What Is Scan-to-Cook?

Appliances are certainly getting smarter!

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Today you can find refrigerators, washers, and even ranges with more capabilities than ever before. A smart appliance is an appliance that incorporates technology to enhance your user experience in a meaningful way. Many of the leading manufacturers are beginning to incorporate smart features into their products. Chances are your new range will have more features than ever before.

What is scan to cook?

Scan-to-cook is a tech feature that takes the guesswork out of baking select pre-packaged frozen foods.

In the past, your oven might have had a pizza mode or a frozen dinner mode. These pre-set cycles were an educated guess. Essentially they were a specified duration and temperature. Although they might have cooked your food, they did not account for differences between the types of frozen foods you want to eat. Chances are, french fries cook differently than Bagel Bites.

Another challenge with frozen foods is the fact that different ovens cook differently. For example, if you cook two frozen pizzas, one in a convection oven and the other in a thermal oven, chances are the pizza in the convection oven will be done first. Convection ovens have more even heating and will cook your food faster. Package directions don’t account for oven type. This is a problem that manufacturers want to solve with the new scan-to-cook feature!

With scan-to-cook, you no longer need to rely on the directions of pre-packaged foods. Use the associated appliance app on your smart device to scan the bar code on the box. Your appliance will take the guesswork out of cooking your meals to perfection.

Scan-to-cook is currently available on select GE, Cafe, and Whirlpool appliances.