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Top 5 Best Whirlpool Dishwashers


The best Whirlpool dishwashers on the market today combine the latest in home appliance innovation with the legendary reliability of this storied name. While there are virtually dozens of Whirlpool dishwashers available today, these five represent a wide cross-section of today’s leading models from household name Whirlpool.

  1. Whirlpool WDT720PADM

Why we love it

The fully-integrated design of the WDT720PADM from Whirlpool looks like a million bucks, but costs far less than you might think! And, the Triple Filtration System and Sensor Cycle work hard to ensure spotless dishes, glasses and utensils with each wash. Designed to fit a standard dishwasher opening, this option delivers extra capacity thanks to the unique location of the silverware bin. All this and a price point in the $600 range and you’ve got a clear winner when it comes to performance and value.

Key features

* AnyWare Plus Silverware Basket

* Triple Filtration System

* 1-Hour wash cycle to help you move dishes through quickly

* Cycle Memory - remembers the last cycle you ran and lets you duplicate it with one touch

* ENERGY STAR rating for superior efficiency

The verdict

When you consider the low price point and high feature content of this model, there are few options on the market today that come close to delivering such a compelling value proposition.

2. Whirlpool WDF520PADM

Why we love it

This full-console model from Whirlpool is packed with performance-oriented features like an AccuSense Soil Sensor, the exclusive AnyWare Plus silverware basket, a Sani-rinse cycle, and vinyl-coated racks for long term durability. The affordable price point, sleek stainless exterior, and ENERGY STAR rating combine to deliver real value and legendary Whirlpool performance.

Key features

* AccuSense Soil Sensor ensures spotless dishes, glasses and utensils

* 55dB Silence Rating allows you to comfortably run this model at any time of the day or night

* Sani-rinse cycle thoroughly cleans and sanitizes contents for total safety

* Triple Filtration system results in top performance - even in areas with poor water quality

The verdict

This low to mid-priced model is perfect for anyone looking for a durable, rugged and reliable dishwasher that operates efficiently and quietly.

3. Whirlpool WDF518SAFM

Why we love it

Compact kitchens and prep areas often don’t allow for a full-size dishwasher…or one at all, but virtually any space can accept this compact yet fully-featured model from Whirlpool. This 18” dishwasher is ADA compliant, offers a full stainless interior for maximum durability and a sophisticated appearance, and a full complement of performance features that help this model clean dishes, pots and pans, glasses and silverware just like its wider brethren.

Key features

* ADA Compliant for ease of use - even in compact spaces

* 5 unique wash cycles and a Sensor Cycle to deliver flexible cleaning performance

* Nylon racks and a stainless interior for durability and consistent good looks

* ENERGY STAR rating

* 57 dB sound rating

The verdict

If a compact size is a requirement in your kitchen or prep area but you still demand terrific performance and legendary Whirlpool quality, you’ve just met your new dishwasher.

4. Whirlpool WDF540PADM

Why we love it

A full console design looks sleek and contemporary, while the low noise-pump and motor, top-performing filtration system and Sani-rinse feature combine to deliver serious performance at a rock-bottom price. This dishwasher typically retails for about $550, yet comes loaded with a full suite of features that create a powerful value proposition for the style-conscious buyer on a budget.

Key features

* 53dB sound rating keeps noise levels low

* ENERGY STAR rating for low cost and environmentally-friendly operation

* 5 unique wash cycles, a Sani-rinse system, Soil Sensor and Triple Filtration offer superior cleaning performance

* AnyWare Plus Silverware Basket keeps utensils out of the way to maximize interior space

The verdict

This full-size dishwasher offers the contemporary console look with easy-to-use front controls and an efficient interior design. The low price point is shocking when you consider the standard feature content, and this model will easily work in just about any kitchen - from a starter home kitchen to a high-end luxury prep area.

5. Whirlpool WDF560SAFM

Why we love it

This full-console design from Whirlpool offers a full complement of standard features and an attractive design that blends in beautifully with custom cabinets or countertops. We love the seemingly perfect balance between price point and on-board feature content, with 5 unique cycles and 6 wash options creating numerous ways to ensure absolutely spotless dishes and glassware.

Key features

* AnyWare Plus Silverware Basket maximizes interior space and promotes superior cleaning

* 1-hour wash cycle keeps dishes moving quickly - helpful if you’re hosting a large gathering

* ENERGY STAR compliant to ensure low cost operation

* Heated dry option allows you to move dishes directly from the dishwasher to the cupboard

The verdict

If a low price point and sleek good looks are important to you, this model is certainly worth a closer look. The number of available wash cycles, combined with the superior cleaning power of the Soil Sensor and Sani-rinse systems, ensure remarkably clean contents each and every time.

The five Whirlpool dishwashers above represent a tremendous value in the modern appliance world. Each offers a bevy of standard features that effectively scrub, clean and sanitize dishes, glassware, silverware and pots and pans with ease, while the stylish front panels and easy-touch controls look sophisticated and upmarket. For more information about Whirlpool dishwashers - including these five models on our list, contact Your Appliance Authority - AJ Madison, today!