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Samsung Built-In Cooking

Introducing Samsung Cooktops and Wall Ovens

Designing a new kitchen is more fun than ever. With a plethora of appliance choices and design options, you can truly customize a space that works best for you. Customization isn’t just limited to finishes and furnishings, rather you can buy new appliances that work with your kitchen design and lifestyle. Samsung now has a full collection of cooktops and wall ovens so you can pick the best cooking appliances for your new kitchen.


Buying a Cooking Range vs. Cooktop and Oven

Our customers often ask, which is better? It really depends on your needs and values.

Ranges are great because you can make the cooking range the focal point in your new kitchen. A range is typically less expensive than buying separate cooktops and wall ovens. You also save some cabinet cost because you don’t have to buy the base cabinets for the range to live in, there is simply a gap between the cabinets for the range to be installed.

On the other hand, cooktops and wall ovens are great for a number or reasons. You can separate cooking stations in the kitchen. Wall ovens can be mounted at any height making it easier to lift heavy dishes in and out of the oven. You can also select a single, double, or combination oven that best fits your cooking needs. Cooktops come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and fuel types.

Samsung Cooktops

Samsung offers a full line of 30’’ and 36’’ cooktops to choose from. Take a look at our favorites:

Samsung NZ36K7880US Induction Cooktop (with Flexzone)

Induction is the latest cooking technology. We love induction cooking for its speed, safety, and easy clean-up.

Additional features:

Flex Zone

Large cooking area is designed to adapt to different pot shapes and sizes, for optimal flexibility.

Digital/Analog Controls

The ultimate interface; choose between a removable magnetic analog knob or digital controls.

Virtual Flame

LED Surface lights shine onto pans to give the visual of gas cooking, with the precision of induction.


Samsung NA30N6555TS Gas Cooktop (with Wifi Connectivity)

For centuries gas has been a go-to cooking method for many homeowners. Now equipped with modern technology Samsung’s gas cooktops are a great option for an affordable price.

Additional Features:

19K Power Burner

  • With two heat options, quickly boil water or maintain a simmer.

Blue LED Illuminated Backlit Knobs

  • Distinctive blue LED lights illuminate when the cooktop is in use.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Monitor and control your cooktop or hood from anywhere.

Samsung NZ30K7570RS Electric Cooktop (with Sync Burners)

Profile Pics/NZ30K7570RS_007_Display_Silver.png

Additional features:

Digital and Analog Controls

  • The ultimate interface; choose between a removable magnetic analog-knob or digital touch controls.

Sync Burners

  • Control 2 burners at the same time when using a large pot or griddle across 2 elements.

Flexible Cooktop

  • Whether you're boiling water, melting chocolate or simmering sauce, there's a burner for your needs.
  • Features 2 dual (5"/8" and 6"/9") burner, 2 syncing (7") burners and 1 warming zone.

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Samsung Wall Ovens

Samsung offers a full line of wall ovens. Take a look at a few of our favorites:

Samsung NQ70M7770D Combination Microwave Wall Oven (with Steam Cook)

Combination wall ovens are extremely popular in today's kitchen designs. With the luxurious aesthetic of a double oven, the combination oven offers more versatility, with a convection micrwoave and a wall oven in one.

Additional Features:

Flex Duo

  • Cooks two dishes at different temperatures simultaneously with the Smart Divider.

Steam Cook

  • Delivers moisture throughout the oven at precise times for a crisp, browned outside, and tender inside.

Speed Cook

  • Cook food faster and more evenly by using the microwave's Power Convection feature.

Samsung NV51K7770D Double Wall Oven (with Rapid Preheat)

Double ovens are an essential appliance for the seasoned home chef. Double ovens give you the capability of cooking two dishes simultaneously at different temperatures. Double ovens will also give you the most oven capacity in one appliance.

Additional features:

Rapid Preheat

  • Virtually eliminates preheating, saving about 10-15 minutes.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Lets you check the temperature of your roast and other foods right from your phone.

Soft Close Door

  • Ensures that the oven door always closes gently.

Samsung NV51K7770S Single Wall Oven (with Steam Cook)

Whether you are planning for a small space kitchen or need separate ovens,
single ovens are a great choice.

Additional features:

Steam Cook

  • Delivers moisture at precise times for a crisp, browned outside with a tender inside.

Digital/Analog Controls

  • The ultimate interface - a combination of analog knobs and a digital touch screen.

Flex Duo

  • Cook three dishes at different temperatures simultaneously with the Smart Divider.

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With Samsung cooking appliances, you can pick the cooktop and wall oven combination that best fits your cooking needs and kitchen design.

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