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Top 3 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

As much as we love our pets, the mess they leave behind can be a hassle. While you may brush your pets often, shedding is natural. Keep your home looking its best with a specialized pet vacuum cleaner. Vacuums are a long time investment so it’s important that you purchase one that meets your lifestyle needs. Most traditional vacuums can’t stand up against pet hair. You might end up pushing fur deeper into your carpet or tangling it around the vacuum’s brush head. Pet vacuums are designed to effectively tackle stubborn pet hair. These vacuums have enhanced suction, tailored tools and accessories, as well as high-performing filtration systems.

Check out the best vacuums for pet hair so your home always looks spotless.

Miele Complete C3 Series

Miele is committed to creating excellent appliances for the home and their vacuums are no exception. This canister vacuum cleaner excels at cleaning pet fur thanks to its Vortex Motor that offers 1,200 watts of power. You can use this vacuum anywhere in your home as the Electro Plus Brush offers five level height adjustment, meaning that it can clean all types of pile carpeting and hardwood floors.

The vacuum cleaner’s Parquet Twister Floor Brush rotates 180 degrees making maneuvering around furniture and tight spaces a breeze. Enjoy the HEPA AirClean Filter which captures 99.95% of allergy causing particles. This cleaner comes with serval accessories including a crevice nozzle, upholstery tool and dusting brush, all of which can be stored in the vacuum’s lid. Deeply rooted pet hair, dander and other messes don’t stand a chance.

Dyson Cinetic Series

Cleaning has never been easier than with Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball upright vacuum cleaner. This innovative vacuum features Ball technology, allowing you to maneuver the cleaner with ease. Rather than being limited by fixed wheels that can’t turn corners well, the ball can turn on the spot for full and accurate steering control.

This vacuum was truly designed for pet owners as it comes with tons of amazing accessories to help you best remove dust, dirt, pet hair, and allergens. The Tangle-free Turbine tool has two brush heads positioned so they can reach the front and sides of the tool, drawing in pet hair from all sides. Since this tool doesn’t have a brush bar for pet hair to get trapped in, you’ll never have to clean out tangles. The vacuum contains whole-machine HEPA filtration, effectively trapping allergens and other microscopic particles, letting you breathe easier.

There are plenty of other features and accessories that come with this vacuum that you’ll enjoy. The vacuum’s self-adjusting cleaner head works to seal in suction across carpets and hardwood floors. Stiff nylon bristles dive deeply into carpets to remove ground-in messes. The mattress tool cleans mattresses and upholstery, perfect for homes who let their pets onto the furniture. The carbon filter soft dusting brush contains ultra-fine carbon fiber filaments to improve the pick-up of fine dust.


Vapamore created the first wet / dry steam vacuum and steam cleaner that you can take with you anywhere. This unique hybrid offers the convenience of spot cleaning and high temperature steam in one handheld unit. Not only can you remove dirt, grease and grime stains, but you’ll be able to kill germs, dust mites, mold and mildew.

This portable vacuum cleaner is a must for any cat or dog owner, especially if you bring your pets into the car. The cleaner’s lightweight and portable design makes cleaning pet hair and other messes easy. Instantly clean and sanitize spills with high temperature steam instead of harsh chemicals.

If your pet has an accident, cleanup is hassle free. Use the vacuum to extract spills through the vacuum mode. Then sanitize the area with the wet or dry steam, you can also use the nylon brush attachment to help loosen the spill. Use the vacuum mode once more on the stained area until the stain has been lifted. Never have accidents been less stressful.