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What are remote diagnostics?

The most impactful smart appliance feature.

Smart appliances are appliances that leverage connectivity to improve your life in a meaningful way. Remote diagnostics is unquestionably the most compelling reason for every consumer to consider a smart appliance for their next purchase.

Remote diagnostics represent a revolutionary technological breakthrough that will completely transform the appliance repair process. Remote diagnostics is mutually beneficial for homeowners, retailers, and appliance manufacturers alike.


In the past, when your appliance broke, you had to call the manufacturer or local service provider. You would then have to wait for a technician to arrive at your home. During the diagnostic visit, they were hopefully able to diagnose the problem and quote a repair. From there you would have to wait again for (hopefully) the correct part to be ordered. The technician would return on a different day with the part and (hopefully) repair your appliance. There are a lot of amazing technicians out there, with that said, there is ample margin for human error.

The days of appliance repair guesswork are over, thanks to remote diagnostics. Many smart appliances are now able to detect and diagnose a service issue. This means that the need for diagnostic appointments is greatly reduced. With remote diagnostics, hopefully, you only need the repair technician at your home one time, with the correct part in hand, to complete the repair in one visit!


What is remote diagnostics? Many smart appliances can detect that the appliance is having a service issue. If you connect your smart device to your smart appliance, you will receive a notification that your appliance is in need of a repair. Many smart appliances can identify the exact issue, and some can even coordinate with the manufacturer on your behalf to schedule a service call.

Remote diagnostics are not just for when items break! Let’s say one of your children goes into your refrigerator for a snack but forgets to shut the door all the way. If the internal temp gets too high, you will get a notification on your phone, reminding you that the door is ajar. Smart appliances can save you time, money, and a bunch of headaches in the long run!

Who makes appliances with remote diagnostics? Fortunately, the majority of smart appliances have this feature! Click here to shop for smart appliances with remote diagnostics