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Top 5 Best Miele Dishwashers

When deciding to update your kitchen with a new dishwasher, you’re probably searching for a brand that delivers superior dependability. Miele, a family-owned and operated company since 1899, produces some of the most reliable, well-built dishwashers in the industry. With an array of innovative features, Miele provides thoughtfully designed dishwashers with tested durability. So if you’re looking for an appliance that will outlast the competition, these top-performing Miele dishwashers deliver.

  1. Miele Classic Plus G4998SCVISF

This extra-efficient model is ENERGY STAR® rated, saving water and electricity, as well as money on your utility bill. Using the Short option, you can wash up to 30% faster, saving you a ton of time in the kitchen. Part of what makes this such an efficient model is the CleanAir drying system. Warm, moist air inside the dishwasher condensates on the stainless steel inner wall (which is kept cool by the interior vents that draw air in from the outside) and then drains through the bottom.

This model’s additional third rack accommodates smaller items and utensils with its fixed row of spikes. With a sound rating of 46 dBA, it ensures super-quiet operation.

Additional Features

•ComfortClose Door

•Five wash cycles

•AutoSensor technology

•Delay Start

•Double waterproof system

2. Miele G4228SCU

At 24-inches, this full console dishwasher has a spacious 16 place setting capacity. The digital control panel displays wash programs and options, menu settings, and start time. Five wash programs include normal, economy, pots & pans, rinse & hold, and SaniWash settings.

Miele’s AutoSensor measures dirt particles and adjusts the cycle time and water usage accordingly. In the event that a water leak or blockage is detected, the Double WaterProof System shuts off the water supply immediately. This model also comes equipped with a height-adjustable upper basket.

Additional Features

•Comfort Basket

•Active Condensation Drying


•Clean Air Drying

•Silence Rating of 46 dBA

3. Miele Futura Classic Plus Series G4993SCVI

This built-in dishwasher will give your kitchen a streamlined look with its fully integrated control console. The fact that this unit comes panel-ready allows it to be matched to your existing cabinetry with a custom panel.

For the most hygienic drying process, the Clean-Air Drying System draws in room-temperature air from a port at the bottom. This advanced drying system ensures that no external air is introduced for the duration of the wash cycle.

With Miele’s exclusive ComfortClose, the dishwasher door is easy to open and close. The door conveniently remains open in the position of your choice as well.

Additional Features:

•31-Minute Wash and Dry Program

•AutoSensor Technology

•Double Waterproof System

•16 Place Setting Capacity

•Silence Rating of 46 dBA

4. Miele G7366SCVISF Smart Dishwasher

Available in both panel-ready and stainless steel designs, this stylish, fully integrated dishwasher is equipped with a long list of impressive features.

Six wash programs include a China & Crystal cycle, providing gentle attention for your most fragile dishes. The QuickIntenseWash cycle is designed to achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results, all in less than an hour. For hygienically cleaning items like baby bottles and cutting boards, the SaniWash program leaves dishes bacteria free. Additionally, an integrated water softener optimizes the hardness of water for sparkling, spot-free dishes.

Equipped with three alternating spray arms, precise water distribution provides perfect cleaning results. The patented 3D+ Cutlery Tray delivers ideal cutlery care. Outfitted with a hinged row of spikes, the center section of the cutlery tray allows for extra space and organization for various utensils.

Additional Features:

•AutoSensor Technology

•AutoOpen Drying

•ComfortClose Door

•Silence Rating of 45 dBA

•16 Place Setting Capacity


•Intelligent Water Regulation

5. Miele Diamond EcoFlex G6987SCVIK2O

For outstanding performance, this fully integrated unit is ENERGY STAR® rated and comes panel-ready, so it can be customized to the design of your kitchen. In addition to being energy efficient, the EcoTech Heat Storage saves power by storing leftover heat from previous cycles and using it to preheat water for the next cycle.

Its design boasts some remarkable features that make this dishwasher stand out. Miele’s Knock2open automatically opens the dishwasher door when the front of the unit is tapped twice. BrilliantLight bathes the entire interior of the dishwasher in LED light, creating optimal lighting for loading and unloading.

What makes this model truly convenient is the Miele@Mobile app. This app enables users to check up on current cycles, get EcoFeedback information, and even select cycles and options.

Additional Features:

•3D+ Cutlery Tray


•12 Wash Cycles

•Water Softener

•Silence Rating of 42 dBA

•16 Place Settings

•Double WaterProof System