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Affordable Custom Appliances: The Next Kitchen Design Trend

Samsung All Refrigerator Column

If you’re about to remodel your home, you will likely consider the top design trends. Your home is your oasis, your nest – so to speak. Of course, you want to invest in a timeless design, but it’s also important to personalize your home to reflect your unique needs and style.

Pandemic home remodels are booming. Living at home, many families are approaching projects with more urgency. We are expecting this trend to continue into 2021 and beyond.

Kitchen makeovers are always a top choice project for homeowners as it’s a great investment. Most families are buying more food, storing more food, and cooking up to 200% more meals than in years past.

The best kitchen designs are both beautiful and functional. Durable kitchen countertops, bright task lighting, and statement pendant lights will bring your space to life. Neutral kitchen cabinets, countertops, and stainless-steel appliances are always a safe choice. If you’re looking for something more exciting, we are noticing bright color palettes, custom hardware, mixed textures, and statement pieces.

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Remodelers are looking for creative ways to personalize their homes. Customizing your look does not need to be expensive. Keep your remodeling cost down and opt for painted kitchen cabinets, a new kitchen backsplash, open shelving, indoor plants, or perhaps new energy-efficient appliances to give your kitchen new life.

Affordable custom appliances are the next kitchen design trend. We have seen this trend take off in the affordable furniture market. Direct-to-consumer brands and traditional brick and mortar retailers alike are offering more choices so buyers can customize everything including upholstery, leg style, tufting, and color.

Customizable kitchen appliances are more affordable than ever before. Instead of clashing with your kitchen design, your new appliances can be an exciting focal point in your space. Customization extends beyond colors and hardware. Some brands give you the opportunity to customize the burners on your stove with a built-in grill or griddle. You will find refrigerators with flexible fridge-to-freezer compartments and a wider assortment of sizes for every space.

Finally, some brands are using technology to offer new customization opportunities. With today's smart kitchen appliances, you can download cycles, explore custom recipes, and manage automatic shipments of groceries and detergents.

Affordable Custom Appliance Brands

  • Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Collection
    Color your fridge! Pick from a curated palette of stylish finishes. Changeable color door panels offer more customization than ever before. Choose from 8 colors and 2 finishes to create a space that fits your style – the options are endless. Convertible fridge to freezer technology, dual icemakers, LED lighting, and filtered water are additional features that make this collection both beautiful and functional.

  • Bluestar is a luxury appliance brand with commercial roots. Custom color 24-inch wide apartment stoves start at $4,090. Many Blustar ranges and cooktops come with open burners, great for high heat and wok cooking. This brand offers an extensive collection of ranges with over 750+ RAL color and trim combinations. You can find a Bluestar range for any kitchen.

  • SMEG appliances are known for their retro appearance in a wide array of bold hues. Make your appliances the focal point in your kitchen. SMEG is also known as one of the industry's most energy efficient appliance brands.

  • Café is an affordable luxury appliance brand. Café appliances are part of the GE family. This brand offers a wide array of smart appliance packages in beautiful styles including the new modern glass collection. Reflecting the ever-evolving design and style trends in cabinet hardware and mixed metals, Café offers consumers the opportunity to mix and match handles and knobs to keep appliances as stylish as the rest of the home.

  • Starting under $5,000 Viking offers a new selection of colorful gas and electric ranges. The dual fuel model is slightly more, but won't break the bank. The new color collection is perfectly curated to take any guesswork out of selecting a fashionable hue. Choose from a selection of reds, blues, greens, and neutral tones to compliment every kitchen design.

  • Although not "custom" per-se, Samsung's Tuscan Stainless Steel finish is an affordable alternative to traditional stainless and black stainless steel appliances. This warm finish pairs beautifully with natural wood tones, light cabinetry, and dark hues alike. Explore a wide range of freestanding appliance pacakges in this beautiful new finish.

  • Bertazzoni is an Italian professional appliance brand offering a great selection of stainless steel and colorful appliances. If you have always dreamed of owning a custom color stove, Bertazzoni's 30-inch professional gas range models start just under $5,000.