Top 5 Best Electrolux Refrigerators in 2017

For more than a century, Electrolux has stood apart as a uniquely American brand that crafts durable, efficient and innovative appliances for home and commercial use. Though not originally designed to compete directly with the likes of luxury brands like Viking or Dacor, Electrolux now offers several models that play in the luxury appliance space – and numerous options for the value-conscious shopper. If you’re ready to replace your existing refrigerator with a new, more efficient model from Electrolux, you’ll want to pay close attention the following five options.

These are the Top 5 Best Electrolux Refrigerators in 2017

This full refrigerator makes a stunning addition to any custom kitchen. Measuring a full 32” wide and boasting a massive 18.6 cubic-foot refrigerator section, the full refrigerator concept lends itself well to those who like to entertain or cook elaborate meals. This model is also the ideal companion piece to Electrolux’s own full-freezer model, creating a massive 37.2 cubic-foot food storage system that would look right at home in a celebrity chef’s kitchen. Luxury-Glide drawers with customizable dividers and mini baskets make food organization a breeze, while the PureAdvantage air filter keeps the interior fresh and crisp at all times. LED lighting is efficient and soothing, and a Sabbath mode and Star-K certification ensure ease of use for all lucky owners. If you’re looking for a large-foot print refrigerator-only model that looks like it costs about five times as much as it really does – you’ve found it!

This all-refrigerator model from renowned maker Electrolux delivers 18.6 cubic-feet of storage capacity and a bevy of features that make ownership a joy. From the custom-fit capacity that offers more space inside to store anything you need – including large platters, to the smooth glide-crisper drawers and customizable glass shelves, everything about this ICON model screams luxurious performance. A PureAdvantage air filter keeps things clean and minimizes odors, while the cantilevered shelves make it easy to see everything in the inside of each unit. If you’re in the market for a top-performing all-fridge model and price is a serious consideration, you absolutely must take a look at this entrant in the ICON series!

Counter-depth in profile for a sleek, built-in look and outfitted with virtually all of Electrolux’ latest innovationss, this model in the Wave-Touch Series offers robust performance at a reasonable price. The 36”-wide footprint fits standard kitchens, while the counter-depth design sits flush with contemporary cabinetry. A standard ice-maker and water dispenser work in harmony with Electrolux’s proprietary PureAdvantage air filtration and 3M water filtration units to deliver pure, crisp water and ice and an odor-free interior space at all times. Luxury drawer glides combine with stout and spacious glass shelves to maximize the interior volume, while full-extension freezer baskets make accessing frozen foods a breeze. This refrigerator is ideally suited to large families and growing broods, alike – and will look amazing in any modern kitchen.

This counter-depth model from Electrolux provides more than 22 cubic-feet of interior space in a compact overall design that sits beautifully flush with contemporary cabinetry. Sleek and elegant stainless steel on the outside hides the wonderfully adjustable interior, where you’ll find innovative features like Adjustable Humidity Crisper Drawers, Self-Closing doors, a Cool-Zone drawer that keeps beverages and snacks handy and at the ideal temperature, and luxury-designed lighting that is not only functional and efficient, but also beautiful to behold. Full-extension freezer baskets provide easy access to the bottom freezer, while the French-Door design is the most convenient fridge/freezer configuration on the market today. Finally, the IQ-Touch controls are easy to use and highly visible. Ready to update your kitchen with an affordable yet luxurious model from Electrolux’s IQ-Touch Series? This is the answer you’ve been looking for!

22 total cubic-feet of interior storage space and a wide range of luxury-minded convenience and performance features work in harmony to create the IQ-Touch Series – a wildly popular luxury model from Electrolux that looks like it costs double what it really does. Featuring a counter-depth profile for a sleek, built-in look, standard ice maker and water dispenser, and digital temperature controls for easy management of interior temps, this model is as purpose-built as it is sophisticated. Designer LED lights look soft and elegant, yet deliver superior illumination, lifespan and efficiency when compared to old-style lighting. A series of interior air and water filters keep ice and water pure and crisp, while minimizing food odors in the process. Finally, the IQ-Touch controls are elegant and handy, allowing for easy management of all freezer and refrigerator processes with the light touch of a button. This model looks amazing in custom kitchens and family homes, alike – and the price is unbelievably low when you consider the feature content!

50 million consumers per years can’t be wrong – Electrolux is a household name in appliances and home goods and their refrigerators are simply amazing to behold. If you are ready to outfit your kitchen with a new Electrolux fridge today, contact the appliance experts at AJ Madison right away!