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AJ Madison Holiday Gift Guide 2021


The holidays are a time of gathering and celebration. Even if your plans look different in 2021, welcome an opportunity to build new traditions, even from afar. The silver lining is that for many of us, this year has been an opportunity to slow down and develop a new appreciation for what we do have. We look toward a brighter future with a greater appreciation for our health, our relationships, and our homes.

Home is where the heart is. Make the most of the holidays this year with upgraded appliances that wow. Since we’re all spending more time in our homes this year, it’s a great time to invest in appliances that will bring you joy for many years to come.

AJ Madison is a family-owned appliance retailer with showroom locations in Tysons Corners and New York City. AJ Madison ships appliances throughout the continental US with over 140 brands to choose from. We asked our experts about the most exciting appliances for the ultimate gift list.

Discover this year’s wish list of the most innovative and exclusive appliances that will inspire you to experience the holidays like never before. No searching required; our appliance experts curated this no-fail list of the most desirable gifts to treat your loved ones this season.

Top 5 Gifts for Her
Built-in coffee machines are the perfect complement to any room in your home. Elevate your dining area, breakfast nook, home office, or walk-in closet with a built-in coffee machine. Skip the coffee line and enjoy a perfect warm beverage in the comfort of your own home. The Bosch built-in coffee machine is smart and can be operated using the Home Connect App. Explore new beverage favorites from around the world. You can also pre-program up to eight family members’ selections so everyone can enjoy their custom beverage on the go.
Spend more time outdoors this season with help from an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor entertaining is the safest way to spend time with friends and loved ones this season. This linear patio flame has a beautiful contemporary design that will keep you warm while you keep the party outdoors.
If you love cosmetics, then you will want to store your favorite beauty and skincare products them under the right conditions. Getting a high-quality beauty fridge can reduce bacteria growth and improve application. You will also save money by storing cosmetics in the right way. This cosmetics refrigerator has plenty of shelf space but is small enough to fit in a master bathroom, walk-in closet, or on a makeup counter. Adding a cosmetics refrigerator to your home will add a touch of luxury, prolong the shelf life if your products, and will also provide a logical place to store your skincare routine. The Summit Beatutifridge comes in six colors to choose from you can select a model that compliments your products and style.
From farmer’s markets to back yard gardens, veggie lovers need extra refrigerator space to keep healthy ingredients fresher for longer. The Bosch FarmFresh refrigerator is the first in its class to offer dual compressors and evaporators for optimal preservation of fruits and veggies. You can pack a lot of produce into this sleek counter-depth design. Adjustable glass shelves and gallon door storage make it possible to fit all those extra holiday ingredients. As an added bonus, this model features a Refreshment Center drawer with a peek-through window that can display up to 17 wine bottles at a time.

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Upgrade your laundry room or walk-in closet with the latest must-have appliance, the Styler. It looks like a mini wardrobe closet. The Styler provides a chemical-free wash for suit jackets, sportswear, and sweaters. The Styler sanitizes, removes odors, allergens, and gently releases wrinkles from hard-to-clean items such as throw pillows, or stuffed animals. If you’re looking for a better way to care for your clothes and soft furnishings, skip trips to the cleaners and invest in a Styler.

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If you’re planning a laundry room renovation, consider bundling the LG Styler with a stacked LG WashTower™ for a digital or physical Visa® Prepaid Card worth up to $250.
Top 5 Gifts for Him
If you like to entertain around the holidays, consider a range with a built-in air fry mode. Air Fry is a cooking method that uses highly concentrated hot air to “fry” food with 80% less fat. Whether you want to admit it or not, everything tastes better fried. Air frying is a new healthy way to enjoy fried foods (with less guilt!) You can make your favorite takeout meals in a healthier way at home. You can sprinkle your food with a little bit of oil (if you want) but you don’t need to add extra fat to get the awesome crispy texture you crave. Cook your favorite meals to perfection every time with the InstaView™ oven door. This feature is a recent innovation for cooking ranges – but has been tested on LG refrigerators for the past few years. Simply knock twice on the glass and the inside of the oven will illuminate.

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The Miele C3 Canister Vacuum Series has a built-in HEPA filter, cleaning the air and the floor at the same time. Whether you're vacuuming up pine needles, pet hair, or rock salt, this vacuum will get you through the holidays without a hitch. Our favorite part about this vacuum is it's fully adjustable for tall users!
For the spirits connossieur, there's nothing quite like winding down by the fire with a winter cocktail in a tumbler over clear ice. LG introduced the first freestanding refrigerator to produce clear slow-melting cocktail ice spheres. This refrigerator also features instaview doors, letting you see the inside of the fridge without having to open the door. Simply knock on the glass wtice and the contents of the fridge will illuminate.
If you’re planning a back-yard renovation or new patio, consider adding an outdoor kitchen. Elevate the outdoor cooking experience with all the comforts of your indoor kitchen. Outdoor weatherproof cabinetry, storage, and cooking appliances will give you a new reason to love your yard, for many years to come. The DCS professional stainless-steel built-in gas grills deliver all the power and versatility you’ve been wishing for. This grill will be the star of any barbecue. An integrated rotisserie can accommodate up to 50 lbs. and a dedicated rotisserie burner will slow cook your favorite cuts of meat or poultry to perfection. An integrated smoker tray gives you the flexibility to add extra flavor.
If you’re shopping for a beer lover, look no further. Enjoy the delicious flavor and texture of beer on tap right from home. This dual tap dispenser is a great addition to your home bar area or backyard kitchen. The cool thing is True under counter refrigerators and tap dispensers are rated for either indoor or outdoor use. You can even bring the dispenser inside or outside depending on the season. Plus, choose from fourteen different internal light color options. This tap dispenser comes with a lock so you can keep your collection safe while you’re away.