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Top 5 Best 24-Inch Ranges for Small Kitchens

In the United States, ranges or stoves are typically 30-inches wide. However, there is a growing selection of smaller size ranges. The average appliance size in Europe is actually 24-inches wide. If you’re designing a small kitchen, urban loft, in-law apartment, guest suite, or tiny house, consider a small space range.

There are all kinds of small space appliances available today so you will be able to find a great appliance package. Dishwasher drawers, small stackable washers and dryers, gas cooktops, induction cooktops, wall ovens, and vent hoods.

What are the different types of small space ranges?

  • Freestanding ranges are known for having the control panel on the back of the range behind the burners. Freestanding ranges are less expensive than front control ranges or professional-style ranges, however some consumers prefer them because the controls are out of reach of small children.

  • Front control ranges are similar to freestanding ranges except the controls are located on the front of the range. This style is considered more luxurious because you have more space behind your range for a decorative backsplash or island installation.

  • Professional style ranges are designed to look and perform like ranges you would find in a restaurant. They are built with higher quality materials, more durable cast iron grates, heavier oven racks, and more customization options.
Features to Look for in a Small Space Range
  • Quality and Reviews
    We get asked about reliability all the time. In this case, we judged reliability by our customers’ experiences with our products. Although it isn’t a perfect measure, we wanted to recommend products that worked well for our customers.
  • Design Options
    In a small space, every element counts, including your small-space range. If you can see your range from your living room, or bedroom, it’s important to have an appliance that is aesthetically attractive. Having a design friendly range or multiple color options is an important factor.
  • Convection Oven
    Convection is a fan forced heat that circulates air around the oven for even baking and browning. Most electric ranges and dual fuel ranges have true convection with a 3rd heating element behind the fan for extra even baking.
  • Power Burner
    The best small space ranges have at least one power burner to quickly boil water and sear meats and veggies.
  • Price, Rebates, and Promotions
    If you’re looking to add a range to your in-law apartment, rental unit, or starter condo you might not want to break the bank. We made sure to rank a few options that were both attractive, functional, and cost-effective.
Top 5 Best Small Space Ranges

  • Key Features:

    Color Options - Customization
    • Can be made in any RAL color, with 10 handle and bezel trim options.
    Infrared Broiler
    • Produces 1,850° of intense searing heat, enabling you to broil to perfection in just a matter of minutes.
    UltraNova Burners
    • The UltraNova burner provides 22,000 BTUs of cooking power, perfect for rapid boiling, high-heat searing, frying, or making a perfect saute.

  • Key Features:

    Infrared Broiler
    • The large burner produces intense, searing heat close to the burner while effecting gentler broiling.
    • Ideal for grilling and searing at high heat.
    19,000 BTUs Power Burner
    • With 4 burners feature a dual ring 19,000 BTU power-burner that boils water in under 6 minutes (best in class), and 3 additional burners of variable size and power to suit every style of cooking, with delicate simmer at 750 BTUs.
    Soft Motion Door
    • Specially designed and carefully balanced for easy opening and smooth closing with one hand.

  • Key Features:

    Gas Fan Convection
    • Includes a rear fan to distribute hot air throughout the oven for faster, more even baking.
    4 Sealed Burners
    • 4 Sealed burners with a BTU range of 5K - 15K give you the power to prepare any meal.
    Modular Backguard
    • Versatile design gives you the option of a traditional look, or flip down to create a slide-in appearance.

  • Key Features:

    Dishwasher-Safe Cast-Iron Grates
    • Wash these cast-iron grates right in the dishwasher when they get messy, thanks to a dishwasher-safe finish that makes them easy to clean.
    High-Powered Burner
    • Quickly sear and boil with a high-powered burner when you need to serve up dinner fast.
    AccuSimmer® Burner
    • Easily maintain low, even heat when cooking sauces and soups with the AccuSimmer® burner, which reduces power for better control at lower temperatures.

  • Key Features:

    Compact Design for Smaller Kitchen Spaces
    • This 24" gas range is compact in design, but not in capacity - oven can easily fit a 10 lb. turkey.
    Continuous Cooktop Grates
    • Continuous grates make it easy to move heavy pots and pans between burners without lifting.
    Storage Drawer
    • Convenient storage drawer offers extra space to store your cookware.