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Smart Appliances Buying Guide

As appliances get more advanced, what's actually important

What is a smart appliance?

A Smart Appliance leverages connectivity to enhance the user experience in a meaningful way by providing peace of mind, simplifying an existing process, or allowing you to use automation, customization, or integration to improve your appliance experience.

How could a smart appliance give you peace of mind?

With Remote Diagnostics, the appliance can monitor itself. Whether your refrigerator door is left ajar or you need to set up a service call, your appliance will let you know if there is a problem. On select models, the appliance can even identify the issue, and part needed to simplify the service process.

How could a smart appliance simplify your life?

A smart appliance could help you save time, money, and cognitive load.

How could a smart appliance give you a custom user experience?

Leverage technology to make your appliances uniquely yours.

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Glossary of smart terms:

Remote Control: Use your smart device as a remote control to control appliance functions, whether you're home, in the office, or on the road.

Remote Monitoring: Keep track of what's in the fridge from your grocer's aisle, how much time is left on that roast in the oven, or if it's time to add the next load of laundry right from your smart device. Remote Monitoring will always keep you in the know

Remote Diagnostics: No longer will you have to wait days for a service technician to diagnose an appliance issue. Remote Diagnostics allows certified technicians to access your appliance and start troubleshooting immediately.

Guided Cooking: Your appliance is now your in-home culinary coach. With guided cooking, you can take the guesswork out of preparing your favorite meals.

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Geo Fencing: With Geo-Fencing, your appliance can detect the proximity of your smart device.

Scan-to-cook: Remove the guesswork from cooking your favorite frozen foods. Simply scan the barcode with your smart device and your microwave or oven will optimize its settings for a perfect cook, every time.

Tag-on: Connect your smart device to your smart appliance by getting them close. You can then use your smart device for a bevy of features without using any Wi-Fi.

Voice control: Use simple commands to control your appliances through a compatible smart speaker.

What can a smart refrigerator do?

Smart refrigerators can do more than keep your food cold. It is considered smart if it incorporates technology to enhance your life in a meaningful way. From your phone or home automation device, you can adjust the temperature and monitor refrigerator performance. Some models give you more functions, such as the ability to sync your calendar or view the inside of your refrigerator from your phone. Benefits vary from brand to brand.

Discover the benefits:

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Stay Organized: A smart refrigerator could keep life in your new kitchen neat and organized. Save counter space and reduce clutter. Family photos, event invitations, chore schedules, and kids’ projects can be projected on the refrigerator. A built-in Wi-Fi-enabled LCD screen features special apps giving you the ability to leave notes, access recipes, get the news, weather and more from the fridge door.

Never miss a play: Say you’re watching your favorite sports team on your TV in the living room, when you're called to the kitchen to clean the dishes: With Samsung electronics, you can take the game with you from your TV to your Smartphone, and then to your Family Hub refrigerator. You’ll never miss a play and your partner will be happy you helped!

Conserve energy: We’ve all done it: Stood in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open debating what we want to make. Now you can take a look inside your refrigerator without opening the door. With the LG Instaview refrigerators, you can knock on the front and see the inside.

Monitor the health of your refrigerator: Remote diagnostics is one of the most powerful innovations in the appliance industry. It benefits manufacturers and homeowners alike.

What can smart washers, dryers, and dishwashers do?

Smart dishwashers and laundry can do more than clean. Your dishwasher, washer or dryer is considered smart if it leverages connectivity to enhance your experience in a meaningful way. You will be able to use your phone or home automation device to initiate or stop a cycle, download new cycles, monitor cycle progress and monitor the health of your machine. Benefits vary from brand to brand.

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Discover the benefits:

Remote diagnostics: Whether you're a technical whiz or a smartphone newbie, you will benefit from remote diagnostics. Anything can break and appliances are complex machines that incorporate a plethora of electronic and mechanical components. With remote diagnostics, your washer or dryer can identify the exact problem. Some can even notify the manufacturer on your behalf to schedule a speedy fix!

Cycle status notifications: It seems that every product you buy has a corresponding app, so it’s no surprise that every appliance manufacturer has one. With smart washers, dryers, and dishwashers you can monitor your cycle and receive an alert when the cycle is finished.

Remote activation: Some manufacturers allow you to operate your washer, dryer, or dishwasher from your smart device or speaker. Remote activation is the new “delay start.” Make your appliance work around your schedule.

Auto replenishment: Never run out of detergent again, your machine can sync to your Amazon account and make sure you’re fully stocked.

Cycle customization: We should take better care of our clothes. Clothes are expensive and we spend a lot of time shopping. With smart laundry, you can download cycles and tailor them to your specific needs.

What is a smart cooking appliance?

Smart cooking appliances can do more than cook. Your cooking appliance is considered “smart” if it connects to Wi-Fi. From your phone or home automation device, you will be able to adjust the temperature and monitor cooking progress. Some models give you more functions like the ability to follow step-by-step recipes and set your favorite settings.

Discover the benefits:

Guided cooking: No two households cook the same. Smart cooking appliances have built-in recipe settings and various app integrations to help you cook your favorite meals to perfection every time. Some apps such as Yummly and Innit will even account for your dietary needs and ingredient preferences so you can prepare a meal everyone in your family will enjoy.

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Take the guesswork out: In the past, ovens with “pre-set menu options” would set the oven duration and temperature. With this method, your cooking result could vary because of confounding factors like the type of pan, or ingredients used. Today you don’t need to be an expert chef to cook like one.

Perfect results with scan-to-cook: Every oven is a bit different and reading the small print directions on frozen foods can be a challenge. With scan-to-cook, the oven can read the bar code on select frozen foods and will take care of the rest!

Reduce unwanted residue and odors: Smart cooktops and hoods can communicate to give you optimal ventilation to avoid unwanted odors and buildup on your beautiful cabinets and finishes.

Peace of mind: Have you ever left your house wondering if you remembered to turn the oven off? With a smart oven or range, you can switch your oven off from your smartphone. GE Appliances give you an added layer of protection with Geo Fencing. The appliance can sense the proximity of your smart device. If you leave the house and your oven is on you will get a notification.