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Top 7 Important Refrigerator Features to Look For When Buying a Fridge

The field of food storage is one that has evolved quite a bit with advances in technology allowing for very many refrigerating options. Refrigeration is no longer just about keeping your perishables fresh. Buying a fridge has become quite taxing with consumers getting confused with the hundreds of features from which to pick. Functions that were merely extras not so long ago have become necessities when buying a refrigerator. So, what are the top features to watch out for when choosing this kitchen appliance?


Door Style

The opening of a fridge is one aspect that has changed significantly over the years. French doors have grown in popularity because they make it easier to gain access to foods without needing to open the rest of the fridge. A side-by-side refrigerator offers similar advantages, not to mention that it offers more space for organization due to the split sides provided by this design. You could opt for the traditional bottom or top freezer doors, which provide their own conveniences like quick access to frozen foods.


Door Locks and Alarms

Apart from the style, another door feature that can sway your purchase decision is the safety, especially for a home with toddlers and young children. Some fridges have alarm systems that set off when the doors have been open for a period of time. You can tell when a child is playing with the fridge or if the door is left open. Such an alarm allows the conservation of energy because leaving the door open reduces the internal temperatures. A lock on the door means you don’t have to fret over the young ones eating ice cream without permissions or spilling drinks in the fridge.



For shelving options, there is so much to consider, it can be dizzying just thinking about it. Sliding shelves are designed to offer the users uncomplicated access to items that are further in the fridge. You can simply pull a shelf in and out to retrieve your food. Shelves that slide also have the benefit of holding tall items like juice bottles. Adjustable shelves offer the same advantages because you can remove one to make room for other things. They also make it less challenging to see what you are getting. Shelves can also be spill-proof. These have lips at the end to ensure that spillages don’t get to the bottom parts. If your fridge holds a lot of liquids like milk and juice, then these would be ideal.



Full extension drawers mean easier access when you need to reach items. With full-width access drawers, you get sufficient space to keep trays of food, which is ideal when you have guests. When you have hors d'oeuvres left over from a party, these drawers will offer perfect storage. Some refrigerators have transparent drawers which let you see the contents without having to open everything. You save time when there so no need to rummage through the drawers trying to find where the lettuce is. Climate controlled drawers allow you to adjust the temperature and humidity of each one to suit the cooling needs of the foods you keep in it.


LED Displays

Some refrigerators nowadays have LED touch displays for smart operations. The screen has Wi-Fi capabilities. You can adjust temps, leave notes, organize the fridge, display photos, access recipes online, stream music and even get weather updates among many other functions.


Hidden Icemakers

Instead of having the conventional ice trays inside the fridge, the hidden ones are outside, meaning they maximize space. Additionally, you don't have to keep opening the fridge every time you need ice or keep refilling it with water, which most people forget.


Electric Temperature Controls

When you have a fridge that maintains its temperatures and humidity electronically, then you can count on the freshness of its contents. This feature guarantees accurate measurements of those two elements.

Specialty Features

Some fridges are designed for specific consumers with characteristics that cater to their needs. For an individual who entertains a lot, a wine cooler in your fridge would be perfect. Wine coolers offer an ideal setting to chill wine and prevent it from premature aging. A kegerator is another feature that an avid entertainer will appreciate. It keeps beer cold and has a tap for easy pouring.