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What are the Benefits of an Induction Range?

An induction range is a range with an electromagnet under its smooth ceramic surface. This electromagnet generates a magnetic field that excites the iron molecules in the pan and makes it hot enough to cook food. For this reason, the pan must be magnetic. An induction range cooks food quickly and efficiently, yet only the pot and the food inside get hot.

An induction range has several advantages in both convenience and safety over gas burners and electric coils.

Fast Heating and Cooling

Induction ranges have the fastest type of cooking available. They cook food more quickly than gas burners, and far more quickly than electric coils. This is very helpful when you’re pressed for time.

The pan quickly reaches full heat once you set the temperature. You can also quickly adjust the temperature up or down.

While gas burners also offer rapid temperature adjustment, they have serious disadvantages in safety and ease of cleaning. Electric coils take longer to heat up and cool down.

Precise Control of Temperature

With an induction range, you can set the temperature with much more precision than with an electric coil stovetop. An induction range also has more temperature settings than a gas stovetop, giving you more control. It is also excellent for maintaining a low-temperature simmer.

Energy Efficiency

Induction ranges are more energy-efficient than other cooktops. They heat the pans directly instead of transferring heat from burners to pans. The greater energy efficiency may save you money in energy costs over time, making the cost of the induction range well worth it.

Cooler Cooking in Summertime

Because an induction range won’t waste as much heat, it will help keep your kitchen cooler and more comfortable in warm weather.

Easy Cleaning

• Just wipe down the surface.
• You won’t have to lift out burners and clean under them.
• Spilled food doesn’t get baked on the surface, as the surface remains cool.

Smaller Risk of Burns

Induction ranges greatly reduce the risk of burns in cooking because the surface of the range remains cool except where the pot touches it.

1. If you accidently turn a heating unit on without a pot on top, it won’t get hot.
2. The range cools once you take the pot off the cooktop.
3. Some models automatically shut off the electromagnet once you remove the pot.
4. Induction ranges are designed not to heat up small pieces of metal, such as a ring on a hand.

This feature makes them an excellent choice for families with children, as there will be less risk of children getting burned by touching the stovetop.

No Risk of Gas Leaks

An induction range poses no risk of gas leaks or explosions. It offers greater control than a gas burner without the risks.

Clean, Modern Look

The clean, uncluttered surface of an induction range is perfect for modern and minimalist kitchen designs. It looks far more elegant than electric coils or gas burners. Its unobtrusive styling would work well in any kitchen.

Low Risk of Fire

Fire is a significant risk with the open flames of a gas range. Electric coils also pose some fire danger. However, nothing will burn on the cool surface of an induction range.

1. Electromagnetic induction isn’t known to spark fires.
2. Food and grease spilled onto the surface won’t burn.
3. Potholders and dishtowels that accidentally touch the cooking surface won’t burn.

Additional Value for Your Home

Having an induction range in your kitchen can enhance your home’s resale value. Buyers may like one for several reasons.

• It's safe and speedy
• It's easy to clean
• It's stylish
• It's a high-end kitchen appliance

Many modern cooks will find that the speed and convenience of an induction range is ideal for their busy lifestyles. The added convenience and safety are excellent for handicapped-accessible kitchens and for families with children. The sleek design of these ranges can lend a touch of clean elegance and convenience to any kitchen.