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Top 75 Green Living Blogs for an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

With climate change and ecological sustainability being one of the biggest challenges in our generation, going green has never been more important. But it can be tough, and as wired as we are, we need all the help that we can get.

Fortunately, blogs that provide both practical and ideal content focusing on issues such as global warming, sustainability, and green living are now plentiful and popular online.

If you're looking for advice on how to transform your lifestyle into an eco-conscious one, you've come to the right place. We've scoured the web and handpicked the best, most informative green living sites out there to help you get inspired and get started.

Here are the best 75 green living blogs that can give you all the information you need to start your eco-conscious lifestyle:

Wellness Mama

“Wellness Mama” Katie Wells is not only a wife and mother of six children, she’s a podcaster, an author, and an award-winning blogger. With the goal of helping families make the transition to healthier and more natural lifestyles, her blog features practical tips, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, home remedies, and real food recipes.

Visit Wellness Mama

Katie Wells

The Healthy Home Economist

Run by best-selling author and nutrition blogger, Sarah Denise, The Healthy Home Economist offers insights on going against what is commonly considered as sound healthy advice. A mother of 3 healthy children, Sarah uses ancestral wisdom as her guide in writing about the practical application of evidence-based holistic wellness.

Visit The Healthy Home Economist

Sarah Pope

The Kind Life

“Acclaimed actress and recognized vegan Alicia Silverstone runs the The Kind Life, which is a great resource for vegan and vegetarian recipes, as well as tips on how to live a healthy and happy life while being kind to the planet at the same time.

Visit The Kind Life

The Kind Life

Green Prophet

“The world needs its own green voice of reason that’s free from politics. With this mindset, Karin Kloosterman founded Green Prophet, a blog that shares compelling stories that aim to inspire change from and about the environmental and social realm in the Middle East.

Visit Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Nature Moms

Green living is not just a concept with this blog, but a lifestyle. The voice behind Nature Moms, Tiffany Washko writes about the products, events, and people that can help steer moms who are interested in leading healthier and more natural lifestyles in the right direction while leaving behind lighter ecological footprints.

Visit Nature Moms

Tiffany Washko


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop of sorts for sustainable living, then look no further than Eartheasy. Founded by Long Island native Greg Seaman, Eartheasy offers valuable information as well as products and solutions that would enable people to lead simpler yet more self-sufficient and richer lives.

Visit Eartheasy


The Ledger Blog

Endangered and Drained in Polk is a blog from The Ledger, a daily newspaper that serves the Lakeland and Polk County area of Florida. This blog, written by nature-lover Tom Palmer, talks about the environment and the events affecting it in Polk and beyond, with topics ranging from birds to land stewardship.

Visit The Ledger Blog

Tom Palmer

Green Global Travel

With their love for nature, culture, and exploration, Mary Gabbett and Bret Love started the Green Global Travel blog, which shares stories of travel experiences and adventures that put the emphasis on ecotourism in an effort to encourage everyone to live more sustainably and travel responsibly in order to make the world a better place.

Visit Green Global Travel

Mary Gabbett and Bret Love

Green Talk

What started out as a website focusing on green building has since become an online resource for green living and business guide. Founded by Anna Hackman, Green Talk is all about that greener lifestyle, from herbs and gardening to food preservation, all wrapped up in one realistic and helpful blog.

Visit Green Talk

Anna Hackman

Green Living Ideas

Possibly one of the most comprehensive green living site on line, Green Living Ideas tackles everything from global ecological challenges to waste recycling. With a team dedicated to sustainable living at the helm, this blog has every information you need in order to start “greening” each aspect of your life.

Visit Green Living Ideas


Family Focus Blog

A parenting resource that shares advice and experiences that can come in handy for parents with kids of all ages, Family Focus Blog is the brain child of Scarlet Paolicchi. Check out her eco tips that run the gamut from safe-to-use natural products to energy saving tips for the home.

Visit Family Focus Blog

Scarlet Paolicchi

Eco Child’s Play

Founded by Jennifer Lance who, herself, has been living off the grid for over 20 years, Eco Child’s Play initially devoted its pages to discussions on natural toys before becoming a go-to resource for the latest news and information on green parenting for healthy and non-toxic homes.

Visit Eco Child’s Play

Eco Child’s Play

Green & Clean Mom

Sommer Poquette is a children’s book author who shares tidbits about her journey through life as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur on her blog, Green & Clean Mom, which also happens to be chock-full of content about green living and healthy alternatives for the family and home.

