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Reinventing the kitchen with visionary new cooking and cooling experiences.
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A New Era
Introducing breakthrough innovation, seductive design features and intelligent luxury for the kitchen.
Dacor column refrigeration

Column Refrigeration

Understated, true-flush doors in graphite brushed stainless steel open to dramatic effect. Like the perfect host, the Modernist true-flush refrigerator and freezer columns bring people together and spark conversation. Inside, expansive LED lighting illuminates the stunning stainless steel walls and aluminum and glass accents. PreciseCooling technology, along with dedicated compressors and evaporators in each column, maintain food freshness and preserve flavor -- because memorable evenings begin with the best ingredients.

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Simply Visionary
Stunning interiors crafted with authentic materials of stainless steel and glass
Dacor - Unparalleled Design. Thoughtful Innovation.
Unparalleled Design. Thoughtful Innovation.
Introducing doors that open with the touch of your hand
  • True-flush refrigerator and freezer columns
  • SpaceMax large capacity storage
  • Authentic materials: stainless steel interior walls, glass and aluminum details
  • 3DLighting LED lighting flush with ceiling and walls
  • Push-To-Open Door Assist
  • Hidden Touch Control Panel at waist height
  • FreshZone Drawer with three temperature settings for meat/fish, chilled drinks or dairy
  • iQ Remote View with dual cameras
  • Dedicated compressor and evaporator
  • Interior water dispenser in every refrigerator
  • Dual Icemaker including high performance standard ice maker in every freezer column with Cocktail Ice Maker in 24", 30", and 36" models
  • Separate water filters in every column for fresh filtered water and ice
Dacor - Unparalleled Design. Thoughtful Inovation.
Never Run Out of Room
Best in class food preservation with large capacity storage.

French Door Refrigerator

Whether you’re throwing an intimate dinner or a lavish feast, these Energy Star-rated French door refrigerators can handle it all. Spill-proof, low-profile glass shelves easily accomodate a multitude of foods and beverages. Never run out of room with SpaceMax large capacity storage and a hidden freezer storage compartment. Full extension, soft-close drawers and customizable storage racks allow the refrigerator to adapt to your entertaining needs.

Best-in-class food preservation technology keeps everything fresh and flavorful. The french door model houses a dedicated compressor and dual evaporators, and PreciseCooling ensures even air flow distribution. FreshZone Drawer with ensures even air flow distribution. FreshZone Drawer with customizable temperature settings help you maximize the life of your ingredients for unforgettable meals.

  • Silver Stainless Steel 36W x 83.5H x 24D"
  • SpaceMax large capacity storage
  • Full extension, soft-close doors
  • Customizable storage racks
  • Spill-proof, low-profile glass shelves
  • Hidden freezer storage compartment
  • Stainless steel interior with illuminated LED light
  • PreciseCooling technology minimizes temperature fluctuation
  • FreshZone Drawer with customizable temperatures for flexible food storage
  • Two evaporators and compressor for ideal food preservation
Clean Up Beautifully
Powerful, versatile and
quiet performance.


After dinner, relax with your guests while the modernist collection dishwasher does the work. This 24" dishwasher has three racks to accommodate up to 14 place settings. WaterWall Technology evenly distributes a high-pressure wall of water from corner to corner for crystal clear dishes. Zone Booster technology, featuring five nozzles, offers the industry’s widest targeted cleaning zone. With quiet 42dB operation, you’ll only hear the laughter and good conversation. At the end of the cycle, the AutoRelease feature opens the door to release steam while the fan manages moisture. Clean up beautifully with the Modernist Collection dishwasher.

Powerful, Versatile, and Quiet Performance.

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  • AutoRelease Dry
  • 5-Nozzle Zone Booster for targeted and effective cleaning
  • WaterWall Technology
  • Quiet 42dB operation
  • Elegant hidden control panel
  • Three Rack System
Remote IQ technology
The DACOR REMOTE IQ APP, downloaded through the App Store, gives consumers unprecedented control over their cooking appliances from anywhere they are connected. The remote app helps free users from being tied to the kitchen beacuse of the ability to be in constant contact with their Dacor connected appliances.
Savor the Moment
Transform ingredients into signature dishes and meals into memories.


Cooktops offer dual-stack burners and induction Flex Zones for maximum flexibility. Smart technology like built-in Wi-Fi and the Dacor iQ Kitchen App make multi-tasking easier. Ambient exterior lighting and beautifully functional interior lights set the mood while the VirtualFlame and LCD touch panels surprise and delight. Powerful, smart, and alluring, these cooking products make every meal a masterpiece.

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Dacor cooktops

Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktops in 30’’ and 36’’ sizes are guaranteed to stop the show. The Virtual-Flame and LCD touch control panel with guided cooking are beautifully functional.

4800-watt power coils deliver faster heating and multiple FlexZones offer precision across the entire surface.

  • Up to nine cooking zones (36")
  • Up to six cooking zones (30")
  • VirtualFlame
  • 7" LCD touchscreen control panel with guided cooking
  • Elegant hidden control panel
  • Child Lock and Residual Heat indicator safety features
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Gas Cooktop

Dacor - gas cooktop

Style meets substance in these beautifully functional gas cooktops. The 30" and 36" gas cooktops feature a central 18.5K BTU dual brass burner and four or five sealed burners, respectively. Plus, all burners automatically reignite if extinguished from gusts or water.

