Best Smart High End Wall Ovens of 2022

If you are in the market for a high-end wall oven and you're interested in smart appliances, read on to view the best smart ovens from luxury brands

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What is a wall oven?

A wall oven is an oven that is installed into your cabinetry. They can be mounted at any height, or even under counter. Wall ovens come in a variety of sizes and combinations. Wall ovens are almost always electric.

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What is a smart wall oven?

A smart wall oven is an oven designed with built-in technology to enhance your cooking experience in a meaningful way. WiFi-connected wall ovens have been around for a while now, and technological integration is becoming more mainstream. Smart ovens are made by both luxury and affordable luxury brands. Wall ovens are an appliance category where smart can mean a number of different things. In today’s day and age, having WiFi does not necessarily mean the oven is helping you cook better. In this article, my hope is to dig a little deeper. To keep this simple, I’m going to stick to single-wall ovens only. The question is, who is smartest?

Which luxury brands make smart wall ovens?

When it comes to cooking, smart does not necessarily mean WiFi is connected. In other categories, it seems as though brands in the luxury sector are seeking to copy each other, whereas in-wall ovens, there’s still a good variety of styles and features. Let’s take a look!