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Top 5 Best LG Refrigerators

The best LG refrigerators available today artfully combine stunning exterior design cues with truly useful features and an industry-leading warranty. From counter-depth models that integrate seamlessly with contemporary cabinets to massive French-door designs that can accommodate the food storage needs of even the largest of families, LG offers a dizzying array of top-performing refrigerators.

1. LG LFC21776ST

Why we love it

This stunning refrigerator from LG offers a generous 20.9 cubic-foot capacity, yet is designed to fit flush with modern kitchen cabinetry for a built-in look. The Linear Compressor offers economical and incredibly durable performance, while the LoDecibel technology and DuraBase features ensure quiet and reliable performance - year after year. If you’re looking for an affordable yet feature-laden, counter-depth French Door refrigerator - take a close look at this LG.

Key features

* SmartDiagnosis system ensures this fridge is always operating at peak efficiency

* Multi-Air Flow configuration keeps temperatures constant - even after loading the refrigerator

* LoDecibel rating ensures quiet operation, even while the compressor is running

* ENERGY STAR certified for economical performance

* Handy French Door design maximizes interior space and is easy to live with

The verdict

Value-conscious shoppers with an eye for design will love this counter-depth model from LG. The sleek exterior design and flexible interior space combine to create an unbeatable value in a reliable and durable fridge.

2. LG LFXC24726S

Why we love it

Everything about this contemporary refrigerator from LG screams intelligence. From the SpacePlus Ice system that is slim yet delivers maximum ice production, to the Smart Pull Handle that offers an ergonomic and natural method of opening and closing the freezer drawer, this fridge is simply better. And, it offers serious interior space - considering it is a trim counter-depth design!

Key features

* Linear Compressor with 10-year warranty!

* Smart Cooling system that intelligently monitors and maintains temps and humidity conditions to keep food fresher

* Slim SpacePlus Ice system eliminates the need for a bulky ice maker

* Massive 24-cubic-foot capacity lets you stock up on all your family favorites

* Tall Ice & Water Dispenser makes filling water bottles a breeze

The verdict

This artfully-crafted counter-depth fridge is ideally designed for those who appreciate stunning design features, real usable space and utility, and a contemporary footprint that fits wonderfully against standard kitchen cabinets.

3. LG LBN10551PS

Why we love it

Compact kitchens and prep areas typically demand a smaller refrigerator, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the features and performance afforded by a full-size fridge. Instead, consider this LG 24” counter-depth model if style, performance and value are important to you when crafting your compact kitchen arrangement.

Key features

* 24” width fits nicely in compact kitchens, and the counter-depth design ensures a sophisticated and built-in look in modern prep areas

* Spill-protector glass shelves are rugged and keep contents secure with ease

* LED panels deliver soft, luxurious interior lighting while conserving energy

* Multi-Air Flow configuration keeps food items at ideal temperature and humidity levels

* Minimalist exterior design is sleek and refined - perfect for a trendy apartment, loft or small home

The verdict

Whether you order this particular model in Smooth White or Platinum Silver, you’ll enjoy the feature-rich design and stunning exterior every time you reach for snack or beverage. This LG refrigerator proves that you don’t have to sacrifice performance when opting for a compact fridge.

4. LG Diamond Collection LMXS30776S

Why we love it

This exquisite refrigerator from LG’s Diamond Collection delivers on-trend style cues and a bevy of thoughtful features that make this fridge a sought-after addition to any modern kitchen. The 4-Door, French-Door design maximizes interior space and offers flexible food and beverage management, while the convertible top drawer, tall water dispenser, and slim ice maker add serious value to this market-leading model.

Key features

* Massive 29.7 cubic-foot capacity is ideal for larger families or aspiring culinary masters

* Fingerprint resistant finish keeps this model looking amazing between cleanings

* External ice and water dispenser, and Door-in-Door design for flexibility

* Gallon Door Storage and Spill-Protected Glass Shelving keep contents secure and organized

* Artisan-inspired exterior design looks incredible in contemporary kitchens and prep areas

* ENERGY STAR rated for ultimate economy and efficiency

The verdict

Whether you’re looking to accommodate the needs of your growing family or you simply demand the absolute finest in performance from a large-capacity refrigerator, this LG model is in a class of its own.

5. LG LBN10551SW

Why we love it

Shopping for most slim refrigerators often forces you to accept lower feature content and a less-than-stylish exterior. LG, on the other hand, packs its 24”-wide models with many of the same tech features and design cues as its larger variants - and that equates to serious value and performance in a slightly smaller package. We love this particular model because it looks sleek and contemporary, and delivers plenty of flexible storage with a compact footprint.

Key features  

* Pocket handles keeps overall dimensions compact and creates a minimalist look

* Multi-Air Flow System ensures the freshest food and consistent performance

* LED panels bathe the interior in soft light and use almost no energy when in use

* Spill-proof glass shelves and four freezer drawers deliver flexible interior storage and easy cleanup

 The verdict

There are few manufacturers on the market today that know how to create a compact fridge that performs just as admirably as a full-size model. LG has captured the attention of those who desire real performance in a 24”-wide fridge with the LBN10551SW.

LG refrigerators are uncommonly attractive, and designed to deliver lasting performance year after year. Innovative features, a class-leading warranty, and energy-efficient operation are hallmark attributes of LG’s full line of kitchen appliances.