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Top 5 Best Induction Cooktops 2021

There are three kinds of cooking appliances out there, gas, radiant electric, and induction. Induction cooking is the newest technology. Like with most electric cooktops, induction cooktops have a smooth glass surface.

Induction is the best cooking technology on the market. Induction cooktops use a magnet to excite the molecules in your pan. The vibration of these molecules creates instant heat.

Benefits of Induction Cooking
  • Speed
    Induction is the fastest cooking technology out there. If you want to reduce cooking times, induction is definitely the best way to go. Induction cooktops can boil water faster than professional gas cooktops and ranges.

    Induction cooktops are the easiest cooking surface control. The heating elements respond instantly helping you avoid burning, overcooking, and boiling over.
  • Safety
    Induction cooktops are very safe. Since induction cooktops require pan detection to work, it's impossible to accidentally turn on an induction cooktop.

    Induction cooktops will automatically adjust to your pan size. Although the glass under your pan can get hot, the area around the pan is cool to the touch. After you're done cooking, induction cooktops cool off relatively quickly.
  • Easy Cleaning
    Glass top cooktops are relatively easy to keep clean. Induction cooktops get less hot than regular radiant electric cooktops. This means that food splatter, and spillover is less likely to affect the appearance of your cooktop over time. Your induction cooktop will look brand new for years to come.
  • Efficiency
    Induction cooktops are more efficient than regular electric or gas cooktops. This means that your food will cook quicker and will release less residual heat into your kitchen. This means in most cases you can get away with a lower CFM vent hood. Induction is a great high-end alternative to gas if you're encountering costly make-up air restrictions.
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