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Top 5 Smart High End Wall Ovens

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What is a wall oven?
A wall oven is an oven that is installed into your cabinetry. They can be mounted at any height, or even under counter. Wall ovens come in a variety of sizes and combinations. Wall ovens are almost always electric.

What makes an appliance brand high end?
The biggest factors that determine a brand’s prestige is product quality and distribution. High end brands want to make sure you have the best buying experience possible. Therefore they limit their distribution to the preferred independent dealers instead of big box stores. A brand’s prestige also has a lot to do with what else is offered in the line. A brand that has integrated refrigerators, pro cooking, and steam ovens is perceived to be a higher-end brand than a line that doesn’t have those categories.

What is a smart wall oven?
A smart wall oven is an oven designed with built-in technology to enhance your cooking experience in a meaningful way. WiFi connected wall ovens have been around for a while now, and technological integration is becoming more mainstream. Smart ovens are made by both luxury and affordable luxury brands. Wall ovens are an appliance category where smart can mean a number of different things. In today’s day and age, having WiFi does not necessarily mean the oven is helping you cook better. In this article, my hope is to dig a little deeper. To keep this simple, I’m going to stick to single wall ovens only. The question is, who is smartest?

Which luxury brands make smart wall ovens?
When it comes to cooking, smart does not necessarily meanWiFi connected. In other categories it seems as though brands in the luxury sector are seeking to copy each other, whereas in wall ovens, there’s still a good variety of styles and features. Let’s take a look:

DOB30M977S 1.jpg

1. Dacor DOB30M977S
Dacor is a high-end appliance brand that was recently purchased by Samsung. Dacor has always been known for technological innovation, and I think the Samsung partnership makes perfect sense. Dacor has also been known for its unique filtered convection system, designed for even heating and less flavor transfer.

What you’ll love?
iQ Kitchen

  • With Dacor iQ Kitchen, you can monitor and control Dacor smart appliances on the go and enjoy useful services including status check, device control, and customer support.


  • Seamlessly integrate into the SmartThings connected platform, providing an exceptional foundation for an ever growing ecosystem of smart connectivity.

Steam and Convection

  • The power of steam assist and convection cooking in one.

What could improve? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Dacor actually scaled back their technological integration since the brand's acquisition from Samsung. In the past your Dacor
oven was a media center and speaker. It seems that now the techie features are more sensible than ever before.

ZET1FHSS 2.jfif

2. Monogram ZET1FHSS
Monogram is a luxury brand that is part of the GE family. Of the luxury brands, Monogram has the highest percentage of WiFi connected appliances. We love Monogram’s chef inspired French-door wall oven. This oven has two doors for easy access to the oven cavity. The small doors also make it a great option for tighter spaces and installations.

What you’ll love?
WiFi Connect

  • Control a full suite of of WiFi-enabled smart appliances to help you stay connected to your home, no matter where you are.


  • If This, Then That! Connect several smart appliances so they can work with each other. With this technology, when your alarm goes off your smart coffee machine can make your favorite brew when your morning alarm sounds. The possibilities are limitless.


  • Upgrade all your favorite recipes into one dynamic format, from the simplest staples to experimental dinners and desserts. Store them all in one place, with Drop for the best cooking experiences.

What could improve? The oven controls and modes are relatively more basic, however you can find hundreds of recipes in compatible guided cooking apps. The oven cannot be installed under counter

POD301RW 1.jpg

3. Thermador POD301RW
Over the last year Thermador had a massive product transition and we are very excited for their new line! Their ovens can now be installed flush or standard and the gray glass over stainless steel is simply beautiful. Thermador is the only brand on this list with a side-swing door, great for lifting heavy items in and out of the oven.

What you’ll love
Side swing door
Comes with rotisserie with 12 lb capacity
Temp probe
App for Apple or Android deviceRemote Diagnostics
Integration with several guided cooking apps

What could improve? Control panel is conventional, the only specialty cooking mode is “pizza”, however there are hundreds of guided cooking recipes to find in compatible cooking apps. At this time you can’t operate the oven remotely, this functionality is coming in the future

SO30PMSPH 4.jpg

4. Wolf SO30PMSPH
Wolf is the cooking brand owned by Sub Zero. They are a top seller in the luxury market. There’s no surprise that they chose to include smart features in select wall ovens. The controls are intuitive and the knobs support the touch screen functions for a seamless user experience. The oven looks huge on the inside because the oven is rounded in the back. Instead of traditional convention fans, the Wolf M-Series has the Dual Verticross system for even heating on all racks.

What you’ll love?
Gourmet Feature For Foolproof Meals

  • With Gourmet, a menu of almost 50 presets automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy, from pork tenderloin to lasagna to double-crusted cherry pie.

Dual VertiCross Convection For Consistent Heat Across All Racks

  • No need to adjust racks or rotate pans - their advanced dual convection system delivers the most consistent cooking ever.

Wireless temperature probe

  • Effortess way to cook your favorite meals to the perfect temperature

What could improve?
The WiFi connectivity (remote control and diagnostics) is only available for IPhone users (as of now). To use the oven remotely, you need to first go over to the oven and tell it you plan to use it remotely later. You can’t use some of the oven modes remotely and you can have multiple devices connect to one oven but the account must have the same username and password.

h6780bp-cts 1.jpg

5. Miele H 6780 BP
Miele was one of the first “smart” appliance brands. For years they have perfected the Masterchef technology, an extremely thorough collection of presets to take the guesswork out of cooking. Miele ovens come in a wide variety of styles and colors to fit your style.

What you’ll love?
Wireless Precision Probe

  • Has temperature sensors in four locations instead of just a single point in the previous generation and provides correct-to-the-minute information on the cooking process.

Moisture Plus

  • This oven has an optional water line connection so it can be plumbed. Increasing the humidity in the oven optimizes the cooking of a variety of foods: soft bread with a shiny, appetizing crust, succulent meat with a nicely browned crust, perfect casseroles, delicious pastries and so much more.

M Touch Controls

  • M Touch Controls are both easy-to-operate and navigate. You can even translate the control panel into multiple languages.

What could improve?

  • This is the only oven that made the list that doesn’t have WiFi connectivity, Miele is rolling out a connected oven in Europe and I’m guessing the technology will spill over to the US eventually

Who is smartest?
That’s a hard question. When it comes to WiFi capabilities, it seems that Monogram and Dacor have the most to offer right now. Miele does not have Wifi, but has the greatest quantity of pre-set cooking modes and options already set into the oven. Wolf seems to strike a balance between these two ends of the spectrum, however their App needs work. Thermador built their new ovens to be “future ready” however they need to activate the remote control to really be a contender in this list. You can see that the technological advancements in this category are still all over the map. I anticipate that manufacturers will make huge strides in the near future but until then, connectivity is still a work in progress.