  • 18.5K BTU dual brass burner
  • Sealed cooktop burners
  • Dishwasher-safe illuminated knobs
  • Integrated Wi-Fi/iQ Control
  • Auto-connect to hood
Diamond-like Carbon Finish
First of its kind. Highly durable, heat resistant and easy to clean.
Dacor pro rangetops

Pro Rangetops

Dacor Modernist’s Pro Rangetops, available in 36’’ or 48’’, combine beauty and function to help you create unforgettable meals. Each features an electric griddle and high-powered dual-stack sealed burners with a range of 22K BTU down to precision simmering and melting at low heat. The first to offer a cooking surface coated in a premium Diamond-Like-Carbon finish that is highly durable, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. Not only is this finish functional, it beautifully reflects light to create warmth alongside Illumina Knobs and ambient lighting. With integrated Wi-Fi for remote monitoring and Bluetooth®-enabled auto connectivity to the hood, you’re in control of the kitchen, even while entertaining.

  • Four (36") or six (48") dual-stack sealed brass burners
  • Electric griddle
  • Dual brass burner with range from Simmer to 22k BTU
  • Illumina Knobs and ambient lighting
  • Integrated Wi-Fi/iQ Control
  • Auto-connect to hood
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Dacor Modernist kitchen appliances in use

Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Ranges

Get the best of both worlds with Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Ranges. Real Steam offers a healthier, faster, and more versatile preparation combined with the power of convection. Complex menus are no match for the Four Part Dual Pure Convection oven where you can cook different types of food without odor transfer or uneven cool and hot zones. Dual-stack sealed burners are powerful enough to sear meat yet precise enough to melt chocolate. Warm and sophisticated ambient lighting compliments Illumina Knobs while BrightVue interior lighting gives everyone a peek into cooking progress. SoftShut Doors and Glide Racks keep things running smoothly, and built-in Wi-Fi gives you complete control even when you’re away from the kitchen.

  • Real Steam available in 48" Pro Range
  • Steam Assist in 36" Pro-Range Oven
  • Available in Graphite and Stainless Steel
  • Four Part Dual Pure Convection
  • Ambient lights and Illumina Knobs
  • BrightVue interior lighing combines LED and halogens for clear viewing
  • Powerful 22k BTU burners and integrated electric griddle
  • Smart Wi-Fi control with the Dacor iQ Kitchen App
  • 7" LCD touchscreen control panel
Visual Drama
Beauty that goes deeper with integrated smart technology, connecting hoods to rangetops and cooktops via Bluetooth®
Dacor Modernist ventilation hood


The Modernist Collection hoods add visual drama to any kitchen. Available in wall-mounted canopy and island styles, hoods feature three fan speeds and up to 1,200 CFM. Integrated smart functionality connects hoods to Modernist cooktops and ranges via Bluetooth® and automatically activates them when ventilation is needed. A sleek, understated full-touch display is within easy reach and LED lighting illuminates your workspace and welcomes guests.

  • Wall mounted canopy available in 30" and 36"
  • Island style hood available in 36"
  • Three fan speeds and up to 1,200 CFM
  • Full-touch display
  • LED lighting
  • Auto-connect to rangetops and cooktops
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Combination Speed Oven

Convenience and sleek style help make the most of your kitchen space with the combination oven. We’ve combined microwave convection, pure convection, and steam cooking into one so you can defrost, proof, broil, and reheat with convenience and ease. The upper microwave convection oven features advanced cooking modes to sear with speed-convection of healthy fry foods. Make juicier food, flakier crusts, and more vibrant vegetables in the lower oven which offers Steam Assist for steam roasting and baking. An LCD touch panel plus remote Wi-Fi monitoring and control via the Dacor iQ Kitchen App gives you precise control over the entire unit. Flush installation means only your food will stand out.

  • Convection Microwave Oven(upper)
  • Four Part Dual Pure Convection Oven with Steam Assist (lower)
  • 7" LCD control panel with guided cooking
  • Integrated Wi-Fi/iQ Control
  • BrightVue interior lighting combines LED and halogens for clear viewing
  • RadiantVue combines metal mesh and LED interior light (upper)
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Dacor Modernist combo oven
Powerful Minimalist
Powerful on the inside creating the perfect kitchen assistant.

Microwave Drawer

Signature dishes come out perfectly every time with our microwave drawer. Featuring pre-set modes for proofing, slow baking, and warming, it monitors interior air humidity and automatically adjusts cooking times and power levels. Minimalist on the outside and powerful on the inside, our microwave-in-drawer, with one-touch push-to-open door and auto-timed shut-off, is the perfect kitchen assistant.

  • One-touch push-to-open door
  • Premium glass touch panel
  • 30" with 1.2 cubic feet capacity
  • Smart Moisture Sensor determines and monitors interior air humidity and automatically adjusts cooking times

Warming Drawer

The Modernist beautifully designed warming drawer keeps any culinary masterpiece at its best. With a capacity of two cubic feet and temperature settings that range from 85°- 200°F, the warning drawer easily accommodates multiple dishes. Convenient one-touch push-to-open doors and autotimed shut-off leave you free to relax with your guests until ready to serve.

  • One-touch push-to-open door
  • Temperature range from 85° - 200°F
  • 1.6 cubic feet capacity
  • Flush installation
Dacor Modernist warming drawer Dacor Modernist warming drawer Dacor Modernist warming drawer
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Make every meal a masterpiece
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For over fifty years, Dacor’s luxury appliances have built a legacy of craftsmanship and breakthrough innovations. From the first self-contained ventilation hoods for the residential market, to among the first smart ovens, Dacor’s history has been defined by delightful innovations featuring beautiful design, intuitive technology, and superior performance.

Dacor Modernist’s intuitive interfaces will surprise and delight today’s home chef and entertainers, making dish preparation effortless. Dacor’s luxury innovations will ignite your creativity and spark unique, entertaining experiences that bring people together, creating unforgettable moments. Make every meal a masterpiece.

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