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The 5 Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo Sets

Convenience and efficiency are key ingredients when searching for the perfect wall oven microwave combo set. Understandably, you are looking for an oven combination that heats up your food quickly without burning it or undercooking it. Convection ovens are known for their circulation fans that circulate the heat so that your food is evenly cooked.

There are different types of convection ovens available. In the European Convection model there is a single heating element behind the fan that distributes the heat throughout the oven. Standard convection ovens circulate the heat from the heating elements in the oven. Twin or dual convection ovens have two fans that circulate the heated air from the heating elements.

Four of the five best oven microwave combo sets utilize the European Convection model for their oven microwave sets. The other one from Whirlpool utilizes a customized AccuBake temperature management system. There are certain criteria that oven microwave combo sets should have that are desired by cooks and bakers. These are:

  • Consistent heating elements and even temperature settings with both ovens
  • Easy or self-cleaning options
  • Quick heating and the ability to keep food warm
  • Easy to fit into existing wall cabinet cutout
Consistent heating elements and even oven temperature settings
All five of the oven microwave combo sets rate well in consistent heating and even temperature settings. Four out of the five utilize the true or European convection method to achieve even temperature.
Whirlpool uses a customized AccuBake temperature management system that works on the same principle as the standard convection oven. The difference is the built-in monitors that automatically turn on the correct heating elements.
Like the Frigidaire Galley Series FGM3065P, the Frigidaire Gallery series FGM2765P offers effortless convection with the true European convection application of a single fan.
The GE Profile series uses the true European convection application for their lower oven and a standard convection application for their upper oven.
Like the GE Profile series the Bosch 800 series provides a true European convection oven and a standard convection microwave.
Frigidaire has what they call “effortless” convection which takes the guesswork out of temperature settings.
Easy or Self Cleaning Options
Economically and environmentally friendly options are the key benefits with these five oven microwave combo sets. Four of the five oven microwave combo sets have steam cleaning options with three oven microwave combo sets offering quick clean and self-cleaning options.
The GE Profile series has two self-cleaning options. The self-cleaning option with steam cleaning is available with the lower oven. You also have the choice of using the heavy duty roller rack that accesses items easily.
Whirlpool has a precise cleaning system that tracks the time between self-cleaning cycles and a steam clean option for every day cleaning between self-cleaning cycles.
This Frigidaire has quick clean options for light oven cleaning and utilizes steam cleaning.
Bosch’s EcoClean self-clean cycle runs every 2 hours to ensure your oven remains clean.
Frigidaire has smudge proof stainless steel on the exterior and steam cleaning on its interior.
Quick heating and the ability to keep food warm
Providing options to monitor food temperature easily or keep food warm is what all five of these oven microwave combination sets have in common. Easy one touch controls with quick preheat and keep warm options make these five oven microwave combo sets unique.
The GE Profile has glass touch controls that allow you to set temperatures and choose cooking modes easily. This combo set also features four modes; a meat mode to monitor meat, a proof mode to monitor other food, a warm mode to keep food warm and a Sabbath mode.
Whirlpool’s AccuBake temperature management system automatically set the correct oven temperature and utilizes the correct heating element.
Frigidaire has quick preheat settings and a keep warm setting. You can also “add-a-minute” to the timer without resetting it.
Custom specialty cooking modes and a meat probe allow you to monitor temperature. Bosch also has a fast preheat option.
Like the Frigidaire Gallery Series FGMC3065P, the Frigidaire Gallery Series FGM2765P also has a keep warm setting, a quick preheat setting and an “add-a-minute” setting. It also has one touch express select controls for quick heating.
Easy to fit into existing wall cabinet cutout
Only two of the five oven microwave combo sets have the guarantee that they will fit in your existing wall cabinet cutout. All five however report to be compatible with existing wall units.
The Fit System by Whirlpool guarantees that your new oven microwave combo set will fit into your current cabinet cutout. They do this with four adjustable legs and two trim options so you don’t have to adjust your cabinet cutout.
There are installation guides available with wiring instructions.
The Bosch 800 series is compatible with competitor cutouts.
There are installation guides available with wiring instructions.
GE has the GE Fits! Guarantee for an exact fit to make replacement easy.

There are other features that discriminating bakers and cooks look for in an oven microwave combo set such as large capacity. The top requested feature is ease of use followed by automatic turn off and durability. Frigidaire is known for its durability and solid construction.