Top 10 Best Wine Coolers

Today, some excellent wine cooler options help protect vintages. Enjoy elegant dining accompanied by correctly preserved and suitably chilled fine red, white and sparkling wine. These excellent products help ensure the efforts of a vintner reach your table in optimal condition throughout the year without losing important properties due to the impact of heat or fluctuating storage temperatures!

When you seek reliable, high quality technology to maintain wines and champagnes for the table conveniently but you do not have access to a personal wine cellar in your building, you can still enjoy some excellent wine storage selections. Most modern wine coolers fit seamlessly under standard-sized kitchen counters. Consider our list of the top ten best wine coolers:

The Dacor Discovery DYWS4 unit uses state-of-the-art argon gas preservation, thermo-electric cooling and a sophisticated dispensing system to maintain up to four bottles of your favorite vintages in excellent serving condition for up to two months’ duration. A glass door permits an immediate rapid assessment of the contents. You can open a bottle, serve a measured portion of the contents, and then store the remainder for another occasion. You’ll appreciate the locking door mechanism which prevents unauthorized access. A display panel allows you to insert detailed information about the year and variety of the wine. This attractive, lightweight stainless steel unit relies upon a power cord and plug. It requires only an electrical outlet for operation and fits either a wall cabinet or a counter-top location.

This stylish tower-shaped wine center from Whirlpool provides excellent value. With the capability of storing up to 34 bottles of wine at any point in time, the compact freestanding (or built-in) unit will sit conveniently under a standard-sized kitchen counter. It offers a slender 15-inch width, a 34-inch height and a depth of three feet. With a stainless steel door framing a long glass display window, a black interior cabinet and 6 wire shelves fronted with wood, the wine center complements popular contemporary kitchen decors. It furnishes long lasting LED illumination in the interior, plus a high temperature alarm to alert owners to excess heat. Approved for indoor use only, this unit plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet.

Summit also offers an electric wine cellar capable of storing up to 34 bottles of wine under a standard-sized kitchen counter. The 34.25-inches high unit maintains a width of 17.75 inches and a depth of 23.5 inches, enabling this model to fit into confined spaces or efficiency kitchens very conveniently. Choose either no tint or a preferred tint color for the glass door: light smoke, midnight blue, light blue or dark smoke. The wine cellar offers five interior shelves finished in wood, an LED-illuminated black interior cabinet and an exterior contemporary stainless steel frame. An automatic defrost feature reduces required maintenance. A keyed lock for the door and digital temperature controls contribute important storage safety features to this appliance.

Do you require enhanced wine storage capacity? Whirlpool’s 24 Inch Under Counter Wine Center permits the preservation of up to 51 wine bottles at a time. With convenient single zone storage, the 34.5-inch high standalone unit furnishes six wire shelves with a wood front plus an expanded storage capacity. A depth of 26 inches and a width of 23.87 inches ensures this model offers generous space. Alarms indicate an open door or high temperatures. The automatic defrost features contributes to convenient maintenance and cleaning. Designed to plug into a standard electrical outlet, this model contemplates indoor use.

Summit also offers an excellent 24 inch under-counter wine cellar. It will hold up to 46 wine bottles at a time and supplies the same glass window tinting options as Summit’s smaller 18-inch under-counter unit. Wooden shelves will slide forward to facilitate bottle selection. This model supplies dual-temperature zones, permitting the storage of white wines and sparkling wines at slightly higher temperature ranges than red wines, if desired. A keyed locking mechanism on the door helps prevent unauthorized access. Customers can keep this appliance as a freestanding unit, or install it as a built-in kitchen amenity.

Frigidaire’s 24 inch wine cooler functions well as either a standalone wine cooler unit or a built-in kitchen appliance. With the capacity to hold 46 bottles, it offers both an attractive price and the convenience of frost-free operation. The attractive stainless steel exterior houses six wood-veneer fronted wire shelves within an LED-illuminated black interior cabinet. Owners can select either tint-free or tinted glass for the display window. The 32.25-inches high Wine Cooler rests on four adjustable-height legs. Digital electronic temperature controls permit precision temperatures setting within a single cooling zone.

This ultra-slender under-counter wine cellar from Summit can function as either a built-in appliance or a freestanding unit. It requires a 115-volt electrical outlet and has been approved for indoor use only. Measuring just 11.87 inches in width, it supplies six sliding shelves and a total wine storage capacity of 2.2 cubic feet. Customers can select additional options which include an extra door key and a top-mounted door latch to permit installation of the unit within boats or recreational vehicles. An automatic defrosting feature contributes to easy maintenance.

The 24-inch wine center from GE furnishes an impressive 57-bottle storage capacity. With sufficiently compact dimensions to fit conveniently under a standard-sized kitchen counter within an apartment or efficiency kitchen, this stylish appliance provides 5.3 cubic feet of storage capacity. It offers a tinted glass door accented in stainless steel, plus seven Beechwood-fronted racks. The wine racks slide out conveniently to enhance bottle selection. Interior LED lighting illuminates the interior black cabinet to provide visibility. An automatic defrosting feature permits easy maintenance. Intended for non-commercial indoor residential use, this model remains a trendy addition to standard kitchen appliances.

The 24 inch under-counter wine cooler from Sub-Zero affords a dizzying array of options for households seeking a compact indoor wine cooler. This unit will hold up to 46 wine bottles within two temperature zones, so customers can establish different temperature ranges for red wines and white and sparkling wines. It offers two upper shelves and three lower shelves contained within a compact unit measuring 34 inches in height and 2 feet in depth. An automatic defrost feature provides easy maintenance. This model provides a built-in temperature alarm. Customers can order an optional lock to safeguard the unit from unauthorized access. They also enjoy numerous options for modifying the door and installing a kickplate. Add a solid overlay door, or include dual installation features that include a silver or black dual kickplate, a dual lock kit and a dual installation kit. Special options also permit the addition of a dessert wine kit and 15 inventory “tiles” to distinguish designated vintages. Available options significantly impact the price of this Sub-Zero product.

Viking manufactures a number of high-end luxury kitchen appliances, and the company has not stinted on adding desirable features to this 30-inch wine cellar. With the capacity to store 150 bottles of wine for non-commercial indoor home use, this model carries manufacturer warranties and provides a tint-free clear glass door within an attractive stainless steel frame. It houses an interior black cabinet. The tower-shaped unit measures 30 inches in width, 27 inches in depth and reaches a height of 82.75 inches (slightly over 6 feet). It will stand conveniently against a wall as a built-in kitchen feature, or function as an independent freestanding appliance. Customers can select doors opening to either side. Fifteen shelves permit horizontal wine bottle storage, a desirable feature. The unit also provides two adjustable serving shelves, to permit the display of vintages temporarily in an upright position. The compartment provides three independent temperature zones. Serve different types of vintages within optimal temperature ranges. All shelves will remove completely from the unit for cleaning purposes. A switch permits a complete shutdown of the appliance to allow safer cleaning and maintenance. Magnets in the doors facilitate a tighter seal, while also helping to ensure secure automatic closure. Sensors within the wine cellar supply ongoing temperature monitoring within each individual zone, and also ensure a constant 60% air humidity level within the entire compartment. An exterior keyed lock prevents unauthorized access to the Wine Cellar. Alarms will alert to open doors and excess temperatures. Customers can integrate these features into a computerized central home environmental monitoring system. This feature potentially enables remote monitoring of the unit.