Visit Green & Clean Mom

Summer Poquette

Big Green Purse

Using the power of the purse to change the world is essentially what this blog is about. Started by author and entrepreneur Diane MacEachern, Big Green Purse aims to make the shift to healthier purchases easier, and identifies reliable products which are actually green and not just “green-washed”.

Visit Big Green Purse

Diane MacEachern

Green Your Decor

Style and quality can be sustainable, and Green Your Decor is proof of that. Borne out of frustration and inspiration, this brainchild of chief blogger Jennae Petersen aims to help those who are looking to create their own beautiful space with eco-friendly products and solutions.

Visit Green Your Decor

Jennae Petersen

Groovy Green Livin

Green living enthusiast and former attorney Lori Popkewitz Alper aims to inspire greener living through her writing, which is evident on her blog, Groovy Green Livin. Here, you can find nontoxic product recommendations, tips on sustainable living, and other practical ideas and products that support a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Visit Groovy Green Livin

Lori Popkewitz Alper

Zero Waste Home

France-native Bea Johnson follows a simple 5R’s guideline: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. She talks more about this on her blog, Zero Waste Home, which contains insights into her Zero Waste lifestyle and shares how we can all do the same.

Visit Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson


EcoGeek is devoted to exploring the relationship between technology and nature, and how the technology that human brain comes up with can save the planet. Founded by Hank Green (of SciShow fame), it’s a great source of news about new technology that’s helping make our world better.

Visit EcoGeek


Eco-Office Gals

Understanding that green living isn’t confined to the home is one thing, but Eco-Office Gals takes it a notch further by blogging about business trends and changes that can be implemented in order to make the office space more eco-friendly, as well.

Visit Eco-Office Gals


Condo Blues

If green living, DIY, and style are all things that interest you, then you may want to take a look at Condo Blues. Run by Lisa Nelsen-Woods who uses everything from a jack hammer to a sewing machine to decorate her condo, it can pass off as a DIYer’s instructional heaven.

Visit Condo Blues

Lisa Nelsen-Woods

Trash is for Tossers

The Zero Waste movement aims to minimize trash in an effort to preserve the planet, and Trash is for Tossers is an online resource that documents Lauren Singer’s personal efforts as part of the movement. A former Environmental Studies major, Lauren’s blog shows just how possible it really is to reduce trash output to nearly nothing and continue to live a healthy and happy life.

Visit Trash is for Tossers

Lauren Singer

Back to Calley

Back to Calley lets readers in on the secret to keeping a green lifestyle and navigating eco-friendly parenting. Formerly known as The Eco Chic, it’s run by green living blogger and cloth diaper expert Calley Pate, a Tampa local with a passion for the environment.

Visit Back to Calley

Calley Pate


Environmental news, sustainability, DIY, and discussions on waste issues - you can find all that and more on sustainablog, one of the longest-running green blogs still around on the web. Since being started by author Jeff McIntire-Strasburg in 2003, it has evolved into being an authoritative sustainability resource.

Visit Sustainablog


Accidentally Green

Accidentally Green believes in making healthy decisions that also happen to help the environment. Run by author Hilary Kimes Bernstein, it’s an informative blog that details her own experiences, as well as the changes that she and her family have made that allowed them to live healthier lifestyles.

Visit Accidentally Green

Hilary Kimes Bernstein

Little Eco Footprints

Australian blogger Tricia Hogbins dreams of being a part of a community, having ample space to grow her own food, leaving behind little ecological footprint, and living close to nature. In her blog, Little Eco Footprints, she writes about her experiences with all of these, and in learning to live better with less.

Visit Little Eco Footprints

Tricia Hogbins

Mindful Momma

A writing space born out of Micaela Preston’s belief that living healthy and naturally can be fun, delicious, and very flexible, Mindful Momma shares creative ideas, eco tips, and recipes that can help pave the way for a greener and healthier home and lifestyle.

Visit Mindful Momma

Micaela Preston

The Anti-June Cleaver

Regan, the founder of The Anti-June Cleaver, started her blog to share her passion on babywearing, cloth diapers, breastfeeding, and being less wasteful. Now, as her sons grow up, so too has her blog evolved to publishing content about raising boys.

Visit The Anti-June Cleaver

Regan Shea

Happy Simple Living

Living simply can be attainable by taking some time off every once in a while to write down simple living priorities and goals. And this is what Eliza Cross has been doing since she started to consciously yearn for more simplicity. Read more about her family’s efforts to achieve simple living on this blog.

Visit Happy Simple Living

Eliza Cross

Mommy Greenest

Also known as “Mommy Greenest”, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff writes about battling a lice infestation sans chemical use, making natural perfume DIY, feeding her kids organic food, and choosing healthier options daily. You’ll find more information about how making these daily choices can help create healthier lifestyles on her personal blog.

