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What's new in built-in refrigeration?

What’s new with built-in refrigerators?

Built-in refrigerators are a top choice for high end kitchen designs. Built-in refrigerators are designed to install into your cabinets for an upscale seemless look. Built-in refrigerators can be stainless steel or covered with panels to match your cabinetry. Built in refrigerators are built to last longer and have the best features available. If you’re in the market for a high-end refrigerator, you might be curious about the latest features. This article will address trends in built-in refrigeration and key features to look out for while shopping for a new refrigerator.

  • 1. Metal Interior

    Metal is a better conductor of temperature than plastic, it’s why restaurant refrigerators have had stainless interiors for years. Recently manufacturers of residential refrigerators began incorporating metal interiors. Not only is it functional, but it also gives high-end refrigerators a beautiful appearance.

  • 2. Internal Water Dispenser

    A few high-end refrigerators are available with an internal filtered water dispenser. This is a great innovation that’s convenient and beneficial for the environment. With an internal dispenser, you and your family can access clean water without having to carry those heavy packages of bottled water home from the store.

  • Custom color refrigerators are a great way to express your personal style in your new kitchen design. Whether you prefer matte black, cobalt blue, or neutrals, there are a bunch of custom color options out there.

  • If you’re in the market for a high-end refrigerator, you should expect the refrigerator shelves and bins to hold up over time. Many high-end refrigerators have soft-close hinges and are made of more durable materials like glass and metal, instead of plastic.

  • Not all food should be stored at the same temperature. Many high-end refrigerators have temperature and humidity controlled drawers so you can store a variety of different items at the perfect temperature.

  • Smart home appliances are more popular than ever before! Smart refrigerators give you peace of mind and more flexibility than ever before. Remote control, monitor or troubleshoot your refrigerator from your smart device or speaker. You can even get real-time alerts if the door is ajar or you're experiencing a service issue.


If you’re shopping for a built-in refrigerator there are many features to look forward to! You will notice that many brands make refrigerators that have many of these luxury characteristics. For any additional questions please comment, call, or tweet us your questions @ajmadison.