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Top 5 Best Upright and Chest Freezers for Extra Food Storage

It's critical to have extra food storage space when you need it. Most of the time we use our refrigerator to store short-term fresh foods and beverages. Our refrigerators get packed on a weekly basis, yet our freezers hold a carton of ice cream, some frozen convenience foods, and some ice cubes.

There are times when we feel the need to stock up on more food items than usual. Given recent developments with the COVID-19 outbreak, Americans across the country are stocking up on food, working from home, spending time with family, and avoiding contact with the outside world.

It's convenient to have an extra freezer handy. Whether you regularly experience inclement weather, or if you just like to host around the holidays, extra space is always convenient.

Chest Freezer vs. Upright Freezer
There are many types of freezers out there, upright freezers and chest freezers are the most common. The type of freezer you buy will come down to how much floor space you have. If you have a small space, consider an upright model. You will likely want to buy the biggest freezer you can with the most cubic feet of space.
Top Considerations When Buying a Freezer
  • GE FUF17DLRWW 33 Inch Upright Freezer Shelves
    Freezer Space
    You want to make sure you have enough freezer space. Not only enough space for the appliance to fit, you also should make sure you can easily open the door. Just an extra cubic foot or two of space could make a big difference. You should also consider storage features like storage baskets, door shelves, and interior lighting. This way you can easily access the items in your extra freezer.
  • Appliances use energy. Minimize your electric bill by purchasing an energy star freezer. Energy star appliances are also better for the environment.
  • Auto Defrost vs. Manual Defrost
    There are two types of freezers, auto defrost and manual defrost. Auto defrost freezers automatically melt any ice build up that collects on the sides of the freezer.

    Manual defrost freezers use less energy and are usually less expensive. However, with a manual defrost freezer, you will want to thaw and drain any ice build up at least once per year.
Top 5 Best Freezers for Extra Food Storage
  • Key Features:

    Turbo Freeze
    • An extra boost of cold air restores interior to set temperature for optimum food freshness.
    Exterior Electronic Temperature Control
    • Easy adjust the temperature and avoid releasing cold air by opening the door.
    LED Interior Lighting
    • Automatically illuminates when door is open.
    Garage Ready
    • GE freezers are tested to perform from 0°F to 110°F.
  • Key Features:

    SpaceWise® Adjustable Baskets
    • Keep goods organized and easy to find with these adjustable and removable plastic baskets.
    Lock with Pop-out Key
    • The key automatically ejects after its locked.
    Adjustable Temperature Control
    • Set the temperature to accommodate your needs.
  • Key Features:

    LED Interior Lighting
    • LED interior lighting is longer-lasting and uses less energy than incandescent lighting and casts a bright light on the contents of your refrigerator so food looks as it should
    Fast Freeze
    • Activate fast freeze to rapidly drop the freezer's temperature to its lowest setting so food freezes in a snap, helping lock in freshness and flavor
    Frost-Free Defrost
    • Frost-free defrost automatically prevents frost build-up so you'll never have to empty the freezer for a manual defrost again
    Optional Icemaker
    • With optional icemaker you can be sure there is plenty of ice on hand
  • Key Features:

    Convertible Chest Freezer/Refrigerator/Beverage Chiller
    • Store what you want when you need to. Whether you need extra refrigerator or freezer space this appliance has you covered.
    Commercial Glass Top Display
    • Save money and electricity with the glass top display. You will have a clear view of all your freezer items without having to open the door.
    4.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity
    • Get a lot of storage space in a relatively small footprint. This small freezer gives you plenty of capacity and can be easily tucked into a small basement or pantry.
  • Key Features:

    20.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
    • Spacious interior with electronic controls, and interior LED lighting
    Adjustable Wire Shelves
    • Includes (4) Wire shelves with adjustable positions for customizing storage needs
    Automatic Defrost
    • Compressor defrosts automatically to reduce maintenance requirement