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Small Spaces Buying Guide

Shopping For Your Small Space?

Bet you never thought the saying “good things come in small packages” would apply to home appliances. Well it does now. With the growing demand from city dwellers, condominium owners, or families with a backyard cabana, RV, or boat, many manufacturers have designed appliances specifically to fit in small spaces. These compact appliances are packed with all the power and many premium features as their full sized counterparts. Check out the new models that keep a small footprint without compromising on style or convenience.

Compact Yet Complete

Mini fridge for the kids playroom or an under-counter wine cooler for the new summer home installing a compact or modular kitchen is a simple and convenient solution. Available in many sizes and configurations, these efficient kitchens come complete with refrigerator, cooktop, sink/faucet and storage.

Compact Kitchens are effective solution for a basement recreation room, garage addition or pool house so food and drinks can be easily accessible. They range in size from 30” – 60” wide. The refrigerator capacity, storage space, and number of burners vary by size.

If there is no time to shop, then a Modular Kitchen Unit may suit your needs. You can select from sizes starting as small as 48” with larger units up to 96” wide that include an upright refrigerator.

Modular construction fits easier in even the tightest locations and is less costly. While many units are standard, there is the flexibility to modify based on your layout and the extras you might want – like a built in microwave or 4 burner cooktop. You also have several choices in cabinets and countertops so you can customize the kitchen to work with your décor.

Select The Refrigerator Type That’s Best For Your Small Space
The day of one-size fits all is definitely not true for refrigerators anymore. You can find a refrigerator to fit any space.
A 24” Wide Counter Depth Refrigerator fits flush with the counter and integrates beautifully with surrounding cabinets, instead of jutting out in a kitchen where space is at a premium.

Wide Counter Depth Refrigerators
If you are extremely limited in space and need a refrigeration solution, compact refrigerators are for you. These refrigerators typically offer 2 – 5 cu. ft. of capacity and can fit easily under counter, at the home bar and in other small spaces.

Compact Refrigerators
For space challenged kitchens, an apartment sized refrigerator is the perfect solution. Typically 18” – 24” inches wide with 12 cu. ft. of capacity, they are smaller than full-sized refrigerators, but larger than compact models.

Apartment Style Refrigerators
This compact refrigerator comes with a microwave on top, perfect for dorm rooms, offices and other space challenged spaces. Some modes come with freezers.

Micro Refrigerators
These compact refrigerators are designed to store your water bottles, juices, sodas, and beers, opening up space in your kitchen refrigerator. They are the perfect addition to the kids’ playroom, lounge, bar, and vacation home.

Beverage Centers
Easily store you favorite wines regardless of space. Modes that come with tempered glass and vibration free operation will keep your wine undisturbed and delicious.

Wine Coolers
Small Space Cooktops & Ovens
Packed-In Heat

The space in your kitchen may be limited, but your cooking options are not. Take a look at the technology and cooking power you can squeeze into almost any limited layout.

Standard ovens and cooktops range from 30” – 36” wide, often taking up much needed space on your countertop.

A conveniently sized 24” Wide Pro-Style Gas or Electric Range includes 4 burners and all the features of a larger range. This unit easily fits in most apartment or gallery kitchens. But if space is really limited, a slim sized 20” Wide Gas or Electric Range will work in to even the tightest of spaces.
A 24” Wide Gas, Electric or Induction Cooktop are compact, yet offer the convenience of a larger cooktop. With 4 burners and all the specialty features you’ll need, you don’t have to give up efficiency to save space.

24″ Cooktops
An ultra compact 12”-15” Wide Cooktop with one or two burners can make a tiny kitchen functional. The choice of heat power is yours – Gas, Electric, even Induction Cooktops are available. These small units also allow you the flexibility to position two or more together based on your available surface space.

12″-15″ Cooktops
A 24” Wide Single Built-In Oven typically offers 2-4 cu. ft. capacity and is petite enough to accommodate most space challenged kitchens. Some models offer side-opening doors with a choice of left or right to best suit your kitchen’s layout.

24″ Single Built-In Ovens
Modular cooktops allow you to perfectly customize your cooking space. Traditional heating elements can be replaced by specialty modules, letting you steam deep fry or grill.