Visit Mommy Greenest

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

The Eco-Friendly Family

Approaching green living from a modern and practical perspective is something Amanda Hearn likes to do and she discusses that along with other topics that are important to her such as composting, using safe products, and cloth diapers on her blog, The Eco-Friendly Family.

Visit The Eco-Friendly Family

Amanda Hearn


Those wanting to live lightly and leave smaller ecological footprints on the planet can find plenty of useful information on doing so over at EnviroMom. Launched in March 2007, it was founded by Master Recyclers Heather Hawkins and Renee Limon, both mothers and best friends who wanted to raise their kids to be green-inclined.

Visit EnviroMom


Jen & Joey Go Green

Jen McLaughlin is a self-proclaimed realistic environmentalist, and shares that part of herself on her virtual space, Jen & Joey Go Green. Posting her recipes and personal experiences on things like growing her own food and making her own products to use makes this one blog that’s both helpful and relatable.

Visit Jen & Joey Go Green

Jen McLaughlin


It’s hard to lead a perfectly green lifestyle today, and Donna Deforbes, founder of Eco-Mothering acknowledges that. Her blog is all about guilt-free green parenting, and offers eco-inspiration, such as natural medicine, pregnancy, and home and garden without the intent to overwhelm.

Visit Eco-Mothering

Donna Deforbes


An environmentalist, Leigh Garofalow started her blog to promote awareness about green parenting, healthy living and eating habits, and pressing community issues such as climate change. Green4U aims to provide all the information necessary in order to make a difference in our own lives as well as in the lives of the world’s children.

Visit Green4U

Leigh Garofalow

Eco Thrifty Living

A lifestyle website that shares tips on how to save money while also saving the environment, Eco Thrifty Living shows how being eco-friendly can actually help you save on costs. Started in 2011 by Zoë Morrison, you’ll find a wide range of topics covered on this blog, from reducing food waste to the latest in eco-technology.

Visit Eco Thrifty Living

Zoë Morrison

Earth Mama's World

Initially started by Angela to document their homeschooling experience as a family, Earth Mama’s World now also discusses a variety of other topics including natural living, homemade products, and the challenges of going green. You’ll find healthy recipes and parenting advise on the blog, as well.

Visit Earth Mama's World

Earth Mama's World

Small Footprint Family

A blog that aims to empower and inspire people with the necessary tools and ideas in order to consume less, save money, and live more meaningful and healthy lives is exactly what Small Footprint Family is. Dawn, the blog’s author, firmly believes that “Sustainability starts at home”, and this is reflected in her writing about sustainable living and nutrition.

Visit Small Footprint Family

Small Footprint Family

The Environmental Blog

Started in 2007, The Environmental Blog believes that every individual can make a difference and help make the world a greener place. The blog itself is a great source of news and information on every aspect of green living, including climate change, green technology, and zero waste, among others.

Visit The Environmental Blog

The Environmental Blog


If your vision of a greener planet involves the right kind of technology to usher it in, check out this EnviroGadget. A blog that encourages people to look into renewable and safer alternatives for a better world, you’ll find reviews on the latest inventions and ideas to hit the eco-friendly gadgets and technologies industry.

Visit EnviroGadget


Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini is passionate about eco fashion and the green lifestyle, and it’s evident from her being an “Eco Warrior Princess”. Her blog of the same name advocates policies that benefits the environment and inspires people to green, and also discusses the impacts that the fashion industry has on our society and the environment.

Visit Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini


Everyone can do something to positively impact the environment, and no one can attest to that statement better than Steve, who documents the lifestyle changes he has been making on GreenSteve where you can find tips on how to lower your carbon footprint in and out of the home.

Visit GreenSteve


The Green Divas

Founded by Megan McWilliams Bouchard, The Green Divas is the go-to source for those wanting to find fresh ideas on how live a sustainable lifestyle. You’ll also find plenty of information on green issues on the blog, as well as listen to the thoughts and advocacies of high-profile green warriors on their radio show.

Visit The Green Divas

Megan McWilliams

Life The Green Way

Those interested in living greener and healthier lives should check out Life the Green Way, Birmingham, Alabama’s first and only blog on the green lifestyle format. Written by Elena White, it features tips on money-saving the green way, updates on the environment including information specific to Alabama, as well as green product reviews.

Visit Life The Green Way


Natural Papa

There are plenty of mom-related pages on the blogosphere, but Natural Papa is for and by, well, a natural papa. Derek Markham is the voice behind this dad-geared blog where he shares his words on fatherhood and parenting, natural foods and health, and simple and alternative living.

