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Miele MieleCare Series
MieleCare 5 Year Service Contract for Steam Ovens, Single Family Residential Use

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Product Information
Brand: Miele
Series: MieleCare Series
Plan Type: Single Appliance
Term: 5 Year Date of Delivery
Qualifies for 50% Back Guarantee: No
Coverage Years: 5 Year
Coverage Units: 1
Coverage Start Type: Date of Delivery
Coverage Type: In Home Service
Usage: Residential
Plan Type: Principle

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Peace of mind
  • We are so confident in the quality of our products, we have designed a new, cost-effective way for you to multiply your warranty.
  • The MieleCare extended service contract delivers four additional years of worry-free operation of your appliances (five years total, Miele standard warranty is 1 year)
  • This contract can be purchased at any time, within one year of the original appliance purchase date.
"Thank you for calling Miele"
  • A staff of technical service representatives is available to effectively manage your questions, and if need be, schedule your service appointment on a day and time most convenient for you. When you call Miele, you get Miele.
Convenient and Qualified Service
  • Miele's technicians or Miele's national network of authorized service providers will work with you quickly and efficiently to resolve any technical issues. In fact, Miele employees perform the majority of at-home repairs.
Power Surge Protection
  • From day one, you will be covered for any damage to your appliance caused by voltage irregularities due to thunderstorms or other electrical mishaps.
No Lemon guarantee
  • Should three service repairs be completed on an individual product for the exact same reason, and your product requires a fourth repair, the product can be eligible for replacement.*
Fully transferable
  • If you move and leave your Miele appliances, the MieleCare extended service contract is fully transferable to the new owner.
  • No fees-just a little paperwork
See Terms & Conditions for full details

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