Modular Cooktops
Small Space Dishwasher Options
Big On Splash

Even if your kitchen is tight on space, you can fit a great dishwasher. There’s an array of slim, compact and portable options to choose from, saving you from the dirty work.
The only thing missing from an 18” Wide Dishwasher is a wide footprint. These space saving units are the size of a standard cabinet. They have all the wash cycles and features you need with the capacity to clean 9 place settings. Some units have a half load option perfect for a one or two person household.

18″ Wide Dishwasher
If you can spare 22” of counter space, a Countertop Dishwasher can wash up to 6 place settings of dishes. Perfect for the vacation home where getting out of the kitchen and back to the beach is key.

Counter Dishwashers
Available in 18″ and 24″ widths, these dishwashers are perfect for apartment dwellers, home rentors, and small spaces such as RVs or boats. They are finished on 3 sides for freestanding use, and can be wheeled away for storage. They offer the same features and capacity as built-in dishwashers while easily hooking up to the kitchen sink and faucet without plumbing installation.

Portable Dishwashers
Small Space Washer & Dryer Options
No matter how tight your living space is, you always have room to do laundry. Check out your options so your clothes will always look their best.
24″ Wide Washer & Dryer Pair
Your condo has one perfect spot for a laundry room- the closet with plenty of space to stack a 24” wide Washer and Dryer Pair. If necessary, select an electric dryer with a vent-less condenser system that dries clothes without having to vent to the outside. The units are sold separately and may require a stacking kit to secure them in place, but vertical installation frees up floor space.

24″ Wide Washer & Dryer Pair
24” Wide Washer and Dryer Combo
A 24” Wide Washer and Dryer Combo does it all in one machine. Offering the same features of a conventional washer and dryer, these compact units wash approximately 15 lbs. then dry the clothes without you having to move it. This all-in-one machine saves you valuable storage space.

24″ Wide Washer & Dryer Combo
Go Portable

When tight on floor space, a portable appliance gives you the convenience of washing your laundry, leaving your clothing perfectly dry and then rolling it out of the way.
20″ Wide Portable Washer
A 20″ Wide Portable Top-Load Washer with 1 cu. ft. capacity and hooks up to faucets with easy installation.

20″ Wide Portable Washer
24″ Wide Portable Dryer
A 24″ Wide Portable Front-Load Dryers holds 9 lbs. of laundry. Some models have a stackable design for added versatility.

24″ Wide Portable Dryer
Additional Ways to Save Space
All In a Drawer

If you can spare a drawer you can install a kitchen appliance. An amazing array of major appliances are available in a 24” width that allows them to fit into standard openings. Size options can vary, usually ranging between 24”- 36” wide.

These drawer appliances are not only functional and space efficient, but can be easily incorporated into your overall kitchen design. For a built-in look, trim kits and custom panels are available to match the rest of your cabinetry. So go ahead and clean out that drawer full of clutter.

There are many drawer options to choose from to accommodate your refrigeration, cooking, and cleaning needs. Check out your options:
Refrigerator or Freezer Drawer
Add extra refrigeration and freezer capacity to your home with refrigerator and freezer drawers. With single and double drawer options, these drawers can be a snack center for the kids or the perfect addition to the home bar, gym and lounge. Typically available in 24″ Wide Drawers.

Refrigerator Drawers
Freezer Drawers
Microwave Drawer
Make fast meals with a Microwave Drawer that can be built in under a counter or in a wall for convenient access. With 1.0 cu. ft. capacity, most ovens are tall enough to hold a 20 oz. cup of coffee. Some models also come with convection cooking and grilling capabilities perfect for a secondary kitchen. Available in 24” and 30” inch wide drawers.

Microwave Drawers
Warming Drawer
Determined to serve your guests a perfectly hot meal? Then a Warming Drawer is the ideal complement to your kitchen. Some models can do everything from slow cooking a roast to warming up the dinner plates. It can be installed in the wall or island in your kitchen. Available in 24”, 27”, 30” and 36” wide drawers.

Warming Drawers
Single or Double Dishwasher Drawer
Cleaning up after a dinner party is no problem with a Single or Double Dishwasher Drawer. Single Dishwasher Drawers are ideal for homes that use fewer dishes, while Double Dishwasher Drawers can wash as many as 14 place settings of dishes. Flexible racking systems help optimize the space in the drawer and make loading easy.

Dishwasher Drawers