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Top 5 Most Important Features of a Wine Refrigerator

Wine coolers are a fantastic way to keep wine readily available at all times. Wine refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes so there are many options to choose from.

1. Multiple Temperature Zones
Whether you enjoy red, white, rose, or sparkling wines, they should be stored differently. Therefore some wine storage refrigerators have multiple zones so you can store different types of wine at optimal temperatures. Most wine refrigerators have one or two zones. Some of the tall wine refrigerators, also known as wine columns, have up to three zones.
2. UV Protected Glass
Better wine refrigerators have UV protected glass. Sunlight can cause the wine to age prematurely. It’s best to keep the UV rays away from your wine collection.
3. Vibration Reduction
Traditionally wine was stored in a cave, an area with consistent temperature and moisture. Unless there’s an earthquake, caves don’t vibrate. The challenge with refrigerators is they naturally vibrate. Vibration can negatively affect the tannins in your wine which will impact its composition and flavor.
4. Humidity Control
If you buy wine that is corked, you should definitely consider a wine refrigerator with humidity control. When you go to an upscale restaurant, did you ever wonder why the sommelier lets you inspect the bottle before the wine is poured? It’s so you can inspect the cork and make sure that the flavor of the wine is in-tact. Refrigerators with humidity control will prevent the cork from drying out which better preserves the flavor and composition of your wine.
5. Temperature Control
It's important to store wine at a consistent temperature. Drastic changes in temperature can cause the wine to age prematurely. If you’re investing in a wine preservation appliance, definitely look for a wine refrigerator with reliable temperature control.
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Key Features:

Flexible Installation
  • Able to be used for freestanding and built-in applications.
LED Lighting
  • The Soft blue theater-style LED lighting perfectly showcases your wines.
UV-Resistant Glass Door
  • Protects wine from damaging ultra-violet light, while conserving energy.
Key Features:

Hidden Rails
  • The newly designed wine columns have hidden rails for each shelf, the ball bearings and rails are completely hidden. All you can see and feel is luxury.
Display Section
  • A prominent display section allows you to place select wines where they can be seen, so you can share with your guests. An eye catching wine presenter made of wenge wood and aluminum will enhance your presentation.
Quiet Operation
  • UV protected glass, Humidity & Vibration control, while running extremely quiet to protect all of your finest collection of wines.
Key Features:

Two Independent Storage Zones
  • Two independent storage zones maintain wine's temperature within 1â° of set point, holding wines at precisely the storage and serving temperature you prefer. Temperature range from 40°F to 65° F.
Accommodates Differently Sized Bottles
  • Safely stores 750 ml bottles, half bottles and magnums.
UV-Resistant Glass Prevents Light Exposure
  • UV-resistant, dark-tinted glass shields wine from the harmful rays that can cause premature aging and even unpleasant odors.
Key Features:

45 Bottle Capacity
  • Five glide out wine racks and one floor cradle accommodate a total of 45 bottles.
True Precision Control®
  • The microprocessor technology monitors conditions inside the refrigerator and maintains temperature to ensure that your items are protected from fluctuation and inconsistency.
Home Alarm System
  • Ability to connect to a home security system.
Key Features:

LED Lighting
  • Black interiors are illuminated with LED lighting, which automatically turns off when the door is closed or can be set to stay on for three hours
Flexible Storage
  • Wine racks are designed to accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes and the third and sixth racks on this unit allow for larger diameter wine and champagne bottles providing optimal storage flexibility for your collection
Wine Racks
  • Full-extension black vinyl coated wine racks allow for easy access and prevent bottles from shifting. Solid natural beech wood fronts on wine racks can easily be stained to match surrounding cabinetry

When it comes to looking for a wine refrigerator there are hundreds of options! As long as you look for UV glass, vibration reduction, temperature control, and moisture control you should be well on your way to enjoying your wine for a long time to come.