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What is a French Door Refrigerator?

French Door refrigerators are a popular style of refrigerators where the refrigerator door is split into two smaller side-by-side doors that open like a French doors. The top of the freezer compartment on the bottom makes it easier to access the most popular items in your fridge, like fresh foods and cold drinks.

They are also great for freeing up floor space in terms of reducing the amount of space needed to open the door. This is a big plus for small spaces.



Although this style of refrigerator runs a little more expensive than some other models, they are priced just right for the amount of convenience they add to the kitchen. The ability to readily see and find everything can help pay the price difference over the life of the fridge by leading to less food spoilage. This also means your fridge is likely to remain cleaner as there is less chance of mystery foods being lost in some overlooked corner.

Because cold air falls, placing the freezer compartment at the bottom means this space stays cold. This can be a great option for hitting exactly the right balance for families wanting some serious freezing capacity.

These refrigerators also come with an enormous amount of modern amenities, such as icemakers, ice dispensers and even in door water dispensers. The organization options for the interior are second to none. If you haven't had this kind of organization before, you will find yourself rapidly spoiled by the options.

The exterior comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including the popular stainless steel finish of ultra-modern, black stainless steel. Many people are drawn to this design for its modern look.