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Top 3 Best Coffee Systems

Bring the coffee shop home with barista-quality beverages brewed to your specifications with a home coffee system. Built-in and freestanding coffee systems enhance the quality you would receive from a drip coffee maker with the ability to brew specialty beverages like espressos and cappuccinos. These are three top-quality home coffee systems that will impress even the most discerning coffee drinkers.

These are the top 3 best coffee systems:

1. Miele PureLine M-Touch Series CVA6805

This built-in Miele whole bean coffee system takes brewed beverages to the next level. Whether you desire a regular cup of black coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latté, this machine delivers all that and does so with style. Four different clean touch steel finishes are available to create a unified look with your other household appliances.

Miele's design integrates several high-end features into this sleek appliance. M Touch controls allow for simple navigation of the swipe screen to select your preferred choice. With the simple touch of a button, you can prepare up to two different beverages simultaneously. The coffee pot function can brew up to eight cups of regular coffee at a time. Behind the front-opening ComfortDoor, the milk reservoir clicks easily into place. Exclusive to Miele, the patented ComfortDoor swings effortlessly outward to reveal access to all the key interior functions.

The automatic rinsing and cleaning program ensures that each beverage is brewed to perfection. As soon as the unit is turned on the spouts are rinsed automatically. Once the unit is switched off, the rinse function is also activated.

Additional Features:

  • Timer Function
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Up to 10 User Profiles
  • Ground Coffee Chute for Whole Bean Bypass


Included Accessories:

  • Cleaning Brush and Tablets
  • Milk Pipe Cleaning Agent
  • EasyClean Milk Flask
  • Descaling Tablets
  • Cleaning Containers
  • Coffee Spoon

2. Bosch BCM8450UC

Creating a modern approach to your morning coffee routine, the Bosch Benvenuto brews quality that is sure to rival any drink your local coffeehouse can make. Begin by selecting the coarseness of your grind, choose your desired size, then wait as the revolutionary AROMASWIRL system prepares the perfect espresso or coffee drink for you. In a pressurized chamber, AROMASWIRL engulfs each ground with water, delivering coffee that has been allowed to reach its own fully authentic potential.

Both the features and design elements of this machine are sure to impress. A digital display allows you to access all of the coffee system's functions in eight different languages. The black and steel design of this integrated unit furnishes a streamlined look wherever you choose to install it.

Additional Functions:

  • Home Connect App
  • 0.625 gal. Water Container Capacity
  • 17.6 oz. Bean Container
  • 17 oz. Stainless Steel Milk Container
  • 1 Powder Coffee Scoop
  • Large Color Touch Screen

3. Miele CM6310

For those who would rather have a countertop coffee system, instead of an integrated unit that requires installation, this freestanding Miele system offers an abundance of features. Choose the size, strength, and temperature of your beverage with the programmable cup settings that can even save up to four personalized preferences. With the AromaticSystem you can look forward to a more intense coffee aroma, created by an expanding brew chamber that allows water to mix more thoroughly with the coffee grounds. Both whole bean and ground coffee can be used with this system.

The capabilities of this unit go beyond brewing excellent coffee. A built-in frothing system draws milk into the main dispenser to be heated and frothed. With the touch of a button, a whole host of specialty beverages can be created from caffè latte to latte macchiato. The automatic cleaning and rinsing program make maintenance a breeze.

Additional Features:

  • 9 Beverage Specialties
  • ECO Mode
  • LED Lighting
  • Heated Cup Surface
  • Low Noise Levels