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Make up air damper for Link Logic Hoods, 6 Inch round

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Product Information
Brand: Best
Model: SMD6
MPN: 5820275

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From the Manufacturer

Providing make-up air for exhaust devices is easy, controlling it is not - until now. Broan Automatic Make-Up Air Dampers are the first to provide synchronized operation for kitchen, bath and whole house ventilation products. Installation is simple and requires no special wiring. The intelligent design options ensure optimum performance in a variety of installations and applications. Highly effective and affordable, the Broan Automatic Make-Up Air Dampers strike the perfect balance to keep you and your home breathing easy.
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Efficient and Economical Make-Up Air Solution Saves Energy and Money Easy to install.
Optimizes tightly built, energy efficient homes.
Make-Up Air Only When Needed.
  • Synchronized to only open during Fan or Range Hood operation.
Avoids Wasted Energy Associated With Barometric Solutions.
  • Does not let unwanted air into the home during heating or cooling calls.
Improves ventilation efficacy by providing fresh air from a known location to replace exhausted air.
Dampers can be "ganged" for high-volume applications.
For use with Best IP29 and CP4 Range Hoods:
  • IP29
  • CP4
Equalized Air Pressure For A Well-Balanced Home (and budget).

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