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5 Best Home and Kitchen Appliances of CES 2020


January is the Month of Appliance Innovation

Early January is my favorite time of year for the home appliance industry. It’s a time where manufacturers debut the latest products and innovations. This week at the mega tech show, CES in Las Vegas, technology companies across all industries showcased their latest products. Take a look at our home appliance favorites.
A 2020 CES Innovation Award recipient, LG’s latest washing machine uses artificial intelligence to deliver the best cleaning results. LG is also leveraging AI to identify issues with the appliance installation or maintenance delivering Proactive Customer Care.

Fun Features:
  • TurboWash™ 360 delivers superior cleaning technology to clean large loads in under 30 minutes
  • 3D Multi Spray uses water jets positioned in five different directions simultaneously to quickly break down tough stains
  • LG TWINWash™ saves time with two washers in one space. Wash small loads in the LG SideKick pedestal washer below while tackling larger loads up top
2. Samsung Gardening Appliance
Introducing the indoor greenhouse appliance. With the rise or urban living, and for those of us who reside in colder climates, growing your own produce can be a challenge. The Samsung Gardening Appliance controls light, temperature, and water, essentially making gardening super easy and fun.

Fun Features:
  • Grow up to 12 plants on each shelf. The unit at CES had four shelves.
  • Mix and match shelves to accommodate various plant heights.
  • Plant nutrient dispenser ensures plant health and best results.
  • Water level indicator lets you know when it’s time to refill the reservoir.
This refrigerator sports some of the appliance industry’s latest innovations in refrigeration. The InstaView refrigerator makes late-night snacking easy. Simply knock on the tinted window and the interior of the refrigerator will illuminate. This year, LG introduced refrigerators with craft ice. Whether you’re looking to cool your water without adding a funky flavor, or appreciate a quality whiskey on the rocks, this refrigerator will deliver.

Fun Features:
  • SmartThinQ® Technology Wi-Fi Connectivity allows you to remotely access key features directly from the app or through voice commands from Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Door-in-Door® Allows you to get in and get out providing easy access to beverages and snacks without opening the inner door
  • Multi-Air Flow™ System In conjunction with the Smart Cooling, Air Flow utilizes the temperature sensors to maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels to ensure food stays fresher for longer.
4. GE Kitchen Hub - All-in-one Media Center, 1.9 cubic ft. Microwave, and Ventilation System
Last year GE released the kitchen hub, a multi-functional appliance bringing smart technology and media into the kitchen. GE Hub serves as a fun solution for every member of the family. The new Hub with the microwave isn’t available yet, but you can shop the current version here.

Fun Features:
  • Two cameras, one front-facing and one downward facing. Whether you want to become the next internet cooking star or chat with friends across the country, you can use the GE hub to communicate or film your cooking skills.
  • Streaming music or media to keep you busy while you cook.
  • App integrations to give you step-by-step cooking instructions.
  • 1.9 cubic ft. microwave
  • Vent system to remove cooking odor and smoke
5. LG Indoor Gardening Appliance
Like Samsung, I’m not surprised that LG also released an indoor growing appliance. We could see the LG growing appliance installed seamlessly side-by-side with LG refrigerator/freezer columns, but there is no dual-install specs out there yet. Essentially, it allows you to grow herbs, leutice, and other greens year-round.

Fun Features:
  • Holds up to 24 pre-packaged seeds in a temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Seeds come with fertilizer and peat moss for optimal growing.
  • Seed packages sit on trays for easy cleaning.
  • EAch tray is fed water through an irrigation system designed to prevent algae growth
  • LED interior lighting provides optimal light for plant growth
Haier debuted its smart home solution for the international markets. With the increase of innovation in Haier brand appliances (including GE and Fisher & Paykel) we are excited to see what smart home solutions spill over into the American market.