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Top 5 Best Miele Refrigerators

Miele refrigerators represent the pinnacle of style and performance, and they offer a bevy of incredible features and design cues that position them at the top of the professional home appliance field. Our list of the Top 5 Miele refrigerators contains some of the most exciting fridges available today, and each offers a unique set of convenience features that can create real value for the discerning appliance shopper.

1. Miele MasterCool Series KF1903SF

Why we love it

This exquisite refrigerator from Miele offers true commercial-grade performance and upmarket good looks to match. From the revolutionary RemoteVision system to the ClearView lighting scheme, there is so much to love with this refrigerator - budding culinary enthusiasts will certainly look forward to meal prep each night thanks to the elegant yet purpose-built design.

Key features

* Bottom freezer design maximizes natural thermal cycles, with the RapidCool Loading feature minimizing heat intrusion during daily use

* RemoteVision capability delivers round-the-clock, offsite monitoring of the interior temperature of the refrigerator

* Filtered ice maker ensures clean, great-tasting drinks

* CleanTouch Steel materials minimizes fingerprints and smudges between cleanings

* 18 cubic-foot capacity is ideal for contemporary kitchens, lofts and prep area

The verdict

This unique model from Miele is as intelligently designed as it is ruggedly reliable. Miele is truly the gold standard by which other appliances are judged, and this option from their MasterCool collection is in a class by itself.

2. Miele MasterCool Series K1903VI

Why we love it

Those looking for an all-refrigerator option for an upmarket kitchen or prep area are in luck - this model from legendary appliance maker Miele offers nearly 19 cubic-feet of dedicated refrigerator space, all managed through SuperCool and RapidCool technologies and monitored via Miele’s revolutionary RemoteVision system.

Key features

* 36” size and all-refrigerator design maximizes food storage options and makes loading simple

* Stability hinge supports even the heaviest of loads and promotes smooth operation at all times

* ENERGY STAR rating delivers low-cost performance for years to come - averaging only $38.59/year!

* RemoteVision capability connects this refrigerator to Miele’s proprietary monitoring center, where it will be monitored 24 hours a day for peak performance

* SmartFresh storage drawers keep food fresher, longer

The verdict

This is certainly a unique model that has found its place within upscale kitchens across the globe, and it delivers on its promise of peak performance, stunning good looks and long-term reliability - all hallmarks of the Miele name.

3. Miele PerfectCool Series KFNF9955IDE

Why we love it

This customizable 4-Door French-Door refrigerator from Miele is a leading model in the appliance maker’s PerfectCool Series of pro-grade refrigerators. It is designed to accept the client’s choice of custom panels, which enables the fridge to integrate seamlessly with any modern kitchen design. Plus, this particular model delivers plenty of flexible interior space, thoughtful touches like soft-close doors and a Sabbath mode, and PerfectFresh Cooling technology to ensure optimum fresh food management at all times.

Key features

* 18.9-cubic-foot capacity accommodates the food storage needs of most growing families

* Spill-proof glass shelves, gallon door storage, double freezer drawers, and fully adjustable interior racks ensure maximum space utilization

* ENERGY STAR rated for minimal energy consumption and low cost operation

* Panel-ready design easily accepts custom-built panels to match cabinets or kitchen décor

The verdict

This customizable refrigerator from Miele is a flexible and reliable refrigerator/freezer option that can act as the focal point for any custom kitchen. Elegant design cues and handy everyday features deliver real value for the discerning shopper.

4. Miele MasterCool Series K1903SF

Why we love it

Miele truly knows a thing or two about luxury appliances. Their all-refrigerator columns are a real thing of beauty, and offer a host of unique features and convenience touches that make food management a pleasure. From the RemoteVision System capability to the RapidCool thermal management technology, this unique Miele all-refrigerator system is unparalleled on the market today.

Key features

* Four rugged, spill-proof glass shelves are stout and keep messes to a minimum

* SuperCool and RapidCool functionality creates the ideal environment to promote food freshness

* ClearView lighting system maximizes visibility inside with soothing LED lighting accents

* Stability-hinge offers commercial-grade strength and imparts a well-engineered feel to the main door

* All-refrigerator section holds nearly 19-cubic-feet of fresh produce and food/beverage items

The verdict

Miele is an upscale option for those who demand the absolute finest in home appliances, and this particular model in their artfully-designed MasterCool Series of refrigerators represents an enticing option for culinary enthusiasts everywhere.

5. Miele MasterCool Series KF1913VI

Why we love it

This sophisticated and elegant model in Miele’s incomparable line of MasterCool refrigerators is designed for the upmarket entertainer who demands the utmost in performance, reliability and style. The 36” overall width ensures plenty of interior space, even considering the counter-depth design that is sized to sit flush with contemporary kitchen cabinetry. For the culinary enthusiast who appreciates Miele’s artful approach to design excellence, there are few other options on the market today.

Key features

* 18-cubic-foot total capacity ensures plenty of space for food and beverage items

* ENERGY STAR rating ensures low cost of ownership and economical performance

* CleanTouch steel surface keeps the elegant front panels looking great between cleanings

* ClearView LED lighting is soft and soothing and uses almost no electricity

* RemoteVision capability connects each individual refrigerator to Miele’s proprietary monitoring center to ensure optimal performance and reliability at all times

The verdict

True design enthusiasts are well-versed in the full line of Miele appliances, and this particular model from Miele’s MasterCool Series represents the ultimate blend of style and performance. The modest exterior dimensions belie the generous interior capacity - a boon for those with a growing household.


Miele appliances will never be considered entry-level… rather, they are crafted for those who appreciate fine details, over-engineered performance, and design cues that border on artistic. For more information about Miele’s full line of appliances, including these incredible refrigerator models, contact AJ Madison today!