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36,000 BTU Class Multi-Zone Ductless Split Outdoor Air Conditioner

Inverter (Variable Speed Compressor) Low Ambient Operation R-410A Refrigerant

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Product Information
Brand: LG
Model: LMU36CHV
AC System Type: Mini Split
Component Type: Outdoor Unit
Operation: Cooling with Heat Pump
Min No. of Connectible Indoor Units: 2
Max No. of Connectible Indoor Units: 4
BTU Class: 34,000 BTU
Heating Capacity: 41,000 BTU
Min Connectable Capacity: 14,000 BTU
Max Connectable Capacity: 48,000 BTU
Electrical Data
Power Source V / Hz / Ø: (208/230/60/1)
Power Input Cooling - Rated (Watts): 2,460 Watts
Power Input Heating - Rated (Watts): 2,740 Watts
Rated Amps: 15.13 Amps
Compressor Noise Level - Cooling (dB): 52 dB
Compressor Noise Level - Heating (dB): 55 dB
Energy Star Certified: No
Piping Connections
Power and Communication Cable - No.: 4
Power and Communication Cable - AWG: 18
Liquid Line Outer Diameter: 1/4 Inch
Suction Line Outer Diameter: 3/8 Inch
Refrigeration System
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Compressor Type: Inverter
Refrigerant Control: EEV
Refrigerant Charge: 6.18 Ft.
Piping Length (No Additional Refrigerant): 98.4 Ft.
Max. Height Diff. btwn. Indoor and Outdoor Units: 49.2 Ft.
Max. Height Diff. btwn. Indoor Units: 24.6 Ft.
Outside Temperature Range for Cooling - Min.: 14 °F
Outside Temperature Range for Cooling - Max.: 118 °F
Outside Temperature Range for Heating - Min.: -4 °F
Outside Temperature Range for Heating - Max.: 64 °F
Inverter (Variable speed compressor): Yes
Low Ambient Operating Threshold (F°): 14
Corrosion Protection: Yes
Technical Details
ADA Compliant: No
Voltage: 230/208 Volts
Warranty Terms
Parts Warranty: 5 Year
Dimensions & Weights
Width: 37 13/32 Inch
Depth: 13 Inch
Height: 32 27/32 Inch
Net Weight: 137 Lbs.
Shipping Weight: 148 Lbs.
UPC: 48231374569
EAN: 0048231374569
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From the Manufacturer

LG 36,000 BTU Tri-Zone Outdoor Mini-Split Air Conditioner
This LG air conditioner connects with up to 4 indoor mini-split air conditioners to provide both cooling and heat to your home. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Inverter compressor, this air conditioner can adapt its performance to the specific temperature needs of your environments, optimizing energy usage and saving your energy bill over time. This reliable model is protected with GoldFin coating to help prevent corrosion over time, and is backed by a 5 year compressor warranty from LG.

Features You'll Find with LG Ductless Systems

Room by Room Temperature Control
LG's revolutionary Inverter technology boasts a powerful, yet quiet performance, while minimizing energy consumption. With world-class energy efficiency and a controller for every indoor air conditioner, enjoy comfortable surroundings while saving energy.

Quiet Operation
LG DFS systems operate at low sound levels, thanks to LG's unique low vibration compressor, skew fan, and brushless direct current (BLDC) motor technology that eliminates unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation.

Improved Air Quality
The filtration system of an LG DFS system is unique in design and certified by world-renowned institutes. It works as an invisible grid that provides clean and reliable air to the homeowner. 3M Micro protection filters reduce dust and microscopic particles including pollen, pet dander and odors.

Easy Installation
LG DFS systems are designed for easier and more efficient installation, regardless of the surroundings. By reducing the number of contractors and time required, it is now possible to install a DFS system in a shorter amount of time.

°Older Homes
°Sunrooms and Additions
°New Home Construction
°Office Buildings
°Hospitals / Medical Facilities
°Houses of Worship
°Retail Establishments
°Nursing Homes

About LG Duct-Free Split Systems

There's no need to compromise when it comes to comfort.

For truly customized comfort in all rooms, consider an LG Duct-Free Split (DFS) system. LG DFS systems make it easier to provide customized cooling and heating-no more bulky window air conditioners and no need to tear down walls.

LG Duct-Free Split (DFS) multi-zone Inverter systems provide a smart alternative to both central HVAC and window-mounted air conditioners, and are available in a variety of configurations to suit different cooling and heating situations-zones in residential and small office buildings. Installation by a qualified HVAC contractor is safe and easy - little to no duct work or sheet metal is required.

