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Top 5 Best Undercounter Refrigerators

Undercounter refrigerators are more popular than ever! There are a few reasons for this. For the main refrigerator, many consumers are opting for a counter depth model. When you make the switch from full depth to counter depth refrigerator, you lose an average of 4 cubic feet. A great way to make up for lost capacity is to get an undercounter refrigerator. Not only will you free up much needed capacity in your new refrigerator, but your guests will appreciate not having to dig behind your leftovers to access a drink. Undercounter refrigerators come in many sizes, shapes, and configurations. You can certainly find a compact refrigerator that best fits your needs and budget.

With kitchen sizes increasing and the trend of outdoor cooking spaces and fully-equipped home entertainment rooms, homeowners are realizing the value of adding extra refrigeration. If you’re considering purchasing your first compact refrigerator or replacing an existing unit, here are the top five undercounter refrigerators to consider.

True beverage center

1. True Residential Beverage Center TBC24RSGB (Pro Quality At Home)
You might recognize True from your local grocery store or favorite restaurant. True Refrigeration has been making high-quality commercial refrigerators for years. You might not be aware, but True also makes some amazing residential products. True undercounter refrigerators, beverage centers, and wine preservation appliances are some of the best. True Residential is one of the only brands with under counter refrigeration rated for either indoor or outdoor use. This refrigerator could be freestanding or built into cabinetry. True offers much flexibility and great quality.

Features you'll love:
TrueFlex® Shelving System

  • Allows convertibility to a refrigerator or a wine cabinet.

TruLumina® LED Lighting

  • Gently illuminates your product and allows you to choose from 14 different color options with the push of a button.

Stainless Steel Encapsulated Adjustable Glass Shelves

  • Two adjustable/removable stainless steel encapsulated glass shelves and two wine shelves will accommodate 13 bottles.
U-Line Wine Refrigerator

2. U-Line 3000 Series 36 Inch Built-In Wine Storage U3036WCWCINT00B (Panel Ready)
U-Line is an appliance brand that specializes in undercounter refrigeration and wine storage. U-Line makes a wide array of products at various prices so there is a solution for everyone. The U-Line 3000 series is very popular in the design community because the panel-ready appliances have completely hidden hinges. This wine refrigerator has two zones and a huge capacity.

Features you'll love:
Optimal Environment

  • This unit is equipped with an advanced convection cooling system, rapidly and efficiently taking items to your set temperature. With two independently controlled compartments you are able to preserve a variety of wines to perfection.

U-Select Control

  • This feature allows you to utilize 3 pre-programmed modes (Sparkling, White, Red Wine) to easily chill wines to the correct temperature.

Flexible Storage

  • Wine captain wine racks are designed to accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. The fourth and fifth racks of this unit allow for larger diameter wine and champagne bottles providing optimal storage flexibility for your collection.
Sub Zero refrigerator drawers

3. Sub Zero 30 Inch Integrated Double Drawer Refrigerator-Freezer Drawers (ID-30CI with icemaker)
For decades Sub Zero has been a leader in high-quality refrigeration. It's no surprise that Sub Zero also manufacturers high-quality undercounter refrigeration and wine storage. Drawers are tremendously popular right now for the versatility and easy access to produce and beverages. Sub Zero makes several sizes, however we love the 30'' combination refrigerator-freezer drawers. This particular model also comes with a factory installed icemaker. These drawers come ready to accept a custom cabinet or stainless steel panels.

Features you'll love:
Soft-Close Doors and Drawers

  • This feature, commonly found on high-end cabinetry, gives the Integrated refrigeration lineup a rich and sturdy feel.

Soft-On LED Lighting

  • Energy-efficient LEDs offer varying degrees of brightness, enabling you to customize preferences by controlling intensity levels.

Factory Installed Icemaker

  • Easy access to Sub Zero filtered ice, which is a huge convenience for your home entertainment area or smoothie station
Liebherr under counter refrigerator

4. Liebherr 24 Inch Undercounter Pull-Out Refrigerator (UPR513 Panel Ready)
Is it a refrigerator or a dishwasher? Hint, it's a refrigerator. This appliance is so cool! Liebherr is a German company that manufacturers eco-friendly integrated and undercounter refrigeration. This particular refrigerator caught our attention because it is so unique! The door pulls forward like a compactor and when paneled, it looks exactly like a dishwasher. It's pull-out shelves are great for easy access without having to bend down. This refrigerator is also great for ADA compliant spaces.

Features you'll love:
LiftUp Box

  • Items stored in the bottom bin are automatically raised upon door opening thanks to the LiftUp Box system, bringing your foods closer and easier within reach.


  • The fully extendable pull-out fridge compartment is mounted on telescopic rails with soft stop and self-closing. It has a practical bottle shelf and a removable fruit and vegetable drawer.


  • The automatic SuperCool function lowers the refrigerator temperature down as far as 35°F for as long as 12 hours - ideal for rapidly cooling freshly stored food.
Marvel under counter refrigerator

5. Marvel 24 Inch Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator ML24RAS1 (Stores up to 190 Cans)
Marvel is an appliance brand best known for undercounter refrigeration and wine storage. Marvel makes several options in a wide variety of sizes and prices. This undercounter refrigerator is a great value and a great way to give you that extra capacity you need.

Features you'll love:

  • Storage Capacity Up to 190 12-oz cans
  • Marvel Intuit Integrated Controls ensure precise temperature management from 34°F to 42°F
  • Cantilevered FreshFlo white commercial grade steel shelves are perforated to allow cool air to efficiently circulate throughout the cabinet

With so many features and price points available for undercounter refrigerators, these units are finding multiple uses in and out of the traditional kitchen space. Many homeowners add compact appliances as designated snack and beverage coolers, while others are adopting undercounter refrigeration for the garage, workplace, or home wet bar. So if you need the additional cold storage but want to opt for something smaller than a full-size refrigerator, an undercounter unit could be the ideal solution you are looking for.