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How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

When cared for, air conditioning units can last a long time. Typically, room air conditioners last 10-15 years before they need replacement. Window, wall, and portable units are the most popular room ACs. They are easy to install, and there are a wide variety of sizes available. Central AC, PTAC, and Ductless Mini Split Systems tend to last longer, but they are more expensive and require professional installation. The life span varies based on wear and tear as well as the type of cooling system.

Most people end up replacing their old AC units before they break down. The most compelling reason for you to replace your air conditioner is energy efficiency. Energy bills run high in the summertime, and old ac units use more electricity resulting in higher cooling bills. Many local utility companies offer incentives for you to recycle old energy-hogging appliances, including air conditioners. According to the Energy Star website:

If all room air conditioners sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the cost savings would grow to over $350 million each year, preventing more than 6 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually - equivalent to the emissions from over 570,000 vehicles.


Replacing old appliances with newer and more efficient models is a great way to save money over time. If you're looking to find ways to reduce your environmental impact, replacing old appliances that lose efficiency with newer efficient ones is one approach that will reduce power consumption. You will also enjoy the exciting new features and performance of today's most energy-efficient appliances.

Explore Energy Star Rated Room Air Conditioners

Room AC units with variable speed technology save more energy and quietly regulate the temperature, keeping your indoor air comfortable and your costs low. Smart AC units with connected functionality offer additional convenience. With a Wi-fi-connected AC, you can control it from your phone or computer, schedule temperature changes on the go, and receive feedback about your unit's energy use. Many models are smart-grid-ready and will potentially qualify for extra savings programs local utilities are starting to offer.

Featured Air Conditioners with Smart Features

Featured Ductless Mini Split AC:

Fredrich Floating Air 12000 BTU Single Zone Wall-Mounted Smart Air Conditioning System

Mini-splits provide air conditioning and often heating to your home. They are typically more discreet than central air conditioning units and are ductless for easy installation. With a mini-split AC, you can heat or cool individual areas of your home.

Key Features:
Heat Pump - contributes to greater energy efficiency
Built-In Wi-Fi with the FredrichGoTM App - control your AC on the go from your smart device
Customizable Schedules - set timers so your AC can adjust for you
Precision Inverter® - quiet operation and efficiency
Soft Start Technology - unit ramps up quietly and saves energy

Why you’ll love it?
Integrate your AC with your smart home speaker for easier control. Have maximum flexibility over your programmable thermostat as it lets you choose a different program to run for each day of the week, perfect for households with busy schedules. The Floating Air Pro units offer a variable speed compressor. This technology is quiet and energy-efficient.

Featured Window AC:

LG 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are installed in a window frame. Wall air conditioners are like window ACs but mount into a sleeve through the wall. Window and wall air conditioners are a top choice because they’re easy to install and use.

Key Features:
3 Fan Speeds - cool any room your way
Wi-Fi Connectivity - control your AC remotely through your smart device
24-Hour Timer - set timers so your AC can adjust for you
Auto Restart - turns the unit back on after a power outage
Wireless Remote - cool the room from wherever you are

Why you’ll love it?
Cool a little while you save a lot. With 12,000 BTU, this Smart (Wi-Fi Controllable) Energy Star Air Conditioner will save you energy and money while cooling a room up to 550 square feet. Plus, we’ve got you covered with Auto Restart, so when storms, high wind, or heat waves cause a power outage, your unit automatically turns back on when power returns. This unit works with your Smartphone control (Apple IOS and Android).

Featured Portable AC:

Frigidaire 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are an excellent solution for single rooms with unusual windows or spaces that cannot accommodate a standard window AC. Portable Ac’s cool stagnant air in a room and expel excess warm air and moisture through a hose out the window. They are relatively lightweight and easy to move for off-season storage.

Key Features:
Multiple Fan Speeds - cool any room your way
Programmable Timer - set timers so your AC can adjust for you
Remote Control - cool the room from wherever you are
Supplemental Heat - heat or cool your room depending on your needs
Dehumidifying Dry Mode - get extra dehumidification
52 dB Sound Rating - quiet operation and efficiency
Washable Filter - keep your AC clean and running smoothly

Why you’ll love it?
Frigidaire makes sure your room remains fresh and the temperature just the way you want it. With removable easy-to-clean filters, this air conditioner allows for effortless cooling or heating throughout any room of your home with the help of its caster wheels and handles. With a programmable timer, this unit can adjust perfectly with your schedule, allowing you to enter your room already at the temperature you want it to be.

Tips to Care For Your Air Conditioner

Keep It Working Its Best


It's essential to clean your AC regularly. Regular cleaning will keep your air conditioner running for a long time. Always reference the use and care manual for your exact air conditioning model for best cleaning product recommendations. If you install your air conditioner every season, make sure you clean out any buildup of leaves, dirt, pollen, or dust from the coils before having it installed in your window or wall sleeve.

Most ACs have a removable filter designed to filter impurities from the air. Running an AC with a dirty filter screen can reduce the AC unit's energy efficiency and, in some extreme cases, could spread dust, germs, bacteria, and even mold through the air. It's a simple task to check and clean most AC filters.

For room AC units, the filter should be easy to find. It's usually an easy pull-out on the side or front of the unit. With some models, you might need to remove the AC's front face to access the filter. You can also vacuum the filter housing with a thin vacuum nozzle for best results before inserting a newly cleaned filter.

To clean either window, wall, or central AC filters, run the filter screen under running water. If needed, you can use liquid soap and a soft-bristle brush to clear away any sticky debris. Always reference the use and care guide before using any cleaning agent on your appliance. After cleaning, let your filter dry completely before replacing it.

Before You Buy

Air Conditioners are kind of picky. AC power is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. The higher the BTUs, the more powerful the cooling system. Room air conditioners are fussy– if you oversize an AC, the room will feel clammy and damp. If you undersize an AC, the unit will work too hard and eventually burn itself out.

To find the right size AC unit for your room, consider the room size, average occupancy, natural light, and heat sources like a nearby stove. From there you will also need to consider the physical size of the unit, as well as the plug type. It can get complicated, which is why we recommend reaching out to an AjMadison expert. You can also use the BTU calculator on our website, a super helpful tool to help find the right AC for your space.

AC units are not a one-size-fits-all solution, so finding the right product to cool your space is crucial. At AjMadison, you can find the widest selection of air conditioners for rooms of all shapes and sizes and a team of experts to help you find the best AC to keep you cool all season long.