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What Size Pro Range Should You Buy?

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If you’re thinking about buying a professional-style range you’re either building a new kitchen or replacing your existing range.

If you never before owned a pro range get excited because you’re going to love it! In this series of articles, I’m going to talk about the top things you should consider when buying a new pro range.

Professional-style ranges come in many sizes from 24’’ to 60’’ wide. The size of the range you choose will depend on 3 things: space, budget, and utility.

1. How big is your kitchen?

A 48’’ range might look amazing in magazines but in a small kitchen could take away from valuable cabinet and countertop space. Make sure you choose a range that is functional and proportionate to the size of your kitchen.

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Make sure to leave enough space to store food and prepare meals.

Think about the size and value of your home. It’s always disappointing to see a massive house with a tiny range. Make sure that your appliances match the size and value of your home.

2. What is your budget?

Bigger ranges are more expensive. A professional range can cost anywhere from $3,500 to over $20,000 depending on the size, finish, and features. Make sure to pick out a range that is awesome, but still keep some funds for the other necessities in your renovation.

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There are a lot of amazing ways to save money, especially if you are buying a full package of appliances. Check out the latest rebates and promotions to find a package deal to help you get more appliances for your dollar.

Pro tip:

If you really want a big range but don’t have funds for the top of the line, keep in mind that there can sometimes be a large price difference between gas ranges and dual-fuel ranges. They look similar, but buying the all-gas range with fewer features can save you thousands.

3. How do you cook?

How often do you cook? Think about how you use your range at home right now. If you currently have a residential range, it’s likely 30’’ wide with 4 to 5 burners on top. If you find that you constantly run out of burners or oven capacity, consider a bigger range. If you don’t really cook but still want an industrial-looking range, go with a smaller size.

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The most popular sizes for a pro range are 36’’ and 48’’. Professional style ranges have more space on the cooking surface for big pots and pans. Bigger ranges don’t necessarily have larger cooking capacity. Keep in mind that the ovens on professional-style ranges are usually smaller than the ovens on inexpensive ranges. If you use your oven often, make sure to measure your cookware and make sure it will fit inside your new range.


When selecting a professional range it’s important to consider the size and it’s likely that space, budget, and utility will influence your decision. Stay tuned for more advice about selecting the professional range that’s right for you.