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Types of Apartment Size Washer and Dryers

Small space washer dryer sets are a popular option in small houses, but they can also be a great addition for big homes too. Adding a small space washer dryer set to your master closet, in-law suite, or even, master bathroom can be a major convenience.

Compact washers and dryers are 24’’ wide, which is actually the industry-standard in Europe. Here in the US, we tend to love our cars, meals, and even appliances with extra-large capacity. As much as we might want to buy the biggest possible washer and dryer, it’s not always practical for all homes. Fortunately, you don’t need to compromise to enjoy all the latest and greatest features.

If you’re shopping for laundry to fit your small space, these are the most popular options:
The most popular choice for small spaces. 24’’ washers and dryers can be installed side-by-side or stacked. If you chose this direction, you will get the best selection of brands, cycles, and options.
  • Great selection
  • Latest and best features
  • Several Smart washer and dryer options
  • Installation flexibility can be side-by-side or stacked
  • Both vented and ventless options available
  • More gentle on your clothes
  • Over 2 cubic ft. capacity washer
  • Since the washer and dryer are separate machines they come in two boxes which is easier for delivery into small spaces
  • Typically the most expensive option
  • No gas dryer available
A great value option for small spaces. 24’’ laundry centers are a popular option for rental properties and second homes.
  • Washer and dryer are connected, they are delivered as one appliance. This means it is straightforward to install but might be more difficult to maneuver into tight spaces.
  • Top load washer with an agitator with simple features
  • Vented dryer only
  • Both gas and electric options available
  • Small selection of brands
  • Less expensive to buy up front but uses more water & energy than front-loading options so it could be more expensive to run over time
  • The least expensive way to get a stackable washer & dryer into a small space
Sometimes finding the space to both a washer and dryer is impossible. Instead, consider an all-in-one 24’’ combo washer & dryer. This appliance can run both a wash and dry cycle in the same machine.
  • Only takes up 24’’ width and can tuck under a standard counter
  • Ventless only
  • A small selection of brands
  • Electric only
  • Ventless only
  • Can take a long time to completely wash and dry a full load
There are advantages and drawbacks to all three types. Your decision will likely come down to available space, and budget.

Front loading high efficiency small space washers and dryers are the best choice. They have the most installation flexibility as they can be stacked or under counter. Front loading washers and dryers are the most gentle on your clothes and use the least amount of water and electricity. They are also the most expensive type of small space washer dryer.

Laundry centers take up more space and are less efficient. However, laundry centers are the least expensive small space solution, great for rental properties or your second home.

Lastly, all-in-one laundry centers are popular in very small spaces, however they tend to have a longer cycle time to fully wash and dry a load of clothes.