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Introducing the Frigidaire Gallery Series FG4H2272UF Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

For decades, Frigidaire has been a popular brand name in the U.S. Frigidaire Gallery appliances are a good looking collection at a reasonable price. They recently released a four-door counter depth refrigerator.

If you’re looking to buy a new refrigerator, you might feel overwhelmed by the huge selection of brands and features. Five years ago, the only differences between your options were the brand name, capacity, and color. Today every brand is trying to set itself apart.

Frigidaire has always been known for being the functional family product. Here are the top five reasons you should consider the new Frigidaire gallery four-door refrigerator.

1. The off-set french doors

The first thing you will notice is the off-set refrigerator doors. It’s no mistake, the right door is bigger than the left. Frigidaire created the doors this way to work around some of the challenges with traditional french-door refrigerators. With most French door refrigerators, you need to open both sides to get items in and out. With the off-set doors, you can access most of your refrigerator by only opening the right door. You gain more storage space on that door as well. On the left door, you’ll see the external ice and water dispenser for easy access to water, crushed, or cubed ice.

Still, think it’s odd? Side-by-side offset doors have been in the industry for generations! If you have a traditional side-by-side refrigerator at home, your refrigerator door is bigger than your freezer door.

2. More usable capacity

If you’re considering a counter depth refrigerator, you are gaining a more sophisticated look but sacrificing at least 4 cubic feet of capacity. Therefore, when buying a counter depth refrigerator, usable capacity is important. This refrigerator has door bins that are easy to adjust. It also includes an expandable gallon door bin for extra space when you need it.

On the inside, you will also find adjustable interior shelves, a flip-up shelf to store tall items, and a snack area under the crisper bins.

If you’re buying a refrigerator with an external ice and water dispenser, the icemaker will take up refrigerator space. Frigidaire made a big improvement to their icemaker design giving you more usable storage space.

3. Convertible refrigerator to freezer drawer

Having two drawers is considered an elevated high-end look. This trend was popularized by Sub Zero in the luxury market years ago. Now many of the affordable luxury brands are following the trend. Samsung, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, and Maytag (to name a few). Although some of the other brands offer a “lite freeze” Frigidaire Gallery is the only line to offer a truly convertible refrigerator to freezer drawer. This drawer has the widest temperature range on the market from -9 to 45 degrees.

4. Automatic humidity control crispers

Frigidaire also made a big improvement the humidity control in the crispers. After a long afternoon at the grocery store, it’s unlikely that you will take the time to adjust the little humidity lever on your crispers. You want high moisture for vegetables and low moisture for fruits. It’s okay if you didn’t know that. You might not even put produce in the crispers, but you should! The new crispers will automatically adjust the humidity level for you, so your perishables will stay fresher longer and you won’t need to exert any additional effort.

5. Dual evaporators

Refrigerators are supposed to keep your food cold right? In the past, you had to buy a professional-style refrigerator to get dual evaporators. Today, this technology is becoming more popular for freestanding refrigerators. With no air transfer between your refrigerator and your freezer, your fruits and vegetables will say fresher longer. Today you can get the premium humidity control and temperature accuracy at an affordable luxury price.

Final Thoughts:

The counter depth refrigeration market is competitive and I think that Frigidaire did a great job making this model stand out. For more details and pricing, you can find the FG4H2272UF on our website.The offset doors make the interior easy to access. The flexible drawer is the only option on the market that can truly act like either a refrigerator or a freezer. The dual evaporators and automatic humidity controlled crispers elevate the quality of food preservation. The Frigidaire FG4H2272UF refrigerator is certainly a great option to consider based on the features and price.