Top Tips for Cooking like a Pro at Home

Everyone is entertaining at home these days, and whether it’s for a small group or a large party, the trend of professional-grade kitchens in the home is here to stay.  A high end chef’s kitchen adds lots of value to your home, and the focus is the appliances.  Here are some key factors to consider when choosing pro-style chef-grade kitchen appliances.

BlueStar High BTU Open Burners

Open Burners with High BTUs

The world’s top chefs consistently choose open burners verses sealed burners for their home kitchens.  With open burners, the flame is completely exposed giving you higher (and more even) heat that is not impeded.  BlueStar’s open burner gas ranges max out at a scorching 25,000 BTUs of concentrated heat, perfect for searing meats or achieving a rapid boil.

. BlueStar’s integrated wok cooking feature allows you get the bottom of the pan directly over the flame.

Integrated Wok Cooking

The key to cooking with a wok is to expose the bottom of the pan to controlled, high heat levels that will flash-cook the food producing a crisp, fresh flavor.  BlueStar’s integrated wok cooking feature allows you get the bottom of the pan directly over the flame.

Softly Simmer for low temperature simmering

Softly Simmer

Every range has a low BTU burner that’s called a simmer burner, but how well it does its job goes beyond temperature.  BlueStar’s 130° open simmer burner efficiently spreads the heat across the cooking surface to provide a consistently low temperature for the most delicate sauces.

Ample oven space gives the home chef the space to fit appetizers, entrees AND desserts.

Oversized Ovens

Ample oven space is a must have for home chefs.  BlueStar gas ranges can accommodate a full size 26” x 18” commercial baking sheet.  Given cooks the room they need to fit appetizers, entrees AND desserts for every entertaining occasion.

Pro-style ranges, like a BlueStar, give you the option of adding 12 inch or 24 inch griddles, charbroiler and French tops

Customized for You

Pro-style ranges, like a BlueStar, give you the option of adding 12” or 24” griddles, charbroiler and French tops.  Create a range that is perfectly suited to your cooking style and what your family loves to eat.

Beyond cooking preferences there are a lot of ways to customize with color.  BlueStar offers such features as 750+ colors and finishes, colored knobs, trim finishes, swing door options and more.  Build Your Own today.

Heavy-duty, commercial grade construction

Rugged Construction

Since 1880, BlueStar has been producing handcrafted appliances in Pennsylvania that deliver on every aspect of professional-level cooking for discerning home chefs.  This includes using heavy-duty, commercial grade materials for a high-quality product that will stand up to rigors of even the busiest home kitchens.

BlueStar's fully-extending shelf can accommodate a full-size sheet pan

Chef-Inspired Refrigeration

BlueStar’s highly-anticipated all new Refrigeration line is now available.  The line offers unique features for the home chef and enthusiastic home entertainer.  It is made for easy prep and entertaining.  The refrigerator’s fully extending bottom shelf is designed to fit a full-size commercial sheet pan – as is the freezer itself – this way, extra-large pans prepped with pastry or hors d’oeuvres can go straight from the refrigerator or freezer into an oversized BlueStar oven, another brand hallmark.

Interested in purchasing a full suite for BlueStar chef-inspired appliances?  Save $1,000 instantly when you purchase a range + hood + refrigerator.