Visit Natural Papa

Derek Markham


It takes one person to make a difference, and Nikki Fotheringham discusses the many small things each individual can do to make a significant change to the environment on her blog, Greemoxie. Learn about green living and random acts of kindness on her blog, and find great green recipes and DIY projects that you can do at home.

Visit Greenmoxie

Nikki Fotheringham

My Plastic-Free Life

Beth Terry is both a blogger and an activist who strives daily to collect, keep track of, and reduce her personal plastic waste - and she shares this information and knowledge with us on My Plastic-Free Life. Her blog also features environmental news, as well as green recipes and plastic-free alternatives that we can all utilize.

Visit My Plastic-Free Life

Beth Terry

The Green Miles

A fan of clean energy and a passionate follower of the issues involving climate change, Miles Grant is the blogger behind The Green Miles. Focusing mostly on the issues and news about the environment, this blog posts mainly about climate change and extreme weather and what causes them.

Visit The Green Miles

The Green Miles

The Green Parent

Run by author and environmentalist Jenn Savedge, The Green Parent is the kid-friendly blog to go to for tips on living green as a parent, offering optimistic posts such as how to plan an eco-friendly vacation for the family, or even how to deal with head lice naturally and safely.

Visit The Green Parent

Jenn Savedge


NYC and sustainable might seem like an odd pairing, but Alden Wicker and her team of like-minded individuals are out to show that it is possible. The green blog that celebrates all that is fresh, beautiful, local, eco-friendly, and sustainable that’s done right, EcoCult does pretty good research on sustainability that readers can enjoy and learn from.

Visit EcoCult

Alden Wicker

The Chic Ecologist

Founded by Jean-Paul LaCount, The Chic Ecologist emphasizes making little changes to make a big difference. Get the inside scoop on the latest in green places, discussions on environmental issues that affects all of us, and tips on how to lead a satisfyingly chic and sustainable lifestyle on the blog.

Visit The Chic Ecologist

Jean-Paul LaCount


Although recycling has become a constant in our lives, there still are a lot of questions on what should be recycled and how. RecycleNation answers most of these questions, with guides on segregating items for recycling, DIY instructions for various products, and tips on how to live a greener life.

Visit RecycleNation


Women of Green

If you’re searching for a great site to learn about the amazing efforts that women have put forth to help create a more sustainable planet, look no further than Women of Green. Founded by Carolyn Parrs, this multi-media blog is also a community that embraces women who use their talents and voices for the benefit of the planet and its future generations.

Visit Women of Green

Carolyn Parrs

The Green Samaritan

Founded by Jeanne Blaisdell, The Green Samaritan shares some of the best tips and resources aimed at helping those who are on a journey towards clean and healthy happy living. Offering a mix of goodness, kindness, and green, this blog is a great place to learn and share experiences.

Visit The Green Samaritan

Jeanne Blaisdell

Green Living Guy

Often referred to as “The Green Living Guy”, Seth Leitman is not only a bestselling author, he’s also the man behind the blog aptly named Green Living Guy. Find the latest news on green living, electric and eco-friendly cars, as well as tips on starting a green journey on his blog.

Visit Green Living Guy

Seth Leithman

The Holistic Mama

Making the move to clean living can be daunting, but The Holistic Mama has you covered. Started by Roxanne King, this healthy living blog has tons of ideas to help you lead a more healthy and natural lifestyle without getting overwhelmed.

Visit The Holistic Mama

Roxanne King


DIY-ers looking to make the switch to green lifestyle will find plenty of things to try out on Inhabitat, a blog founded by Jill Fehrenbacher. From architecture and design, to environmental issues that affect the entire planet, Inhabitat posts various types of informative and entertaining content.

Visit Inhabitat

Jill Fehrenbacher


Written by a collective of talented individuals with a similar dream, this highly visual blog discusses green topics that stem from the desire to make a difference in this world. Eco18 posts contents that range from recipes to green apps and technology.

Visit Eco18


Green Issues by Agy

Run by Agatha, an environmental educator and eco-designer with a passion for sustainable fashion, Green Issues by Agy focuses on helping readers make sustainable fashion choices. You’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to make your wardrobe last longer, with little impact on the environment.

Visit Green Issues by Agy

Green Issues by Agy


A great place to start reading on your green journey, TreeHugger is that perfect example of a green blog that not only has a variety of great authoritative posts, but also publishes up to the minute blogs for all the latest environmental news. You’ll also find product information and reviews, green life solutions, and nature photos for inspiration.

Visit TreeHugger



A site that engages millions of concerned individuals every month, EcoWatch is the nation’s leading environmental news website. Here you’ll find news on the happenings that affect the environment from different parts of the planet, curated from hundreds of science and environmental organizations all over the world.

