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Top 5 Best GE Dishwashers

The best GE dishwashers do more than simply scrub your dishes - they ensure you and your family enjoy absolutely spotless and sanitary dishware, cooking utensils and other household items… all with a minimum of fuss. Top-performing dishwashers should be quiet, reliable and offer enough flexibility to match your family’s unique needs. And one manufacturer that delivers a stellar reputation for these important attributes is General Electric, or GE.

  1. GE Café Series CDT835SSJSS

Why we love it

This perennial favorite from GE offers numerous features that are designed to get your dishes as clean as possible, while using very little energy in the process. Interior rack adjustability is a key benefit, too - which comes in handy if you like to throw large cookie sheets, big mixing bowls, and other unwieldy items in the washer.

Key features

* 140 individual cleaning jets delivers an advanced wash system that removes even stubborn, caked-on food

* 25-jet lower wash arm with reverse-angle arms to ensure total coverage of all lower-rack items

* Side jets hydrate both racks for superior cleaning power

* Integrated LCD panel for ease of use and contemporary good looks

* Upper racks can be moved up or down by up to 2” using the easy-touch mechanism

* Bottle jets are built-in to deliver specifically targeted cleaning to up to four reusable drinking bottles placed on the top rack

* Energy Star qualified for low cost operation and rated at just 45dB when in use!

The verdict

If an integrated look, superior cleaning ability, and near-silent operation are important to you, the GE CDT835SSJSS is a clear winner.


Why we love it

This fully integrated dishwasher from GE offers superior feature content at a budget-friendly price point. The attractive stainless steel finish doesn’t end at the exterior. Rather, the interior is fully lined by durable and luxurious stainless, too! Four unique wash cycles, a massive 16-place interior capacity, and an integrated food disposer make this popular GE dishwasher a real bargain.

Key features

* Stainless steel interior for superior durability and stain-resistance

* 3 rd rack for total interior space optimization

* Adjustable upper rack to accommodate a wide range of unique washable items

* Built-in Piranha Food Disposer to ensure optimized cleaning of even caked-on food items

* Thick insulation that delivers a sound rating of 45dB - impressively quiet!

* Top controls with tactile electronic buttons for ease of use

* Energy Star rated for low-cost operation and an environmentally friendly design

The verdict

It is hard to find a feature-packed, full stainless steel dishwasher that delivers such an array of performance add-ons at such a low price. This GE is a standout in a crowded field.

3. GE Profile PDT845SSJSS

Why we love it

The Profile Series from GE represents a contemporary, rugged and infinitely superior dishwasher when compared to virtually any other option on the market today, and the PDT845SSJSS in particular is well-suited to those working in high-end kitchens and prep areas where functionality is important, but so is the price. Nearly-silent in operation and uncommonly attractive, this particular GE Profile model is a top-tier option that has just about every useful feature GE offers across their full spectrum of dishwashers.

Key features

* Piranha Hard Food Disposer ensures maximum cleaning ability and easy removal of hard, caked-on food items

* Unbelievably low 42dB sound rating allows you to run a load of dishes any time of the day, without worrying about noise in the background

* Quad Blade Wash Arms ensure total water coverage throughout the cavernous interior

* 16-place setting capacity so you’ll do fewer loads of dishes each week

* Bottle jets and deep cleaning jets combine with a Rinse-Aid dispenser to deliver sparkling dishes, glasses and silverware

* ENERGY STAR rating for low cost operation

The verdict

If you’re in the market for a super-quiet, feature packed washer that looks right at home in a custom kitchen, this Profile model is certainly worth a close look.


Why we love it

This popular model from GE delivers plenty of feature content considering the average price, and still maintains an ENERGY STAR rating and an accessible price point that allows most consumers to access GE quality without breaking their budget. The tall-tub design is flexible and accommodating, while the QuietPower GE motor is renowned for its durability and low noise signature. Those looking for a terrific value in a mid-level machine should take a serious look at this model.

Key features

* Fully integrated design looks incredible

* ADA-compliant configuration and tall-tub design delivers flexible utility

* 7 wash cycles for total control, with 12-place setting capacity to minimize the number of times you have to run dishes each week

* NSF certified sanitize cycle ensures you and your family eat on spotless dishes night after night

* ENERGY STAR rating for low cost operation

The verdict

If stunning good looks, quiet operation, a flexible interior, and a premium look without the premium price tag sound appealing to you, this model is a clear winner.

5. GE Profile PDT855SSJSS

Why we love it

There are few models on the market today that so adeptly deliver on the promise of library-like sound levels combined with hyper-efficient cleaning performance like this GE Profile. The 40dB sound rating is made possible through a combination of a clever design, the addition of high-performance sound deadening materials, and the use of superior-quality motors, pumps and jets. And, you can control it all without getting off the couch - thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi Connect system! This GE model offers a deep clean and virtually zero noise in an attractive and affordable package.

Key features

* 40dB sound rating for an uncommonly exceptional experience

* Fully-integrated design looks impeccable in a finely-crafted kitchen

* 16 place setting capacity maximizes each load of dishes

* Quad Blade wash arm, silverware jets, bottle jets and side jets combine to thoroughly wash each load with ease

* Wi-Fi Connect system allows you to monitor the performance and check the status of your dishwasher from your mobile device

The verdict

This advanced model from GE is unparalleled in its price range, and offers useful features - like the Advanced Wash System, 3 rd rack, and Wi-Fi Connect, with elegant design cues that allow it to integrate gracefully with any contemporary kitchen. A near-silent machine, this Profile model from GE is user-friendly and a top performer.

GE offers a variety of dishwashers from which to choose, but the five above represent superior options for those who appreciate elegant design, robust performance, and a surprisingly affordable price point. For more information on the full line of available GE dishwashers, contact Your Appliance Authority AJMadison today!