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What’s new in 2019? Highlights from the Architectural Digest show

What’s new in 2019? Highlights from the Architectural Digest show

Architectural Digest hosted their annual home show in March. The event showcased the latest innovations in the residential home-build industry. The show featured artisan furniture, fixtures, finishes, and of course, household appliances. Let’s check out some of our favorites:

True lifestyle
Photo by True Manufacturing

True refrigeration custom finishes and hardware

You might recognize True commercial refrigeration in your local convenience store or behind the bar at your favorite restaurant. True’s residential product line is absolutely beautiful. True sticks to its commercial roots by building a true workhorse even in their residential line. If 25 different interior light colors weren’t enough, we were awed by True’s new custom finishes and hardware. It’s a unique way to make your kitchen or entertainment area stand out.

Miele washer lifestyle

Miele laundry

Miele’s has been a leader in the luxury appliance world. The new Miele laundry takes cleaning and caring about your clothes to a whole new level. When you buy a high-efficiency washer, you need to use less soap, but how much less? Nobody knows. Using too much soap can cause buildup and service issues down the road. Miele’s TwinDos system takes the guesswork out of the equation, it dispenses the detergent for you. Miele also makes specialty capsules for single loads of specialty items like outerwear. The dryer is ventless with a heat pump. It is extremely efficient, does not give off extra heat, and runs on a 110V plug so it can be installed anywhere in your home. Miele laundry is WiFi compatible so you can operate your laundry remotely, get notifications when a cycle is finished, and identify problems if you need to get your appliance serviced.

Wolf rangetop with Wok Burner

Wolf rangetop with high-power wok burner

There is so much variety in the luxury appliance market. Wolf has been a key brand in this sector for decades and there’s a reason for it! Wolf just came out with the hottest sealed burner on the market, by a landslide. This will make a huge difference for you if you enjoy wok or other high-heat cooking! It’s challenging to cook with a wok on many western ranges and cooktops. Wok rings are sometimes offered as accessories but the average burner cannot meet the demands of traditional high-heat cooking. Wolf’s new 35,000 BTU wok burner is extremely powerful and its size will give you plenty of space for a large wok pan.

Liebherr LIREFSET300018511 Side-by-Side Column Refrigerator & Freezer Set with 30 Inch Refrigerator and 18 Inch Freezer in Stainless Steel
Photo by Liebherr

Liebherr refrigerator columns

Liebherr has been a leader in sustainable refrigeration in the compact market for years. Although we have seen Liebherr all-refrigerators and all-freezers in the past, we love the new 84’’ columns. Columns are all-refrigerator and all-freezer units that can be installed either together or apart for additional design flexibility. They give you the ability to select how much capacity you want to allocate toward fresh and frozen
food. Liebherr’s columns have illuminated side walls and shelves give you full visibility and an upscale flair. Stainless steel interior is superior for better temperature control. They have an internal water dispenser that doesn’t take up important refrigerator capacity. Liebherr's columns also ship with an optional WiFi module for remote temperature control. It’s also compatible with an internal camera so you can keep tabs on your refrigerator in real-time. Nearly every high-end manufacturer makes columns, but we were impressed by Liebherr.

Fisher & Paykel 48'' Induction and Gas Range

Fisher & Paykel dual fuel and induction range

A few years ago Fisher & Paykel was a cute niche brand that specialized in small appliances. Last week I was blown away by the new array of professional-style ranges and wall ovens. We got a first glance of what will come and we are very impressed. If you’re planning an upscale kitchen, you used to have to choose between gas and induction cooking. Fisher Paykel’s new dual fuel range gives you the best of both worlds! As a refresh, induction cooking is an electric cooking technology that uses a magnet to excite the molecules in your pan to cook your food. It is a very fast cooking method that is also easy to keep clean. Some manufacturers are incorporating a small section of the cooking surface to induction. The Fisher Paykel 48’’ range will be the first pro range to be entirely half and half.

Thermador dishwasher lifestyle
Photo by Thermador

Bosch and Thermador dishwashers with zeolite

The biggest challenge with any dishwasher is drying performance. Due to tighter energy standards, dishwashers take longer to clean and dedicate less energy toward drying. Bosch dishwashers traditionally rely on condensation to dry dishes. The process isn’t perfect but drastically improves with the help of a rinsing agent. BSH has been developing an efficient way to dry dishes without chemical additives. Zeolite is an all-natural mineral compound that turns moisture into warm air. Little zeolite “rocks” are contained in a small chamber at the back of the dishwasher not compromising any capacity. We are very excited about this innovation!


We loved the themes of customization, integration, and differentiation. You are spending a lot of time and money outfitting your dream kitchen. Although stainless steel is still the most popular finish, manufacturers are giving you more freedom to select appliances that better reflect your personal style. We also noticed a big push toward customizing your experience. Be it downloading cycles, customizing your cooking surface, or selecting refrigerator columns that best reflect your needs and design you have so many options! Smart home integration has been huge and it seems like nearly every brand has an app and wifi connectivity. Finally, in a market where everyone is working to build up a full line of products, I applaud the manufacturers who dare to be different.