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Samsung Built-In Cooking

Built-in Line Elevates Cooking at Home

After years of producing powerful and dependable cooking appliances, and with an outstanding reputation for innovating cooking technology, Samsung is now making the foray into built-in cooking with a comprehensive line of cooktops, wall ovens and ranges.


Available in gas, electric or induction, Samsung cooktops are available in 30” and 36” widths. Like Samsung’s long line of cooking ranges, these cooktops offer a wide range of output so you can achieve any level of cooking, whether you’re looking for a gentle simmer or a rapid searing temperature. Samsung cooktops come equipped with dazzling blue LED-illuminated control knobs and are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can monitor the cooktop right from a smartphone. These cooktops can be installed over a single wall oven for a beautiful integrated look. 30” and 36” wall hoods are available to match. All wall hoods are Wi-Fi enabled as well for remote control.

Steam Cook Wall Oven

Delivers moisture at precise times for a crisp, browned outside, and tender inside.

Wifi- Monitoring Hood

Control the connected hood vent and LED lights remotely from your smartphone.

Cooktop Sync Burners

Control two burners at the same time when using a large pot or griddle across two elements.


Samsung’s built-in cooking line features both single and double wall oven options. Select models feature Samsung’s innovative Flex Duo technology. With Flex Duo, you can cook three dishes simultaneously at three completely different temperatures. A Smart Divider essentially splits your wall oven into three different zones. This is unprecedented versatility from a wall oven.

All Samsung wall ovens feature a steam cooking mode as well as convection technology that circulates air faster for more evenly-cooked foods. Wall ovens also feature Samsung’s Rapid Preheat option, which shaves up to 10 to 15 minutes off the cooking process. Hybrid Self Clean technology uses steam to clean the oven(s) without the need for manual scrubbing or the use of harsh chemicals. Samsung’s Hybrid Self-Clean is tested to produce less odors and deliver better results than traditional self-clean cycles found in other ovens and ranges. All wall ovens are Wi-Fi enabled and Sabbath Mode capable.