable, while the entire interior space can be configured to meet your unique needs. A positive self-closing system ensures a tight, leak-free seal - allowing this model to keep frozen foods and fresh items at an optimum temperature with ease. Create your own custom kitchen and use this Viking refrigerator as the central point of the remodel project.

Viking has long been synonymous with professional-grade cooking appliances, but their extensive lineup of class-leading refrigerators takes the idea of commercial-grade to the next level. Combining elegant lines with purpose-built features, these five Viking refrigerators are truly in a class by themselves. For more information about Viking appliances and creating the ultimate kitchen experience in your home, contact AJ Madison today!