About LG
LG home appliances are right in step with your busy world by offering the next step in home innovations. With technologically advanced solutions and top-performing products, LG appliances allow your home to work more efficiently so you can spend more time on the things that matter most. LG offers a full range of kitchen appliances, innovative appliance accessories, vacuums, air conditioners and more - all designed to make life good. Available at AJ Madison.
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Component Type:  
Cooling with Heat Pump
Min No. of Connectable Indoor Units:  
Max No. of Connectable Indoor Units:  
Cooling Capacity:  
34,000 BTU
Heating Capacity:  
41,000 BTU
Electrical Data
Power Input - Cooling (Min.):  
670 Watts
Power Input - Cooling (Rated):  
2460 Watts
Power Input - Cooling (Max.):  
3610 Watts
Power Input - Heating (Min.):  
760 Watts
Power Input - Heating (Rated):  
27400 Watts
Power Input - Heating (Max.):  
4210 Watts
Running Current - Cooling (Min.):  
2.9 Amps
Running Current - Cooling (Rated):  
10.7 Amps
Running Current - Cooling (Max.):  
15.7 Amps
Running Current - Heating (Min.):  
3.3 Amps
Running Current - Heating (Rated):  
11.9 Amps
Running Current - Heating (Max.):  
18.3 Amps
Power Supply Cable (Outdoor):  
3C x 12 (No. x AWG)
Transmission Cable (Outdoor to Indoor Unit):  
4 x 18 (No. AWG)
Refrigeration System
Refrigerant - Charge (at 24.6 Ft.):  
98.8 Oz.
Refrigerant - Type:  
Refrigerant - Control:  
Sound Level (dB(A)+/-3):  
Piping Connections - Liquid:  
1/4" x 4EA
Piping Connections - Gas:  
3/8" x 4EA
Max. Total Piping:  
246.1 Ft.
Max. OD~ID Piping:  
82.0 Ft.
Piping Length (No Additional Refrigerant):  
98.4 Ft.
Max. Elevation Difference (Outdoor Unit~Indoor Unit):  
49.2 Ft.
Max. Elevation Difference (Indoor Unit~Indoor Unit):  
24.6 Ft.
Operation Range - Cooling:  
14° ~ 118°F
Operation Range - Heating (Outdoor):  
-4° ~ 64°F
Dimensions and Weights
37 13/32"
32 27/32"
Net Weight:  
137 Lbs.
Shipping Weight:  
148 Lbs.


Outdoor Air Conditioner

Outdoor Air Conditioner

Inverter (Variable Speed Compressor)

Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, an Inverter compressor continues to operate at low speed to maintain that temperature. The air conditioner is quieter to operate and uses less energy than conventional ACs, which cycle on and off.


Shuts down the indoor fan to prevent cold air from being blown into the zone. Removes frost from outdoor coil when the outdoor temperature is low.


A self-troubleshooting function that makes it easier to diagnose malfunctions, reducing service labor.

Auto Operation

Provides three levels of comfort from which to choose. Temperature and fan speed will set automatically.

Auto Restart

Automatically restarts air conditioner to programmed setting when the electricity comes on after a power failure.

Gold Fin™ Anti-corrosion

All DFS system outdoor air conditioner coils have a corrosion resistant GoldFin™ coating standard from the factory. GoldFin™ will promote sustainable efficiency and coil life by helping to prevent corrosion caused by everyday pollutants.

LG LMU36CHV Reviews

Warranty Info

Warranties on mini split air conditioners only include parts and do not include labor. The licensed HVAC Technician who installs your air conditioner should always provide you with a labor warranty (preferably for at least a full year to compliment the manufacturers' parts warranty).

AJ Madison will only finalize a Mini Split (Ductless Split System) purchase with an authorized HVAC Technician. AJ Madison recommends the installation of a mini-split system to be performed by a trained and qualified HVAC technician with the proper knowledge and background. A trained technician will be able to judge the best location for the air handling (evaporator) unit and also the correct size for the area the unit will heat and/or cool. For assistance with all your technical needs please contact our technical department at

Should you experience an issue during the installation or the initial startup of a unit please do not contact the manufacturer. You should have the technician that installed your system contact either AJ Madison or the manufacturer. We cannot accept any service or warranty calls from anyone but a licensed HVAC technician. We have a full technical support team available to help you throughout the installation process.

AJ Madison, Inc. cannot be held liable for improper installation and operation of any product purchased from our company. Should a warranty issue arise in which parts will need to be replaced, an installation receipt will be required along with your AJ Madison sales receipt. Failure to provide a receipt or invoice may result in the warranty not being honored.