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The Perfect Refrigerator Type for Your Lifestyle

With the great variety of refrigerator styles today, it can be tough to decide what kind will work best for your family and kitchen. Between style, installation, customization options, and endless features, it can be pretty daunting to select a refrigerator. We’re here to help guide you to the perfect refrigerator that will enhance your kitchen and match your lifestyle.

Top Freezer

You likely grew up with a top freezer refrigerator in your home. These traditional refrigerators have the freezer on the top of the unit with the fresh food compartment taking up the lower two thirds. For those on a tight budget, top freezers are perfect. You won’t find high-end top freezers or cutting edge features on these refrigerators and they are best for someone who wants to buy something simple.

Keep in mind that top freezer refrigerators need a wide, deep space to allow for the door to fully swing open. Also, these refrigerators aren’t ideal for people who have issues bending down as the fresh food compartment is on the lower half of the refrigerator and can be more difficult to access. But, if you’re someone who buys frozen food in bulk, top freezers give you easy access to the freezer.

Bottom Freezer

Bottom freezer refrigerators are the invert of the traditional top freezer configuration. On these refrigerators, the freezer compartment is at floor level. With the fresh food compartment at a convenient height, you’ll easily be able to access your fresh fruits and vegetables. These refrigerators are also economically priced, perfect for those on a budget.

Just like with top freezer refrigerators, you’ll need a wide, deep space to install the refrigerator so that the door has enough space to fully swing open. You also won’t find high end refrigerators in this style or innovative features. Frozen foods are also more difficult to access, making this unit better suited for people who buy and cook with a great deal of fresh food.

Side by Side

Side by side refrigerators feature the freezer compartment on the left half of the unit with the fresh foods compartment on the right half. The two compartments are closer in size and take up the full height of the refrigerator. Side by sides offer convenient access to fresh and frozen foods, allowing you to perfectly organize all of your food. Compared to top mount freezer and bottom mount freezers, side by sides provide you with a larger amount of freezer space and storage possibilities. Also, many units come with ice and water dispensers.

If you have a tight, gallery style kitchen, but crave a stylish unit with plenty of storage space and innovative features, then a side by side is perfect for you. In comparison to full-width door refrigerators, these refrigerators require less space for the door swing. Keep in mind that because compartments are narrower, they cannot easily accommodate larger platters. Side by sides also cost more than top mount and bottom mount freezer refrigerators. But if you’re someone who likes to buy a good amount of fresh and frozen foods then side by sides are your perfect match.

French Door

Your final option is the French door refrigerator which combines the advantages of side by side refrigerators and bottom freezer refrigerators. The French doors on the top half of the refrigerator open up to the spacious fresh food compartment. The bottom portion of the refrigerator features a full width freezer drawer. Some 4-door units also have dual freezer compartments or additional freezer drawers with temperature control and adjustable humidity control to accommodate various needs.

There are a vast number of features that you can enjoy with a French door refrigerator. Its elegant appearance easily enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic while providing efficient refrigeration solutions. The eye-level fresh food compartment allows you to easily access your food and can accommodate large platters. These refrigerators also offer tons of features and storage solutions such as adjustable shelving and temperature controlled drawers.

These highly versatile refrigerators allow for flexible installation. Since the French doors are narrow, you will not need to compromise space in your kitchen for the doors to swing fully open. Also, because the French doors are evenly split in half, you’ll conserve energy and cold air when you just open one door to grab an item.

French doors refrigerators are in high demand, so you’ll have a huge selection of models to select from. Out of all of the refrigerator types, French doors are the most expensive because of their style, generous storage space, and innovative features. If you are comfortable with their higher prices, then French Door Refrigerators are the perfect addition to your kitchen.