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Top 5 Best Sub-Zero Refrigerators

The best Sub-Zero refrigerators available today represent a professional-grade class of appliances that are just at home in a suburban kitchen as they are in a pro-level prep space. Sub-Zero brought us the first built-in refrigerator in the 1950s, and they’ve maintained the lead over the competition in the luxury appliance segment for decades now. Our list of the finest Sub-Zero refrigerators on the market are custom-tailored for the discerning appliance shopper, and the inherent reliability, performance and outright luxury of the Sub-Zero name becomes quite evident when you browse these incredible models.


Why we love it

Designed from the ground up as a fully-integrated refrigerator/freezer, this particular model from Sub-Zero delivers plenty of usable interior space in a counter-depth design that melds wonderfully with any contemporary kitchen space. Both Star-K and ENERGY STAR-certified and Sabbath Mode-equipped, this performance-oriented refrigerator/freezer combination is as beautiful as it is accommodating.

Key features

* 19.7-cubic-foot total capacity and customizable interior storage solutions ensure maximum space utilization

* Internal filtered water dispenser and automatic ice maker eliminate the need to buy expensive and environmentally-unfriendly bottled water

* Dual refrigeration system for optimal temperature management

* NASA-inspired air purification system keeps food fresher, longer, and inhibits mold growth

* Built-in design allows this unit to virtually disappear into any kind of kitchen decor

The verdict

Those on the hunt for a sleek and luxurious built-in refrigerator/freezer combination don’t have to look far - as this model from Sub-Zero is a compelling option for anyone who values performance, durability and an artful yet tasteful design.

2. Sub-Zero BI36RORH

Why we love it

Some kitchens call for a custom built-in refrigerator, and this Sub-Zero model fulfills the needs of style-conscious shoppers who also desire the utmost in reliability and day-to-day performance. This 36” full refrigerator offers a massive 23.3 cubic feet of total capacity, which ensures plenty of room for an entire family’s groceries - with tons of room left over to accommodate holiday dinners or party foods. The customizable front panels can be fitted with the client’s choice of materials to suit the décor in the existing kitchen, or a variety of standard colors and finishes are available for simplicity. This large, feature-laden all-refrigerator is a top-tier solution for today’s custom kitchens.

Key features

* ENERGY STAR-rated for low-cost operation - only uses an average of $44.80 in electricity per year

* Counter-depth design to sit flush with standard kitchen cabinetry

* Spill-proof glass shelves, flexible interior storage shelves and bins, and a built-in air purification system ensure clean and odor-free performance at all times

* Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode for individuals observant of Sabbath requirements

* Legendary Sub-Zero attention to detail and warranty

The verdict

This built-in model is perfect for the homeowner who desires a large capacity full refrigerator that performs as well as it looks. The full-refrigerator design ensures plenty of space for all food items, and pairs wonderfully with Sub-Zero’s matching full-freezer appliances.

3. Sub-Zero BI36UIDSTH

Why we love it

Crafted with the same level of attention to detail as other leading Sub-Zero models today, this unique built-in option delivers plenty of interior space in a contemporary counter-depth design. The slim profile melds wonderfully into any modern kitchen, while the adjustable glass shelves and door bins, humidity-controlled crispers and deli drawer combine to create a truly usable interior space. Clients report unmatched reliability and amazing flexibility when integrating this model into a custom kitchen or commercial prep space.

Key features

* 21.7 cubic-foot capacity offers plenty of flexible interior space

* NASA-inspired air purification system keeps food fresher, longer and minimizes odors

* Internal water dispenser and water filtration system virtually eliminates the need to purchase expensive disposable water bottles

* Clean, contemporary exterior design complemented by subtle, non-glare LED lighting inside

* Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode for compliant use and modern-day convenience

The verdict

This 36” built-in bottom-freezer refrigerator offers the space, performance and luxurious good looks you’ve come to expect from Sub-Zero, but at a more modest price than you might expect. Custom kitchens are made that much more amazing with the addition of a Sub-Zero appliance!

4. Sub-Zero BI30UORH

Why we love it

This unique built-in unit from Sub-Zero delivers inspired design cues and the latest in technological features to maximize performance and functionality for discerning shoppers. Designed to integrate seamlessly into customized kitchens or commercial-grade food prep spaces, this model offers a bevy of features to improve the already sizeable value proposition.

Key features

* 17 cubic-foot-capacity makes the most of the trim 30” width, and adjustable interior bins and shelves maximize usable space

* NASA-inspired air purification system keeps food as fresh as possible and minimizes odors

* Front-panel is ready to accept client’s choice of customized coverings to meld with any kitchen décor choice

* Microprocessor control for consistent, reliable temperature management at all times

* Automatic ice maker and filtered water dispenser are located inside the unit for a clean look

* Dual refrigeration offers optimal cooling performance and customized control

The verdict

Boasting compact external dimensions yet plenty of interior space, this particular Sub-Zero bottom-freezer refrigerator is an elegant and performance-oriented choice for any custom kitchen or commercial space.

5. Sub-Zero IT30CIRH

Why we love it

Sub-Zero has the market cornered when it comes to style, and this highly-flexible 30” integrated model delivers on the looks department from all angles. It also performs like a champ, thanks to the large upper door opening and two handy lower drawers - each designed to maximize access to the contents within and make the most of the 15.6 cubic-foot total capacity. ENERGY STAR-rated for low-cost operation and blessed with a full suite of Sub-Zero-specific features, this model offers compact performance in an affordable package.

Key features

* Three adjustable Spill-proof glass shelves

* Door panel ready for a custom fit in any upmarket kitchen

* Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode to accommodate all buyers

* Water filtration and internal water dispenser and powerful ice maker offer convenience

* Traditional Sub-Zero attention to detail and style cues

The verdict

Compact metropolitan kitchens will instantly benefit from this refrigerator/freezer’s style and performance offerings. The compact overall dimensions belie the sizeable interior space, and the bevy of technological and convenience features equate to a serious value proposition for today’s sophisticated buyer.


Sub-Zero refrigerators and appliances are ideally suited to those in the market for a luxurious and reliable alternative to the mass-market brands available today. For more information on these incredible refrigerators, contact the appliance experts at AJ Madison today!