Visit EcoWatch


Little Green Blog

With a family that’s committed to living a green lifestyle, Mrs. Green blogs about the lessons that they’ve acquired over years of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. You’ll find a myriad ways to start your green journey from the Little Green Blog, with information on green products, and even on ethical fashion.

Visit Little Green Blog

Little Green Blog

Homey Improvements

A husband and wife team that describes themselves as DIY folks, James and Alicia run the Homey Improvements blog, which covers easy projects, garden and homestead fixes, home decoration and construction, recipes, and tips and tricks on creating a homey environment for the family.

Visit Homey Improvements

James and Alicia

The Greenists

Run by a team of bloggers that include author Allie Larkin, The Modern Gal, and Howling Hill, The Greenists is an online resource for product reviews, recipes, and green advise on anything from DIY projects to taking the the first steps toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Visit The Greenists

Allie Larkin


The blog that started from the thoughts of Lynn Ann Miller, OrganicMania is where she publishes her ideas on green living and organics. Now, you can find a wide range of eco-friendly topics on her blog, ranging from finding the perfect green gift to reviews on green places to eat.

Visit OrganicMania

Ann Miller

Urban Gardens

This blog by Robin Plaskoff Horton just brims with original projects and inspiring finds. Urban Gardens is your source for that enlightening mix of nature in urban style and design, with posts that highlight the use of imagination in small spaces to create a creative green space that’s all your own.

Visit Urban Gardens

Robin Plaskoff Horton

Saved By Grace

A blog that’s filled with healthy recipes, DIY projects, and information on healthy living, Saved By Grace puts its focus on green and frugal living. Run by eco-friendly Christine, a hippie at heart mom who sports dreadlocks, this blog aims to help those who strive for a full life regardless of all the challenges that come their way.

Visit Saved By Grace

Christine (savedbygrace)

Just Another Hat

Find tips on how to live green, stay healthy, and raise green kids on Just Another Hat, an eco-blog started by stay-at-home mom Romina, who describes herself as a practical greenist. This blog aims to inspire readers to live green in the simplest ways possible.

Visit Just Another Hat

Just Another Hat

Mom Goes Green

A mom who “accidentally” found her passion for green living, Doreen Kukral is the voice behind the blog Mom Goes Green. She writes about her experiences and daily struggles in the quest to maintain a green lifestyle, as well as some environmental issues that affect the world today.

Visit Mom Goes Green

Doreen Kukral

Dr. Karen S. Lee

A former chiropractor who sold her practice to become a support system for her family, holistic physician Dr. Karen S. Lee shares her knowledge on health and preventing sickness on her website, with posts that discuss natural living, clean eating choices, and recipes for a healthier family.

Visit Dr. Karen S. Lee

Dr. Karen S. Lee

The Green Mama

An author and a mother, Manda Aufochs Gillespie, has been dubbed by the media as the green guru. Through her award-winning website and blog, The Green Mama, she shares her tips on turning today’s research into a greener future with healthier children.

Visit The Green Mama

Manda Aufochs Gillespie

The Crunchy Chicken

A self-described homesteader, Deanna Duke has since added author to her list of titles, writing about her efforts to get toxins out of her body. She chronicles this journey in detail on The Crunchy Chicken, a blog that she started nearly 10 years ago which also offers insights to her eco-savvy lifestyle.

Visit he Crunchy Chicken

Deanna Duke

GirlieGirl Army

GirlieGirl Army firmly believes that it is possible to live large and make a positive impact at the same time. Dubbed as the “Glamazon Guide to Green Living”, it’s an online resource that sports a progressive and urban-minded approach to living fashionably without cruelty.

Visit GirlieGirl Army

GirlieGirl Army


A relatable blog that’s full of stories of her life as a wife and mother of two, Kristen writes about her activities with the family, activities that any mom can do, and discusses the merits of co-housing. Also, check out her Reading List and see if you can find book titles that interest you!

Visit GreenStyleMom


Almost All The Truth

Brenna Burke writes Almost All The Truth, a blog that explores how to improve children’s health through parenting, learning, and green living. Read on to get the details on great eco-friendly products, and get updates on issues that affect our world, such as climate change.


Brenna Burke

Petite Planet

Beth Shea believes in taking baby steps toward changing the world, and she documents the steps she’s taken to achieve that goal on her blog, Petite Planet. Here you’ll find tips on green living, natural and organic family options, DIY crafts, as well as recommendations on eco-friendly baby products that are tried and tested by Beth herself.

Visit Petite Planet

Beth Shea