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Ways To Shop

Log in - www.ajmadison.com What could be easier than hopping in your car and driving to the mall ... and fighting for a parking space, and walking from store to store and aisle to aisle looking for the items you want, and waiting in the check-out line, and carrying those bags out to the car through a drenching rain storm, and driving home through the traffic as the rain turns to ice beneath your wheels? In many instances, shopping over the Internet is a quick and easy alternative. Sometimes it enables you to do things that otherwise would be impossible for you, or can save you trouble and money -- lots of it.

AJ Madison brings our appliance showroom to you. "ajmadison.com" is fully updated with the latest data, product information & images, rebates, add ons & everything you need to know before, after and while making this important purchase.

In addition, regardless on which channel you use to shop at, you will always be able to view, print and connect to your purchase through our order lookup system. Stay connected.

Call In - 800 570 3355 Our courteous & professional product specialists will instill the confidence, educate you, and help you better understand what you should get for your Home, Kitchen or Laundry room & why. Our trained staff are available to assist you with any questions that you may have before, throughout or after the sale. We are satisfied when you are satisfied, and that is only once your appliance is installed and fully operating.

In addition, if you belong to the industry and/or you are a contractor, builder, architect, designer or are buying in bulk please contact our Corporate Sales Division by email at csales@ajmadison.com or 800 570 3355 option 2 then option 3, and we will provide you with special pricing.

Walk In - Brooklyn Showroom In Store: Whether you're interested in cooking products, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, food disposers, air conditioners, outdoor living, sinks, faucets and beyond, AJ Madison has you covered, with our state of the art showroom and all major appliances housed in beautiful kitchen displays.

A staff is ready to assist you in selecting the right appliances for your home or beyond. Our specialists are available to help you go through your kitchen drawings/plans and assist you in selecting the appliance that will best fit your needs, style, taste & budget.

For Showroom hours & directions please visit our Showroom Page