Benefits of Stackable Washers Dryers and Laundry Centers for Small Apartments

Laundry centers and stackable washer/dryer units provide a distinct advantage for small spaces.

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Here are the top 7 reasons why you’ll want to consider these for your small space:

1. Space

It goes without saying that saving space is one of the biggest benefits of a stackable or all-in-one unit. With these combination units, you’ll be able to maximize your space throughout your home without wasting much of it on laundry.

2. Money

Money is another major benefit for going with a combination appliance. Rather than having to invest in two completely separate units, you can go with the set and save a little cash. In comparison to an all-in-one and traditional unit, a laundry center is typically the most cost-effective route.

3. Time

Time is a huge benefit of a stackable laundry center versus the all-in-one. Stackable units allow you to do full size washes and run two loads at one time. An all-in-one unit requires more time and can typically only handle half a load capacity for drying effectively.

4. Appearance

Still a more traditional style of laundry unit, the stackable options are generally more classic in appearance. Going with this option will give your laundry room a simple and clean look. Comparatively, all-in-one units are more modern in appearance and design.

5. Function

When choosing a laundry system, you’ll want to select either gas or electric, depending on what your prior unit was or the way your home is configured. A big advantage of laundry centers is that they are still available in both gas and electric options. Their all-in-one counterparts are only available as electric options, which may not work for your current configuration.

6. Simplicity

Laundry centers are designed to be a simple solution for your laundry needs. That being said, most of these units come with fewer special features and unique wash cycles. So if simple and traditional is your style, then a stackable unit will likely best fit your needs.

7. Capacity

While stackable units may have a slightly reduced capacity compared to traditional units, these units hold more than their all-in-one counterparts. Likewise, you’ll be able to do full loads in a laundry center rather than needing to do a partial load in an all-in-one unit.

If you are looking for an effective, space-saving option that still maximizes form and function, then a stackable washer and dryer unit will meet your needs beautifully. This type of unit will give you the most capacity while saving the most space, making it an amazing option for your small space.

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