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Top 5 Best Smart Oven Ranges in 2021

A smart range is a stove that connects to your home wi-fi network. Whether you're designing a smart home equipped with all wi-fi enabled home appliances, or if you're looking to explore new cooking modes, a wi-fi connected stove will make cooking so much more enjoyable.

Benefits of a Smart Range
Smart ranges come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. A smart appliance leverages connectivity to enhance your user experience in a meaningful way. Smart ranges have 3 advantages:
  • Peace of Mind
    With remote monitoring your appliance can monitor itself, and send you push notifications when something is happening. Your smart range will tell you if the oven is preheated, or if you leave your house and your oven is still on.
  • Simplify an Existing Process
    Your smart range can help you save time, money, and stressful overthinking. In essence your smart cooking appliance will become your sous-chef providing guard rails against failure in the kitchen.

    With some smart ranges you can operate your oven from your smart device. If your hands are busy, simply ask your smart speaker to preheat your oven to a desired temperature.
  • Customization
    Your smart range can give you a custom user-experience. This is especially true with cooking appliances, you can search through hundreds of recipes catered to your dietary needs and preferences.

    Are you not sure about convection? Your connected range will then take out the guesswork and ensure that your new dishes are cooked to perfection.
What features should you look for when buying a new smart cooking range?
There are over one hundred wi-fi connected ranges on the market today. It was our goal to find a sampling across all price points. From double oven ranges, slide-in models, and ultra-luxury 60-inch dual fuel ranges, and everything in-between.

Wi-fi connected cooking ranges are great, but you and I both know that a good range needs to also be a reliable and functional appliance. Here are some great cooking attributes to look out for:
  • Having a powerful burner that can boil water quickly and sear steaks and veggies is a must. Most gas power burners are at least 18,000 BTU.
  • Having a range with 2 ovens is a great way to cook multiple dishes at the same time. Whether you're looking to buy a large 48-inch pro range, a 60-inch pro range, or a 30'' double oven range, you have a second oven cavity for extra capacity, or to keep food warm. Getting a range with two ovens is a great alternative to wall ovens.
  • Convection ovens have a convection fan in the back of the oven designed to circulate hot air for a very even temperature. Many electric ovens have true convection, or convection with an additional heating element behind the fan.
Top 5 Best Smart Ranges 2021

  • Key Features:

    Wi-Fi Connected
    • The Dacor iQ Kitchen app with integrated Wi-Fi features allows you to control and monitor your appliance remotely. There is also Seamless integration into the SmartThings connected platform.
    Guided Cooking with Chef Mode
    • Receive expert cooking advice straight from the 7" screen, which will guide you on determining the optimum rack setting, temperatures and timing.
    Auto Connected Hood
    • Activate and adjust the hood with Bluetooth and ConnectOn auto-responsive technology, which turns on the ventilation in conjunction with the cooktop, and increases the speed as necessary, with the use of a temperature sensor.
    Real Steam™
    • Enjoy healthier, faster cooking with the power of pure steam to deliver meats that are juicy on the inside, yet brown and crispy on the outside and artisan breads with a light, fluffy center and a flaky crust.

  • Key Features:

    Home Connect
    • The Bosch Home Connect App is a remote control, product manual, shopping assistant, and repair technician all in one. Simply download to your smart device to enjoy greater convenience across all your Bosch appliances.
    Hydraulic SoftClose
    • Prevent slamming for an ultra smooth closing.
    Patented Star® Burners
    • Thermador`s unique star shape delivers superior flame spread for even heating and a reduced cold spot.

  • Key Features:

    Smart Integration
    • Connect to WiFi for real-time notifications and control your appliance from anywhere on both iOS and Android devices.
    JennAir® Culinary Center
    • With step-by-step support, savor the full culinary experience backed by customized algorithms, featuring full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific tips.
    Dual-Fan True Convection
    • Steady heat, circulated by whirling metal blades, weaves around every flat tine. Beyond baking, wield your cooking prowess with the help of the culinary center through the app, from marbled meats to succulent roasts.

  • Key Features:

    21K Triple Ring Burner
    • Create an unforgettable dinner, using a 21K triple ring burner to do everything from searing scallops to simmering a lemon caper white wine sauce.
    Temperature Probe
    • Prepare foods to perfect doneness - Get roasts and meats just right with a temperature probe that lets you monitor progress without opening the oven door.
    WiFi Connect
    • Control your oven with your smart device or simply your voice using WiFi Connect.

  • Key Features:

    WiFi Connect
    • WiFi Connect appliances deliver real, everyday convenience for real, everyday moments. Stay informed about what your appliances are doing wherever you are.
    Dual Purpose Oval Burner
    • Works as a combined center and oval burner for the ultimate in cooking flexibility.
    Steam Clean
    • Effortlessly keep your oven spotless.