Best Wall Ovens For Every Budget

Wall ovens are a great addition to any kitchen. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be installed in a wall cabinet giving you easy access, or in a base cabinet for a modern sleek look.

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Reasons to Purchase a Wall Oven

More Cooking Stations

If you're buying a wall oven, chances are you are going to separate your oven from your cooktop or range top. This will make it easier for multiple people to cook together in the same kitchen.

No More Bending Over

If your wall oven is going in a wall cabinet, you can install it at a height that is comfortable for you. If you suffer from back pain, or are planning to age in place, wall ovens are a great option.

More Features and Options

Whether you opt for a single wall oven giving you extra capacity, a double wall oven to handle most of your cooking, or a specialty oven like steam or speed, there are hundreds of options to choose from!

High-End Design

For decades wall ovens have been a staple in high-end cooking designs. Opting for a wall oven will improve the overall look and luxurious feel of your kitchen.

Great for Kosher Kitchens

If you cook meat dishes and dairy dishes in separate ovens, opting for wall ovens is a great choice. There are many ways to get two ovens in your kitchen.

Cooking Features to Look For in Your New Wall Oven

Having an oven that can tell you when your meal is cooked is a great feature. Especially if you are cooking a large turkey or roast.

Self-cleaning ovens have been around for decades. However, the traditional self-cleaning feature can be harmful to the control panel on your oven with too much use. Many new ovens have a steam cleaning option. It's a low-risk oven cleaning method where steam loosens spills and build-up from your oven at a lower temperature.

Convection ovens have a fan in the back of the oven. The convection fan circulates air around the oven and makes the temperature more even if you're cooking on multiple oven racks. Convection can be applied to many cooking modes like roast or broil. Convection cooking will also speed up cooking times.

Smart ovens give us new capabilities. Like preheating your oven on your way home from work. You can also explore recipes with step-by-step instructions to create some new delicious meals. Many smart ovens connect to cooking apps so you can plan dinner from your smart device or speaker.

Best Value Wall Ovens

If you are designing your kitchen on a budget, these single and double-wall ovens are feature-packed from the price.

Best Premium Wall Ovens

If you're looking for a great mid-price wall oven, consider these great premium single wall oven and double wall oven options.

Best Luxury Wall Ovens

If you're designing a high-end kitchen, consider these wall ovens with the latest features, design, and durability