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What are the Pros and Cons of a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator?

Your refrigerator is one of your most important appliances as you use it every day to keep your food at a safe temperature. When it's time to shop for a new refrigerator, you'll quickly notice there are several main types available, including the standard top freezer style and bottom freezer refrigerators.

Bottom freezer fridges are a newer style that feature a freezer on the bottom. This type of refrigerator comes with several benefits and downsides to consider.



There are several important benefits of a bottom freezer refrigerator that can make life a little easier.

Refrigerator at Eye Level

Most people use their refrigerator far more often during the day than their freezer. Moving the freezer to the bottom keeps the refrigerator in the more accessible space. With a bottom-mounted freezer, your refrigerator will be at eye and chest level. This makes it easier to find and grab all of your most commonly used items such as milk, cheese, and produce. Bottom-mounted freezers are popular with seniors and anyone with mobility issues that make it difficult to stoop down as the food in your freezer likely isn't needed as often as what you keep in the vegetable crispers.

Some people even find having the vegetable crispers higher up makes it easier to eat healthy and avoid healthy food going bad because it's hidden out of sight.

Space-Saving Features

Bottom-mounted freezers often have slide-out drawers that make it easier to organize, store, and access your frozen food. These slide-out drawers help you maximize your available space much better than freezers with a single door. With lift-out baskets and sliding drawers, you can access food without digging through precariously stacked items.

The majority of bottom-mounted freezers are also larger than top-mounted styles which makes it easier to store large items like whole turkey and frozen pizza. The bottom freezer uses lesser-used space at the bottom of your refrigerator unit and the ice maker in these models remains in the top of the refrigerator, freeing up more space in the freezer at the bottom.

If you choose a bottom-mounted freezer with French doors, you will also be able to open only one side of the fridge at a time if you like with greater storage space available.

Variable Temperature Settings

Many new bottom freezer-mounted fridges come with variable temperature settings for the ultimate convenience. This usually involves an easy-to-use pull-out drawer just above the freezer that can be stocked with snacks or beverages with a different temperature than the main section of the refrigerator. Other models allow you to set your vegetable crisper drawers at different temperatures than the refrigerator to reduce food waste and keep produce fresher for longer.



Despite the many perks, there are a few drawbacks you should consider before buying a bottom-mounted freezer model.

Higher Cost

One of the biggest drawbacks of a bottom freezer fridge is these models tend to cost more than freezer-on-top models. If you choose a bottom-mounted freezer refrigerator with French doors, you can expect an even greater cost than a bottom freezer with a traditional full door.

Bottom-mounted freezers also tend to cost more to operate than models with the freezer on top. Models with French doors also use more energy than refrigerators with a single traditional door. While the additional monthly cost of operation won't be much, it can add up over 10-20 years.

Heavier Items on the Bottom

Frozen foods can be very heavy, especially frozen turkeys and hams. Because your freezer is on the bottom, removing these items will require more work. This can be a safety concern for seniors and anyone who has trouble bending and lifting heavier objects. This may not be a big concern if you only buy large frozen items infrequently, however.

Kids Can Reach the Freezer

Another possible concern is young children having easy access to the freezer on the bottom. Kids can potentially get hurt picking up and dropping heavy frozen items or they may get into the ice cream and frozen treats.

Bending Down for Ice

If you do not get a model that has a water and ice dispenser on the door, you will need to bend down to get ice whenever you need it. This may be inconvenient, although you have the option of choosing a model with a door-mounted dispenser.

Bottom-mounted freezer refrigerators are popular among seniors, families, and cooks who want easier access to the fridge and don't mind occasionally bending down for items in the freezer. While bottom freezer fridges cost more than standard refrigerators, their benefits may make up for this drawback if you prefer convenience and greater storage space.